Top 10 Best Electric Cars for Kids in 2017 – Reviews


Electric cars are among the most complex, versatile, and interesting gifts you can give to your children. Although they cost a bit more than most toys, electric cars are guaranteed to last a lot longer than any regular toy, with the added benefit of helping your children develop their cognitive skills, their spacial awareness, and their ability to control an automated machine. We should also point out that not all electric cars are built to the same standards, which means that you should perhaps check out what the market has in store before committing to a particular purchase. To make things easier for you, we put together a list of the ten best electric cars for kids that money can buy.

10Ride on Car Best Choice Products

amazon buttonRide on Car comes in multiple color choices ranging from red, pink and black and an installed MP3 player making the experience better. It also boasts a 2-speed provision (high and low speed) and operates on 12-volt battery with a weight capacity allowance of 66 pounds. It also features elegant side mirrors, chrome-plated rims and a windshield magnificently tainted. ROC derives the rear and front fender patterns art from luxury supercars, a high backrest characterized by an exclusive seatbelt (2-point lap). With a rear-mounted layout for the engine, this car is ideal although it is not suited for all terrains.

9Barbie Jammin Fisher-Price Jeep Wrangler

amazon buttonPerfectly suited for girls, this Jeep Wrangler replica boasts most of the features as the wrangler except the communication provisions and the FM stereo but nonetheless befits every little princess out there. About its maneuverability, let us point out that it drives almost as well as a real car, with the added notion of being much easier to steer at full speed. Not to say that the car is particularly speedy, although it is surprisingly fast when compared to most electric cars out there.

8Disney Frozen Fisher-Price Jeep Wrangle

amazon buttonDisney has a habit of producing a wide array of products designed to capitalize on the success of their films and cartoons. In this respect, no other Disney brand enjoys the popularity that ‘Frozen’ has, a box-office success that has brought joy to millions of children around the world. The car boasts a robust but appealing design and is decorated with colors and designs as is found in Frozen the movie; windshield frame ad bumpers taking purple while light-blue forms the entire body coloring. The purple color extends to its cute seats which hold 2 individuals with 130 as the total combined weight for both girls. This 2-volt car is equipped with a rechargeable battery that propels it to subsequent top speeds of 5MPH although its high-speed setting allows switching to 2.5 MPH for safety.

7Batman Fisher-Price Dune Racer

amazon buttonAside from the classy and exceptional design resembling bat wings particularly on the front fenders, Batman racer is characterized by striking Batman graphics and decals which harmonize its overall futuristic rugged style. Steel frames and bars fortify its body and allow a maximum kid capacity of 2 with a consequent 130-pound maximum weight; a factor which does not alter its 2-speed provision of 5MPH and 2.5MPH top speeds and lower speed respectively the later for kids safety. Moreover, it incorporates a Power lock mechanism for the brakes while its stability is boosted by awe-inspiring large tires suited for every type of terrain; not to forget characteristic high ground clearance that facilitates navigation across all terrains and cool bucket seats for the kids.

6Lil’ Kawasaki Fisher-Price Quad

amazon buttonKawasaki has designed this Quad with a toddler-friendly look and subsequent large wheels under a wheelbase that is wide guaranteeing both fun and stability. It also comes with a front panel positioned secret compartment for storing their items. Moreover, it is operated with its automatic red ignition push button that starts it and once it sparks to life; the kids can smoothly cruise around at a friendly speed of just 2MPH. This car uses 6-volt battery (rechargeable) and features interesting graphics and color patterns perfectly befitting 3-year-olds. Moreover, its chassis has been made using durable and quality materials.

5Jeep Wrangler

amazon buttonJeep Wrangler is designed for 2-seater capacity with the steering positioned on its left-hand side a replica of real-life vehicles. It incorporates an FM stereo and communication devices that produce pleasurable sound effects. Couple this with a properly amplified speaker and you have crisp sound output. The car affords enough storage space for all play items with its unique spacious cargo compartment. Moreover, for safety, it boasts a Power Lock system of braking which has an instant halting response. Similar to others listed, it has a broad wheelbase and ensuing body which works well for stability and deep treads to inspire optimal traction. Powering it is a 12-volt battery (rechargeable) which propels it to a 5MPH full-speed; although
controllable to a meager speed of just 2.5MPH.

4Ford F150

amazon buttonStability and different engine types define the popularity of the F150. The car is fuel efficient and uses a rechargeable battery (6-volt) to speeds of up to 3.5MPH either on a reverse or forward motion. It comes in color options of silver and yellow and a consequent automatic braking provision which has an instant response. The F150 supports a single kid 65 pounds kid and is characterized by a wheelbase that is wide and coupled with 4 large off-road tires for maximum stability. This car also has a completely operational truck bed-perfect for imaginative play and is complemented by realistic side mirrors and an inbuilt windshield to substantiate the experience.

3Kawasaki KFX

amazon buttonKFX-this all-terrain rugged looking vehicle comes with a glossy and sleek design that resembles an actual ATV vehicle. Even with a throttle feature on its handles that propels it to speeds of up to 6MPH, it still offers a speed limit option of a mere 3MPH for safety. Moreover, it is characterized by foot rest for effortless driving and low profile to allow easy access to the seat. Its large tires provide maximum stability and boast deep treads that optimize traction allowing smooth navigation in all sorts of terrains. KFX also eradicates risks of injury with a steel frame build that boosts both safety and durability.

2Dune Racer

amazon buttonComing in multiple color options such as pink and purple, green, black complimented by a touch of lava red and camo, is the 12-volt dune racer. With its characteristic large tires and deep tire treads, it is basically suited for all types of environmental settings notwithstanding the conditions. Dune racer boasts a solid steel frame and an ensuing sleek, glossy design and a 2-children seating capacity of maximum 130lbs. Its wheel bumper is complemented by chrome accents, striking rims, and a shift knob. Moreover, it has metal sidebar provisions that allow the driver and some passenger to hold on in the case of a rough terrain. It incorporates a two-speed provision and an exclusive system-Monster Traction which powers it over all types of terrains.

1John Deere Tractor-with Trailer-by Peg Perego

amazon buttonJohn Deere tractor is powered by a 12-volt battery (rechargeable) and is characterized by large tractor wheels which can navigate through any terrain. Additionally, it also comes with a stake-sided wood-made trailer. Even with a maximum speed capacity of 4.5 MPH, you can regulate the speed and set it at 2.25MPH maximum speed for safety. It comes equipped with a radio (FM) and the seat is easily adjustable with the subsequent armrests also easy to flip for optimum comfort. It is just a replica’ of a real off-road 4WD vehicle in every aspect. Furthermore, this car’s stability – as provided by its large wheels – is similar to an actual farming tractor.