Top 10 Best Electronic Reading Lights of 2017 – Reviews


If you’re finding it particularly hard to put down your favorite book come night time, you should perhaps invest in an electronic reading light to keep the fun going long after everyone else have gone to sleep. Discreet and easy to use, these lights will focus their shine only on the book or eBook you are reading, without lighting up the room too much. In this respect, it allows people to read in the dark without causing any discomfort to whoever is sleeping in the room at the time. Having said that, let us find out what are the ten best electronic reading lights the market has to offer right now.

Best Electronic Reading Lights Reviews 2017

10Merkury Innovations Travel Light (M-KRL110)

amazon buttonThanks to its warm yet powerful LED beam, this travel light facilitates easy reading of your Kindle e-reader even while you’re on the go. Its inbuilt clip attaches securely to almost any type of e-reader for maximum reading convenience and comfort. It also comes with an adjustable neck for better positioning, a powerful LED, and the convenience of being powered by three AAA batteries.

9iKross Dual-LED Clip-On Reading Light

amazon buttonThis durably built dual-LED reading light is compatible with books and e-readers such as Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon Kindle Voyage, Kindle Touch, PDAs, and tablets. Its compact design features a well-placed on and off switch and a wide clip that attaches securely to book covers and stands. Furthermore, this reading light also has a flexible neck and is powered by three AAA batteries.

8Zakka Republic Clip-On LED Reading Light

amazon buttonAvailable in white, purple, black, and pink, this 4-piece bundle of reading lights is conveniently designed to provide comfortable illumination while reading in the dark. Each reading light features a stylish yet functional design that includes a flexible neck and a secure clip that can be used on various e-readers, tablets, and smartphones. The reading lights are powered by three AAA batteries each and are very lightweight.

7Ledgle Clip-On Book Light

amazon buttonThis clip-on LED light provides ample reading light for your reading devices for maximum reading enjoyment in low-light environments. It features a powerful clip that secures any device it is attached to. The reading light features two powerful LEDs that provide warm yet bright lighting for convenient reading in the dark. It is compatible with most e-readers and comes with three replaceable AAA batteries for power.

6Bundle Monster Clip-On LEDs

amazon buttonIf you want the best value for money, this set of four clip-on reading lights provides just that. It features four easy-to-grip clip-on LED lights with flexible rubber necks that can be adjusted for better light positioning. Each of the four pieces is powered by three AAA batteries and is compatible with devices such as the Nook reader, various Kindle readers, and tablets. The reading lights come in colors such as pink, black, purple, and white.

5Kandle Reading Light

amazon buttonThis uniquely designed reading light is compatible with most e-readers, especially the latest Amazon Kindle devices. It features a flexible neck that allows you to customize the lamp’s distance for better viewing. The reading light is equipped with 3 surface-mounted LEDs that have been put through sufficient optimization to provide even light distribution and glare-free viewing even when used in total darkness. The reading light comes with light modes such as ultralight and soft-light to suit everyone’s reading preferences. It is powered by 2 CR2032 batteries and comes with extra batteries and a carry pouch.

4Belkin Clip-On Light for Kindle

amazon buttonDesigned for Kindle e-readers, this clip-on reading light provides suitable lighting for late night reading or working in the dark. Its flexible arm gives you the freedom to position it as you wish while three powerful LEDs provide warm, ambient light with two adjustable brightness settings. The also features a wide and very secure clip that can be attached to book covers and stands. It is compact, slim, and lightweight, making it easy to store or carry from place to place.

3Energizer LED Reading Light

amazon buttonEnergizer’s flexible LED reading light is one of the most versatile electric reading lights in the market. Its flexible design includes a clip that can be attached to most books and magazines with ease. It also features a flexible rubber neck that can be bent easily to provide the best lighting for effortless night reading. It uses a wide angle Nichia LED lamp to provide a more natural flood of ambient light for strain-free reading. The LED reading light can be powered by replaceable coin cells which can provide up to 10 hours of continuous light.

2iKross Black Clip-On Reading Light

amazon buttonThis durable clip-on reading light showers your book or e-reader with warm LED light to facilitate easy reading in low-light environments. Its clip-on design allows you to secure your reading devices easily while its highly adjustable neck allows you to position the light for maximum coverage. Given its ingenious design, it is compatible with e-readers, tablets, and even smartphones. It is also surprisingly affordable given its versatility, which is always something to look for in a gadget like this.

1Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Reading Light

amazon buttonFeaturing two powerful LEDs, this reading light is suitable for reading in all environments. It features a highly flexible neck that can be adjusted for better lighting and a wide clip that securely grips e-readers and tablets for convenient reading. This reading light also stands out by having a rechargeable battery that lasts for hours-on-end with a single charge, a process that shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes or so. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best electronic reading lights money can buy.