Best European Destinations for Art Lovers


It was Thomas Merton who once said that art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. This intricate duality of man led to both great acts of savagery and creation throughout history, and many societies flourished as a result. It is unlikely to find a place in our world where civilization flourished without destruction, and one could find after a close inspection that some of the most artistic cities on the planet were also political centers at some point.

Maybe it was wealth that pushed societies towards their artistic boundaries, or maybe it was the inherent desire for greatness that made people fall in love with a practice that allowed them to better themselves culturally without hurting others for a change. What we do know for a fact is that some of the most civilized and peaceful establishments throughout history were fueled by their love of art, and the cities on our list are no different.

5Barcelona, Spain

The artistic beauty of Barcelona is not in its museums or art galleries, but within the heart of the city itself. Although there are many works of art inside the city’s many art galleries, some would argue that Barcelona’s beauty stands in its non-gallery settings and its beautiful design. Truth be told, Barcelona’s architecture makes it a sight to behold for any traveling tourist, and its historic design definitely entangles viewers with a sense of awe. Even so,

Barcelona houses many galleries, some even internationally acclaimed for their value. Places like the Picasso Museum, the Juan Miro gallery, and Barcelona’s Contemporary Art Museum will definitely enrich those lucky enough to walk through their doors. Furthermore, tourists can always admire / purchase the showings of many artists along the La Rambla boulevard in the heart of the city.

If you’re looking to spend quality time basking in the city’s artistic musk but you are unsure whether or not your family will enjoy the sights around this great city, check out our Barcelona Uncovered guide to help you through.