Best European Destinations for Art Lovers


It was Thomas Merton who once said that art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. This intricate duality of man led to both great acts of savagery and creation throughout history, and many societies flourished as a result. It is unlikely to find a place in our world where civilization flourished without destruction, and one could find after a close inspection that some of the most artistic cities on the planet were also political centers at some point.

Maybe it was wealth that pushed societies towards their artistic boundaries, or maybe it was the inherent desire for greatness that made people fall in love with a practice that allowed them to better themselves culturally without hurting others for a change. What we do know for a fact is that some of the most civilized and peaceful establishments throughout history were fueled by their love of art, and the cities on our list are no different.

4Paris, France

What can be said about the City of Light that hasn’t been said already? This extraordinarily beautiful city has its own share of architectural wonders scattered throughout the old streets. Although the city’s buildings are incredibly artistic in their own right, the true artistic value of Paris is given by its many museums and art galleries. Take the Louvre for example, which at this point is the most famous museum in the world.

It holds within some of humanity’s greatest artistic achievements, exquisite works of art created by brightest artists of their time. Paris isn’t all about the Louvre however, as there are many museums dedicated to great artists throughout the city. From the Monet museum & gallery, to Rodin and Picasso, Paris has a special way of honoring the vision of the greatest artists that ever lived, and make it available for the world to see.

Additionally, a stroll along the city’s streets will put visitors in touch with exquisite fountains and detailed statues, the likes of which they will not see anywhere else.