Top 10 Best Extra Firm Mattresses of 2017 – Reviews


We all have our quirks and habits when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, whether it’s the fact that we sleep in a certain position or wearing a specific pajama. In this respect, some people need a soft mattress to caress their bodies while others simply cannot shut an eye all night unless they’re lying on a firm mattress. Those of you who enjoy the latter will know by know just how difficult it is to find a good firm mattress nowadays. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of manufacturers out there that have specialized their offer to meet even the most peculiar of requirements. So without further ado, here are the ten best extra firm mattresses money can buy.

Best Extra Firm Mattresses Reviews 2017

10Klaussner Grandeur King Mattresses

amazon buttonIf you are looking for Superior luxury levels, you can never go wrong with Klaussner Grandeur. Aside from boasting silver technology which eliminates both dust mites and bacteria, it is also characterized by Therapeutic topical which promotes skin health. What makes this 13-inch Foam Mattress among the most noteworthy is its active charcoal technology. This allows it to fight odors, filter all dangerous traces of either molding or mildew, and provide the sleeper with a firm yet comfortable surface to sleep on.

9Moonlight Slumber Twin Innerspring Little Dreamer Mattress

amazon buttonThe market is filled with numerous wonderful mattresses, but only a handful provides the ideal safety, elegance and unmatched quality that many people require. This mattress, for instance, boasts an enhanced manufacturing technology that enhances firmness and comfort at the same time. It is also made from safe and hazard-free materials that are not only certified by Green Guard but also verified by CentriPUR-US and confirmed to be free of harmful substances such vinyl, polyethylene, orPVC.

8Beautyrest Recharge Queen Simmons Lydia Manor II Firm Mattresses

amazon buttonWant a snooze companion? Queen Simmons Mattress might just be what every light sleeper needs. Made of foam (CertiPUR-US certified), this mattress contains nil ozone depleters and no heavy metals such as lead and mercury. Your spine is properly aligned thanks to its layer that is super comfortable to relieve each of your pressure joints. Moreover, aside from extra firmness that inspires both support and comfort, it actively dissipates heat from your body to give a cooler sleeping experience.

7Beautyrest Recharge Simmons Luxury Firm Pillow

amazon buttonYou will not get any other item that better hits that sweet spot than the Beautyrest Simmons Luxury Firm Pillow mattress. This brand is well known for its super safe and healthy items not to mention quality. With this mattress, you are spoilt for preferences as inspired by its dual-sided characteristic that is boosted with sides that are extra firm. Moreover, it is equipped with an exclusive technology that absorbs pressure during the night for added comfort.

6Serta Killner Mattress

amazon buttonSerta Killner mattress is among the first premium quality memory foam mattresses that offer not only firmness but extra comfort as well. With an active design, it is able to function in a manner that helps handle numerous general sleeping problems such as tossing, back pains and even sagging. Aside from boasting a tailored personal type of support system, it also has a pleasant odor when new, one that usually clears over a short time frame. What’s more, it comes with a manufacturer warranty of no less than 10-years.

5Allassea Gold Fusion Spring Mattresses

amazon buttonInfused with high-tech swirl gel and cooling memory foam, this mattress is not only durable but also limits the transfer of body heat. It helps eradicate night issues such as tossing and twisting with its characteristic combination of pocket coils and support foam (extra high-density). Aside from a typical exclusive design that boasts a more versatile use, it is harmonized by a bead-covered non-slip fabric and a fire retardant cover. Although the split between the XL twins may be predominant, it can easily be rolled and compressed to facilitate its transport.

4Extra Firm Beautyrest Black Alexia Mattresses

amazon buttonNothing beats the soothing effect of a good night sleep after a long day. Beautyrest Black Mattress is an extra firm mattress that is designed to give you that exact experience. How? It ideally conforms your back perfectly allowing relief to your pressure points and thanks to its enhanced coil tech (pocketed). Likewise, it is characterized by an exclusive technology-sleep climate Patent-pending all for your comfort. Although it has handles that can easily be undone when moving it, its dynamic response and Air coal type of memory foams coupled with a luxurious fabric finish make it worth the investment.

3Otis Haley Queen Size (150 Futon) Mattress

amazon buttonWith this particular mattress, you get quality, durability, and firmness. It comprises HD foam (9 inches) for added comfort, harmonized by a 2-inch polyester wrap (thermal bonded).
Moreover, its fabric enables breathing and remains cool while subsequently repelling moisture caused by sweating. This USA-made mattress has a sleek, clean and customized look and although its polyester contents make it somewhat slippery, it remains a wonderful option for those needing extra firmness and support in order to get a good night’s sleep.

2Sleep Inc. 13-Inch Select 2000 BodyComfort Luxury Mattress

amazon buttonSleep Inc. makes the list with their comfortable, full support and innovative mattress. Boasting numerous inner springs coupled by lumbar bands (gel-infused), this 13-inch mattress is precisely designed to boost flexibility along with comfort. Made in the USA, it is has a characteristic aesthetic and luxurious TENCEL cover that provides optimal moisture management, not to mention its splendid silky finish which soothes even the most sensitive skin.

1Brentwood (CertiPur Foam) Memory Foam Mattress

amazon buttonIf you are looking for a mattress that will give you comfort, firmness, and durability, then look no further than Brentwood’s Memory Foam Mattress. This high-quality mattress comes with a 25-year manufacturer warranty, is made of natural wool, and is triple layered by design for added comfort. It also boasts a gel infused 1-inch comfort layer that perfectly adjusts to conform to your body contour, ensuring a better spine alignment during the night. Furthermore, this mattress is not only naturally anti-microbial but is also allergy and dust mite resistant to an impressive standard.