Top 10 Best Fashion Waist Packs of 2017 – Reviews


A waist pack can definitely come in handy if you’re the type of person who travels regularly, especially if it’s a fashionable one that helps you stand out in a crowd. Having said that, we should point out that there are more than a handful out there to choose from and that you should have a good idea of what you need before making any sort of purchase. The main reason behind this being that each waist pack is designed for a specific purpose. In this respect, some are designed to be spacious and accommodating while others are designed to meet certain fashion standards. This being said, here are the ten best fashion waist packs money can buy.

10Engive Sports Waist Pack for Running

amazon buttonThe Engive Sports running waist pack lets you carry everything conveniently during your morning jog. With plenty of space and a stylish design, it is a must-have accessory for avid joggers who wish to take their cell phone, keys, wallet, charger, change or other valuables with them when they go running. The material of the waist bag is strong and very durable. The waist pack is also available in a variety of colors.

9Dakine Classic Hip Pack

amazon buttonMade exclusively for men, the design of this lone walker is stylish yet toned down in a very masculine way. The waist pack is made of 100 % polyester which is tough and durable. A 17-inch shoulder drop allows you to adjust the levels of comfort to suit your specific needs. The waist pack comes with a convenient and secure zip-up pocket that is large enough to store all your valuables.

8Sunhiker Waterproof Waist Pack

amazon buttonNow you can confidently carry your most sensitive valuables even in the rain thanks to this awesomely designed waterproof waist pouch. The Sunhiker Y331 is everything you need to carry your cell phone, wallets, keys and money when touring new places, camping in the wild or even on your daily jog. Its large compartment will also fit a water bottle very easily, along with any valuables you might have.

7Genda-2-Archer Vintage Waist Pack

amazon buttonThis is definitely a classier option for those who take their style seriously. Beautifully made from brown suede with leather accents, this is certainly one of the most good-looking options on this list. The waist pack has plenty of space to store all your valuables when you travel. It is also available in another similarly attractive color. The Genda-2-Archer waist pack is the best way to conveniently carry around all your necessities in a place that is easy to access on the go.

6Tapp Collections Waist Pouch

amazon buttonThis is a good quality, low-key and affordable nylon waist pouch for those who are looking for a hands-free and secure way to carry their valuables. The waist pack is very simple and is made from water-resistant nylon material. An adjustable nylon strap with a buckle allows you to firmly strap it around your waist without getting it too loose or too tight. An earphone port allows you to conveniently listen to your favorite music while your music player is safely inside the pouch.

5Jansport 5th Avenue Waist Pack

amazon buttonThe 600 denier polyester material that this waist pack is made of is one of the best you can find. Other than being delightfully comfortable, it is also durable with just the right amount of elasticity. The adjustable waist straps let you wrap it around your waist in the most comfortable way possible. You can also adjust the position of the waist pack while on the go! A zippered front pocket provides a convenient storage option for all your valuables.

4Waterfly Outdoor Waist Pack

amazon buttonIf you’re looking for something that can handle the wild outdoors, this is the waist pack for you. Made specifically for outdoor excursions such as hiking and camping, the waist pack is made from a durable blend of top grade polyvinyl and nylon. It is highly portable with an adjustable strap that lets you carry it wherever you go and ensures it is firmly attached on your person.

3Gear Best Expandable All-Weather Waist Pouch

amazon buttonThe best part about owning this specific waist belt is that you can make it as small or as large as you need to carry all your belongings. Its expandable design allows you to make it twice its size (a massive 42-inch storage space) in order to carry everything you need conveniently. Its weatherproof zippered compartment will keep your valuables safe from water, dust, and extreme heat.

2Yens Fantasy Bag All-Weather Waist Pouch

amazon buttonLightweight and incredibly portable, this waist pack is perfect for the person who is always on the go. Its large double-zippered compartment offers twice the storage and twice the security. You can conveniently carry items as large as water bottles inside the pouch. An adjustable poly-web strap makes it very comfortable to wear, even if you walk around with it all day long.

1Everest Signature Waist Pouch

amazon buttonWith over 20 differently styled and colored options to choose from, it is hard to choose a favorite Everest Signature waist pouch. As per its design, this waist pack features a compact design with plenty of storage space to carry your cell phone, keys, wallet, and money. Three separate zipper compartments provide extra storage convenience and allow you to take as many items with you as possible. On top of all this, we must point out that Everest Signature Waist Pouch is also surprisingly affordable given its overall quality.