Top 10 Best Electric Egg Cookers of 2017 – Reviews


Pretty much everyone knows by now about the high nutritional value of eggs and how important they are for almost any diet, mainly due to their high protein, vitamins, and minerals contents. While most people enjoy boiled eggs as part of their meals, there is the question of how to best cook them according to each person’s individual taste. Many people, for instance, prefer boiling them, as it gives the eggs a bit of consistency.

Now, some would argue about what is the best way to boil an egg, although it seems that most people just want to do it as quickly as possible. For that to happen, however, you might need an electric egg cooker or any similar kitchen device that will enable you to effectively boil an egg in a timely fashion. Today, we will take a look at some of the ten best electric egg cookers the market has to offer to give ourselves an idea of what to expect from such a device.

10Pyle PKEC12 – Rapid Egg Cooker and Vegetable Food Steamer

amazon buttonVersatile by design, this egg cooker/vegetable food steamer enables you to quickly boil pretty much any ingredients you wish, with the focus being on eggs and vegetables as they are most commonly used when cooking. This device is equipped with a heat resistant transparent lid with rotary controls and time settings to make it easier for you to control its steaming capabilities. At the same time, it comes with an automatic power off safety function and an egg tray for greater convenience.

9Rollie Hands-Free Automatic Electric Vertical Egg Cooker

amazon buttonThis revolutionary cooking system can prepare standard boiled eggs, omelettes, frittatas, and a lot more. It can also make eggs soft, medium, or hard, according to each person’s taste using a hands-free cooking feature that enables you to go about your business without having to worry about overcooking the eggs. We should also point out that it uses a unique, patented design that saves you a lot of space in the kitchen.

8Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

amazon buttonEquipped with a clear lid that makes it easy for you to keep an eye on the boiling process, this particular egg cooker will enable you to focus on other activities while boiling eggs or any other ingredients in need of boiling. It also has to be said that it is 100% BPA free, a construction that gives it extended durability and resistance. Furthermore, it has big capacity design that allows you to cook up to 6 eggs at the same time.

7Hamilton Beach 25500 Egg Cooker

amazon buttonThis high-end egg cooker features a built-in timer that enables you to choose the exact consistency of your boiled eggs. Not only that, but it also features a water measuring cup and an egg piercing tool aimed at helping you control every single aspect of the boiling process. Speaking of which, this device can cook seven eggs at the same time, but it also comes with a 3-egg non-stick poaching tray for good measure.

6West Bend 86628 Automatic Egg Cooker

amazon buttonLike the name suggests, this is an automatic egg cooker that will boil up to 7 eggs automatically and with no input from you whatsoever. This is bound to save you an awful lot of time in the kitchen, especially when you’re busy with other kitchen-related activities. As for the device, it features a heat-resistant base with a clear cover and a measuring cup with an egg piercing pin to make it easier for you to prepare different type of dishes involving boiled eggs.

5Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Egg Cooker

amazon buttonThis particular egg cooker features a transparent lid with a knob, an egg rack with a handle, a poaching tray, an omelet tray, a measuring cup, a piercing pin, and pretty much everything you need to get any type of egg boiling done. At the same time, it features a built-in piercing pin that releases the sulfur within the eggs to leave you with nice yellow yolks if you should choose to do so.

4Better Chef IM-470S Stainless Steel Electric Egg Cooker

amazon buttonCapable of cooking up to 7 eggs at the same time, this efficient egg cooker enables you to cook eggs for the whole family. Thanks to its stainless steel construction, it is also very unlikely that it will show any signs of damage over time, even when used constantly. Not only that but its durable stainless steel base is very easy to clean. We should also point out that it features a removable cool-touch tray with handles designed to help you serve the eggs when they’re done.

3Chef’s Choice 810 Gourmet Egg Cooker

amazon buttonUnlike most of the eff cookers we talked about so far, this is a professional device that’s being used by restaurants all over the world. It is designed to prepare up to 7 eggs at the same time in almost any way, be them soft, medium, or hard boiled. At the same time, it features a convenient egg tray that can be lifted using just one hand and an electronic timer with audible ready signal for good measure.

2Egg Genie Electric Egg Cooker

amazon buttonEgg Genie’s Electric Egg Cooker is designed to cook both soft or hard boiled eggs according to your needs, doing so in a timely fashion. Equipped with a built-in cooking timer that can easily be turned off, this egg cooker allows you to take full control of the boiling process if you wish to. Not only that, but it also features a convenient egg poaching tray with a built-in steel piercing pin that comes in handy when boiling eggs.

1KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker with Water Level Indicator

amazon buttonThe sheer boiling capability of this egg cooker is surpassed only by its sturdy design and its extremely useful features. Among them, a water level indicator, an audible signal indicator at the end of each cooking cycle, an egg piercer, and an overall very sturdy build. Furthermore, it comes with a dual switch for boiling eggs and keeping them warm afterward, a feature that will undoubtedly prove useful when cooking up to 7 eggs.