Top 10 Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands of 2017 – Reviews


If you’re in the market for an electric fireplace tv stand then there are some things you should know. First of all, these units aren’t cheap by any means, not to mention how exquisite they are as far as design goes. Aesthetics aside, however, you can expect them to be just as durable as your average fireplace and just as accommodating as your run-of-the-mill tv stand. Unlike them, however, these fireplaces stand out through their elegant design and by being able to really tie a room together regardless of its theme. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best electric fireplace TV stands the market has to offer.

Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands Reviews 2017

10Real Frame Unit with Electric Fireplace

amazon buttonAn all-around entertainment center which can store all your books, magazines and DVDs and also double as a base for your TV and simultaneously function as a fireplace, this one leaves very little to be desired. The adjustable shelves have copious amounts of space for all your storage essentials and your TV. The flames look warm and lifelike in the background of the dark walnut hardwood, which is also one of the most durable we’ve ever experienced.

9Pleasant Hearth Riley’s Hearth Fireplace

amazon buttonThe sleek, espresso finish and life-like flames make for a very attractive addition to anyone’s living room. Ideal for heating up large rooms because of its impressive heating radius, it has 10 pre-set temperature levels to suit everybody’s needs. The storage shelves can be adjusted and made more or less spacious according to your preferences. The lack of the need for any plumbing or venting maintenance is sure to keep power bills down.

8Antebellum Media Fireplace

amazon buttonWhen it comes to emulating a natural fireplace, very few artificial ones do it better than this one. The flames and embers, burning over logs looks perfectly natural yet are adjustable and can be varied in intensity from bright to dim. Apart from that, the design is also very sleek and provides adequate storage space. If you desire the aesthetic appeal of a real fireplace with the practicality of an artificial one, this product is your best bet.

7Elliot’s Media Fireplace

amazon buttonThe exquisite merlot finish and quality of woodwork should certainly turn a few heads as your guests enter the living room. With 10 heating levels available, you have complete control over the ambient temperature all from the click of a remote. The installment is also particularly easy as the only special tool you’ll need is a simple screwdriver. Not only that but you will find this fireplace to be very accommodating to both small and large televisions.

6Walker Edison Fireplace Stand

amazon buttonThis is one of the largest, most heavy-duty artificial fireplaces out there and can easily accommodate a TV as large as 60 inches. The shelves can be suitably adjusted to make more space for your books and other essentials. Apart from that, it boasts of a very impressive heating radius of 300 square feet. If compromises and half-measures aren’t your style, then this fireplace is definitely the one for you.

5Narita’s Media Fireplace

amazon buttonAnother artificial fireplace which doubles as a media storage cabinet, this one is decked out with dual shelves and cabinets to accommodate all your storage needs. The best feature of this product is a 4-way remote control, which gives you complete authority over the thermostat, etc. The installation procedure for this fireplace is also extremely simple, meaning that you can assemble it all by yourself in a matter of a few hours.

4SEI Tennyson’s Fireplace Stand

amazon buttonhen it comes to electric fireplaces, it rarely gets any better than this quality product from Tennyson. Classy and elegant, it’s sure to work wonders for your living room. The addition of a bookcase is a marvelous touch. Customizable multicolor flames decorate the fireplace as you sit on your couch and control everything from the temperature to the intensity of glow, all from the click of a remote control.

3Cartwright Convertible Fireplace

amazon buttonThis artificial fireplace certainly delivers in aesthetic appeal with its espresso finish and enclosing smooth columns. It is immensely versatile and can be set up in any corner or a flat wall. It’s also energy efficient, so you save a lot on electricity bills. Additional features include a remote control and a child safety lock, both being features one must look for when shopping for such an exquisite piece of furniture.

2Claremont Convertible Fireplace

amazon buttonAnother artificial fireplace you are sure to enjoy is this premier product from Claremont. This fireplace, apart from looking perfectly natural also induces a soothing calming atmosphere. The installation is relatively simple, and you get plenty of space for your books and DVDs on both sides of the fireplace. The only slight drawback is that the grid on the top heats up a lot and isn’t safe for small children and pets.

1Altra Carson Electric TV Console

amazon buttonThis fireplace is meant to be an entertainment system, functioning as a base for your TV while also having two large cabinets where you can store all your books and DVDs. The LED lights will last you up to 50,000 hours, and it can warm up an area of 400sq feet, making it a very useful addition to any living room. Available in cherry and black colors, this fireplace is also very easy on the eyes, an aesthetic brilliance that makes it stand out quite a bit among the rest.