Top 10 Best Fax Machines of 2017 – Reviews


Faxing remains an integral form of communication in today’s world, even if most small businesses these days prefer e-mails as an alternative. The main benefit of fax technology is that it securely sends documents virtually anywhere, documents that can also be used as receipts if necessary. They also provide an extra amount of security when compared to e-mails or regular mail, which is why most major corporations and government enterprises still use fax machines on a regular basis.

This being said, one should always know what to look for when shopping for a fax machine, because as we are about to find out, some are definitely better than others. In this respect, let us find out what are the ten best fax machines on the market today.

10Panasonic Plain Paper Fax/Copier

amazon buttonFor those whom space is an issue, this fax/copier will be an ideal purchase for you. But regardless of its compact size, this fax machine is able to produce business-quality documents. And like other premium fax machines, it also comes with a phone that can record messages automatically. The machine also has enough memory for storage of 25 pages of paper and an LCD screen that makes it easier to program.

9Brother FAX275

amazon buttonThis Brother fax machine is also a telephone. But the reason it features so prominently on this list is its ability to deliver quick results and superior efficiency. To begin with, this machine is very compact in size. The machine also has an auto paper cutter and a 10-page audio document feeder. The telephone on this machine is also quite advanced, as it will let you store 25 of your favorite numbers. For easier usage, the machine also features a 16-digit LCD screen.

8HP CB782A#ABA 640

amazon buttonFor superior performance, this fax machine might just be what you need. It can fax a page within 6 seconds. Additionally, its memory can store 50 incoming faxes. With its phone, you can store 100 numbers. This particular fax machine is also very power efficient, which should keep your electricity bills down. Not only that but it is also highly operational and easy to use, which are features one must always look for in a fax machine.

7Brother IntelliFAX 775

amazon buttonThis machine is built to handle both domestic and commercial faxing demands. This brother fax machine features a unique design that will fit into any use environment. Additionally, this machine also acts as a phone and a copier. To keep its good aesthetic appeal for much longer, this machine is also scratch resistant. Other handy features on this particular machine include the ability to store up to 25 pages in its inbuilt memory. The machine also comes with a host of other great features that make it a must-have in any environment, domestic or commercial.

6Brother PPF4750E IntelliFAX 4750e

amazon buttonLike its preceding sibling, this is another high-grade fax machine whose features and functionality have placed it on the top ten list. In particular, this machine is able to provide quicker performance, all thanks to its use of laser technology. In a single minute, this fax machine can handle 15 pages. This version also features a bigger memory of 8MB, which can store up to 600 pages. Even then, it is still very affordable, which makes it ideal for users who want to improve output without having to spend a fortune in the process.

5HP CM721A#B1H 2140

amazon buttonFor people to whom faxing is an important part of their operations, this is a great fax machine to own. It can store 200 pages and produce very high-quality copies. The construction quality on this machine is also specially designed to offer a long life of service. The machine can also store more than 100 phone numbers. The automatic document feeder, which can handle 15 pages, is also quite a convenience.

4Brother IntelliFAX 2820

amazon buttonGiven its position on this list, this is clearly a high-quality fax machine that can perform superbly in commercial environments. It can copy documents fast, all because of its high-speed laser technology. The document tray can take 250 sheets, which makes it much easier to operate. Furthermore, with its large memory, it can store up to 500 pages. The manufacturer also offers a 1-year warranty on service, which is always something to look forward to when making such a purchase.

3Brother FAX-575

amazon buttonIt should hardly come as a surprise that a brother machine makes the top 3 of our list given the other contributions they made to the list. Despite being monochrome, this fax machine offers a resolution of 400 by 400, which is quite good. This machine is also quite affordable, in addition to offering an auto-dial feature and an automatic document feeder. At the same time, it is designed to use a lot less power than most fax machines its size, which is very convenient, to say the least.

2Brother FAX-2840

amazon buttonThis machine can transfer a page in just two seconds, thanks to its high-speed modem of 33.6 K. The machine is also very compact in size, not to mention very durable. Furthermore, with its 16 MB memory, it can store 400 pages. The paper tray can accommodate 250 sheets, while the automatic document feeder can take 20 pages at a time. In this respect, a fax machine with a large paper tray is always to be desired, especially for businesses who use faxing on a regular basis.

1Brother IntelliFAX-4100E

amazon buttonThis particular Brother fax machine has plenty to offer. It is very durable, efficient and at the same time very affordable. Moreover, it features a very compact design that makes it one of the most popular fax machines on the market at the time. The phone on this machine can store up to 132 numbers. The paper tray can take 250 sheets of paper, while the auto-feeder can accommodate 30 documents. All things considered, the IntelliFAX-4100E isn’t just convenient and easy to use but very functional and versatile as well.