Top 10 Best Electric Deep Fryers of 2017 – Reviews


There are many uses for a deep fryer as some of you may be well aware by now, even more so for an electric fryer that allows you to prepare much healthier dishes. They also enable you to cook indoors without using any gas or propane, which is definitely a big plus. Even so, not all electric deep fryers can be expected to meet the same structural standards, nor can they be expected to perform the same way. After taking into consideration everything the market has to offer, we put together a list of the ten best electric deep fryers for you to look at.

Best Electric Deep Fryers Reviews 2017

10T-fal FF1628 Filtra Electric Cool-Touch Deep Fryer

amazon buttonT-fal FF1628 is next on the list and comes with a 2.65-liter food capacity with a subsequent 2.1-liter oil capacity. Besides boasting an easily cleanable system of oil filtration (which allows the reuse of oil), this 1600-watt fryer comes with an accompanying fully removable locking lid, grease filter and an ensuing folding handle characterized by a considerably-sized view window. Nonetheless, despite the fryer having a filtration system that guarantees oil reuse, it contradictorily makes oil reuse an almost ?impossible’ thing. How? It is extremely hard to remove the oil and even clean the system.

9Hamilton Beach 35033 Deep Fryer

amazon buttonIf you are looking for a fryer with large capacities for both oil and food, Hamilton Beach deep fryer is a wonderful fit for you. It comes with a simple and sleek design boasting a distinctive stainless-steel exterior. Moreover, aside from its adjustable temperature regulator characterized by a light indicator, it is quick to heat and cook almost any dish in no time. Nonetheless, it is not an entirely perfect appliance. Among its major drawbacks is the fact that its sides become extremely hot and as such, mandate extra care when handling. That aside, with a compact sleek design that takes minimal space and a large cooking capacity, it is definitely a fryer worth buying.

8Presto DualDaddy 05450 Deep Fryer

amazon buttonAnother bucket-style type of fryer makes the list in the name of Presto DualDaddy deep fryer. It comes with a 2-compartment provision that allows you to fry 2 food batches simultaneously. Measuring at 9x14x8.5 inches and equipped with a heating element providing 1500-watts, it is among the most convenient small-sized fryers around. Aside from boasting a typical snap-on lid that allows storage of appliances even with them having oil inside, it is easy to operate since it only requires plugging in and waiting for temperature rise. Moreover, it boasts a non-stick aluminum heavy-duty construct and finish and an accompanying slotted scoop that facilitates removal of fried food. However, despite the fact that it comes with no temperature regulator and uses a breakaway magnetic cord both which make its otherwise faultless portfolio slightly dented, it is a compact, small-sized handy deep fryer.

7Cuisinart CDF-100 Deep Fryer

amazon buttonMeasuring 8x11x7.5 inches, Cuisinart fryer is an efficient and reliable fryer with a heating capacity of 375 degrees and a capability to fry a maximum of 3 pounds worth of food by using a meager 1.1-liter of oil. With an interior made of die-cast non-stick material and accompanied by a fry basket and a top lid, no fryer comes with a better package. Moreover, its lid is characterized by a filter that facilitates odor elimination. Nonetheless, it is also marred by several setbacks among them being that its magnetic cord easily unplugs and a lid that easily falls off when you are not keen enough. In the end, it still remains a wonderful selection since the disadvantages do not in any way impact overall cooking.

6Hamilton Beach 3-Basket Deep Fryer

amazon buttonHamilton Beach electric fryer is yet another amazing deep frying option. It is a 3-basket deep fryer with a 3-litre capacity. It has a design that quite resembles a typical commercial fryer although smaller as exhibited by its 14.75×15.63×11 inch dimensions. Besides the large food capacity of an approximate 12 cups, it is also surprisingly easy to assemble with removable parts that are also very easily cleanable. Moreover, it is equipped with a temperature regulator complemented by a timer (adjustable) and not only heat and cooks with ease and promptness but also keeps you in tabs with the food progress with an exclusive light indicator. Nevertheless, it magnetic breakaway cord is easily unplugged and with its handles and lid boasting plastic material they are well easily damaged if exposed to heat.

5T-fal FR4049 Deep Fryer

amazon buttonThe FR4049 3-litre deep fryer by T-fal is available in a 3-basket or a single-basket provision. This 3-litre capacity fryer measures 12×19.3×13.6” and comes accompanied by a standard closing lid that offers clear window view. Moreover, it is also equipped with a light indicator that signifies oil is hot and a heating element that promptly reheats oil in between batches. Nonetheless, it still suffers the same predicament as earlier fryers, such as the plug that can get easily unplugged and the fact that it excludes a detachable oil container. But all the same, with a 1-year warranty, cool handles, and efficiency in frying, it should be considered a remarkable choice by any means.

4Secura Triple Basket Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

amazon buttonWith the Secura 1700 triple-basket fryer, you can prepare two diverse meals simultaneously. It comes with 3 baskets comprising a large main one and 2 smaller ones which can be positioned side by side. Moreover, besides boasting an automatic timer and an auto shut-off feature, this fryer has 4.2-liter detachable oil tank and adjustable controls for heat regulation. Its lid also has a transparent window that allows you to check on the food. Surprisingly, it has no relatable drawbacks a testimony of its quality. With such an affordable price for a feature-packed appliance, it would be a shame if you did not purchase one for your frying activities.

3Presto CoolDaddy 05442 Deep Fryer

amazon buttonPresto makes the list again with yet another version of CoolDaddy fryer-the 05442 model. It is characterized by a square and compact 10x15x9 inch design that significantly saves on room space. Aside from its detachable easy to clean frying pot, it is equipped with an air filter which is effective in absorption of frying odors, an adjustable thermostat, and embedded lid locks that help prevent splattering. Nevertheless, this fryer has a significantly small capacity of just 6 servings and takes a while before the oil actually heats up. Despite these setbacks, it is an ideal compact and reliable fryer.

2Presto FryDaddy 05420 Deep Fryer

amazon buttonFryDaddy 05420 is a bucket-shaped nonstick surface electric powered deep fryer. It requires only 4 cups to produce the same amount of food. Moreover, it helps you avert the tassels of adjusting cooking setting since it comes with an inbuilt preset thermostat. It is further harmonized by a ?fill’ feature that allows the avoidance of oil overspills and with a compact size, you can expect it to accumulate significantly lesser space. Nonetheless, even with the assortment of features, it comes without a top cover/lid and its simplicity may not necessarily come in handy for every deep frying requirements. If you are looking for a simple and reliable fryer, Presto FryDaddy is your best fit.

1Cuisinart CDF-200 Deep Fryer

amazon buttonMeasuring 18.25×12.75×12.5” and boasting a 4-quart capacity, this Cuisinart CDF-200 model allows a maximum of 2.3 pounds of food to be cooked at a time. It is further complemented by a large mesh stainless steel cook basket characterized by cool handles positioned behind the said basket. It is also equipped with an 1800-watt heating element (immersion style). However, the greatest drawback with this fryer is its behind-positioned controls that make control adjustment a risky task especially when frying food. With controls for temperature regulation, a timer, and a user-friendly interface, this electric fryer from Cuisinart is definitely one of the very best.