Best Fall Vacations, Best Places to Travel in Autumn


When most people take vacations, they take them during the summer, in warm places where they can bask under the sunlight. Others, take vacations in remote places in which they can get some peace of mind and relax quietly. All things considered, maybe it is a better idea to spend some time with yourself in a peaceful environment rather than constantly having to deal with fellow tourists (often young) who are only interested in having as much fun as possible in a very loud manner.

Fortunately, most popular tourist destinations either cater to those looking to have fun during the summer, or to those looking to enjoy winter sports during the cold season. This means that some of the most attractive destinations are relatively quiet in autumn, not to mention how gorgeous some of them get during the fall season. On top of all this, most hotels and resorts have special prices during the fall, as some business is better than no business. Anyway, here are some places to consider if you’re looking to make the most of your autumn vacation.

4French Riviera

Visiting the French Riviera in autumn is basically cheating. You see, during high season the prices of accommodation get so high, that only wealthy people can afford them. As soon as autumn comes, however, the big fish leave the area, thus forcing hotels and resorts to drop their prices considerably. Everybody knows at this point about how beautiful the Cote d’Azur can be, but all this beauty comes with a price.

Most establishments along the Cote d’Azur adjust their prices according to the influx of tourists, so from Monte Carlo to Nice, you will not find any affordable hotel to stay in, no matter how hard you try. This however, is only true during the high season, as autumn usually brings a wave of discounts with it as soon as summer tourists begin to clear out. Interestingly enough, some people prefer the French Riviera and its beaches during the fall, as they are a lot less crowded in autumn.