Top 10 Best Exercise Balls of 2017 – Reviews


By adding an exercise ball to your workout routine, you open up a whole new branch of possibilities. Increasingly popular, these balls are designed to stimulate every inch of your body, vastly improving your flexibility and general fitness without costing you all that much. In fact, exercise balls are some of the most affordable exercise tools on the market, items that are equally fun and healthy money can buy. So sit back and allow us to guide you through the ten best exercise balls out there.

10BodySport Exercise Ball With Pump

amazon buttonProperly sized to fit people of all ages and heights, this exercise ball from BodySport stands out through how versatile it is. The reason we say this is because it has a 500 lbs static weight capacity, which is more than enough for almost anyone. At the same time, the ball is completely latex-free and it comes with an air pump, features that, unfortunately, most low-end exercise balls do not have.

9Tone Fitness Stability Ball

amazon buttonThis ball represents an all-round great addition to any fitness routine, meaning that it can be incorporated into almost any type of exercise. Due to its design, the ball is mainly intended for core and abs exercises, although it can be used at all fitness levels with no issues whatsoever. One of the reasons behind this, is the ball’s 55 cm size, a size that enables its use for people who are 5’3″ or taller.

8Exercise Ball, LuxFit Premium EXTRA THICK Yoga Ball

amazon buttonThis exercise ball from LuxFit is ideal for shoulder and thigh toning exercises, much thanks to its impressive flexibility. At the same time, the ball behaves as a low-impact fitness aid that can and will improve the results of any fitness routine. Not only that but the ball comes in convenient sizes, a versatility not common when it comes to most exercise balls out there, yet one you should always look for when making such a purchase.

7BalanceFrom Anti-Burst and Slip Resistant Fitness Ball

amazon buttonBalanceFrom’s Anti-Burst exercise ball, like the name suggests, is designed to take quite a punch without showing any real signs of damage. Also worth mentioning is the fact that it is slip resistant, a property it owes to the quality materials used in its making. Furthermore, the same quality materials make it very easy to clean, which as some of you may know, can be a bit of a problem when it comes to standard exercise balls.

6Wacces Anti-Burst Fitness Exercise Stability and Yoga Ball

amazon buttonIt is the very nature of exercise balls to provide you with relaxation and tension-relieving flexibility, which is the case with this particular ball. The anti-burst fitness exercise stability ball from Wacces increases flexibility in the abdomen, thighs, and lower back regions without putting too much of a strain on the muscles. At the same time, it strengthens, stretches, and tones all major muscle groups in the body.

5Stability Ball – Premium Fitness Ball

amazon buttonBelieve it or not but this is actually the preferred fitness ball of many top athletes out there. One of the reasons behind this is its eco-friendly, phthalates, and latex-free construction, because as we all know, fitness gear mustn’t just be reliable but healthy as well. Also worth mentioning is the fact that this particular ball is surprisingly lightweight, even the bigger versions.

4Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball

amazon buttonBlack Mountain’s static strength exercise stability ball is a professional grade ball that can withstand up to 2,000 lbs of pressure. It is also available in multiple sizes for you to choose from, with no difference whatsoever between them. Not only that but all Black mountain exercise balls come with long warranty, ball pumps, and a starter’s brochure to give you an insight on what to expect when using one.

3Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit

amazon buttonDurability is one of the qualities any good exercise ball should possess, which is the case with Gaiam’s Total Body Balance Ball Kit. As the name suggests, this isn’t just a standard balance ball bu a whole kit. In it, we find not only the reliable rubber ball but a pump to help you inflate it according to your needs and a DVD full of workout ideas for you to consider when working out.

2DynaPro Direct Exercise Ball & Pump

amazon buttonThis professional grade fitness ball comes with a pump, a plug, and a plug removal kit for good measure. Not only that but we should point out how this particular ball can withstand 2,000 lbs of pressure, thus capable of enduring even the most rigorous workout conditions. Furthermore, this ball will not burst if punctured, which is also a big plus. Instead, it will slowly deflate over time thanks to its ingenious construction.

1Live Infinitely Exercise Ball

amazon buttonDue to being capable of withstanding a 2,200 lbs static load limit, this exercise ball can very well be considered one of the strongest out there. At the same time, it is fully anti-burst tested before shipping, as it has to hold 600 lbs with a 2 cm cut without bursting in order to be considered viable for selling. It should also be said that it features a latex-free PVC construction with non-slip ridges and an easy cleaning surface to make maintenance easier in the long run.