Top 10 Best Electric Wheelchairs of 2017 – Reviews


The many advantages an electric wheelchair has over a traditional wheelchair are undeniable of course, despite the latter being more widespread. Truth be told, electric wheelchairs are often more expensive than standard versions and for good reasons as well. For starters, an electric wheelchair offers a much better maneuverability overall, along with having a much stronger pulling force. Even so, not all electric wheelchairs are built to the same standards, which is why you should first see what the market has in store before deciding to make a purchase of any kind. To give you a better perspective on things, we put together a list of the ten best electric wheelchairs money can buy.

10Red Electric Power Wheelchair

amazon buttonWhen it comes to compact electric wheelchairs, the Red ElectricPower wheelchair stands out for all the right reasons. The biggest advantage is it can be folded and stored in any space, which is always something to look for in such a wheelchair. It is also made from carbon fiber and operates on a lithium battery. If needed, the wheelchair’s handrails can be removed easily, making it much more accessible than standard wheelchairs. Also worth mentioning is that its front wheels and are puncture resistant and that its 18-inch seat is padded for extra comfort.

9Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Wheelchair

amazon buttonThis folding wheelchair is considered one of the best in its class and it’s easy to see why. It is made from durable and strong steel but remains very lightweight. The controller is adjustable so users can set the sensitivity to their liking. The armrests are removable and are padded for extra comfort. It comes with an adjustable positioning belt for safely secure the user. Tubeless, puncture proof tires make the Drive Medical wheelchair ideal for anyone and suitable for heavy, everyday use.

8Karman 18 Inch Full Power Stand Up Chair

amazon buttonThe Karman Full Power Stand Up Chair is probably one of the most innovative electric wheelchairs on the market. It comes with a padded seat and armrests that were built for comfortable sitting. It can be folded or unfolded in a matter of seconds and performs exquisitely. The backrest is adjustable. In standup mode, the chair can be stored anywhere. The wheels are durable and allow maximum maneuverability. The entire frame is made from strong steel and plastic.

7Fold N Go Power Wheelchair

amazon buttonThe name itself highlights the best feature of this wheelchair. It can be folded and stored in any space and is great for fitting into cars and closets. The armrests are padded with soft materials and can be removed to make more space. The seat is comfortable and is built for long sitting periods. The leg rest is strong and can hold the heaviest of weights. The extremely durable rubber tires ensure that the wheelchair performs at its best always.

6Compact Mid-Wheel Drive Power Chair

amazon buttonThis electric wheelchair is a clear example of where wheelchair technology stands right now. Even though it is small and compact, it is extremely powerful. It has a great maneuverability that is greater than most electric wheelchairs. The battery charger is separate and recharges the chair quickly. It offers a sleep mode that also helps save power. Furthermore, its lightweight and durable design makes it one of the best the market has to offer right now.

5Invacare Pronto P31 Power Wheelchair

amazon buttonThe Invacare Pronto P31 is a powerful electric wheelchair. Its flip-up design is great for easy storage and the adjustable height is great for different heights. The arms are removable to allow larger people to sit comfortably. The wheelchair is fixed with 9-inch wheels that are puncture-resistance. It can be charged easily and lasts for up to a full week. Weighing in at 153 pounds, the wheelchair is great for anyone.

4Foldawheel PW 1000-XL

amazon buttonThis wheelchair weighs just 55 pounds and is extremely lightweight. It can be folded and unfolded in just 2 seconds and can be fitted into any sized car or closet. The padded cushion is sized at 18 inches for a comfortable ride always. The controls can be removed as well for safely storing in flights. The battery can last for up to 9.3 miles and is extremely quick to charge. We should also point out that its 10-inch puncture proof tires are great for long term use on any surface and that they aren’t likely to take any sort of damage from regular use.

3EZ Lite Cruiser Heavy Duty

amazon buttonThis is another foldable electric wheelchair that has caught the attention of people in the market. Its redesigned look and performance make it better than the others in its category. The new design makes it easier and quicker to fold and unfold. It is fitted with rugged 12-inch tires that are great for both indoors and outdoors. The inbuilt lithium ion battery lasts for up to 10 miles and can store up to 2 batteries at a time.

2Foldawheel PW-999UL

amazon buttonIf you are looking for a compact, portable wheelchair, the Foldawheel PW-999UL is a perfect choice. At a very lightweight of just 45 pounds, this chair can be stored in any vehicle or home easily. It is made from strong, durable steel and plastic and is built to last. The soft cushioning on the seat and armrests leave the user as comfortable as they can. The controls are easy to master and perform smoothly. The 7-inch wheels are also durable and are puncture resistant. The powerful lithium battery lasts for up to 8 miles and can also hold 2 batteries at a time.

1KD Smart Chair – Electric Wheelchair

amazon buttonThe Smart Chair wheelchair is perfect for people who love to travel. We say this because it can be folded and stored anywhere, even in the back seat of a car. Weighing just 50 pounds, it is perfect not only for travel purposes but also for taking up as little space as possible when stored inside the house. At the same time, the wheelchair’s lithium battery can last for up to 15 miles on a single charge. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best electric wheelchairs the market has to offer at this point in time.