Top 10 Best Fever Thermometers of 2017 – Reviews


It is very important to measure your child’s temperature whenever they have a fever. Easier said than done, unfortunately, because not many people have the presence of mind to actually invest in a fever thermometer before they actually need one. Now, it has to be said that there are many types of fever thermometers and that they each work in a different way. In this respect, it would be hard to single out a specific thermometer as the absolute best. Even so, we too the time to find out more about the subject before coming up with a list containing the ten best fever thermometers out there.

10Vicks Rectal Thermometers for Babies

amazon buttonThis is a compactly built thermometer that is designed specifically for the purpose of taking the rectal temperatures of babies. It features a highly intuitive button placement in addition to a large backlit LCD display for the easy recording of temperatures. It also comes with a short, gentle probe that is suitable for use even on small children. It has to be said, however, that this rectal thermometer is only recommended for household use.

9Vicks Discreet Pacifier Thermometer

amazon buttonThis thermometer is highly suitable for babies thanks not only to its design but also to its size. It measures oral temperatures quickly and has been given a baby-friendly design that makes it easier for the parent or doctor to get quick precise readings. The thermometer has been designed to look like a pacifier and it features a soft probe that is inserted in the baby’s mouth. Furthermore, an LCD screen makes its readings very easy to read.

8Clinical Digital Thermometer for Babies, Children, and Adults

amazon buttonA flexible probe makes this medical-grade thermometer a lot more comfortable for young children and toddlers. The thermometer also features a water-resistant body that makes it suitable for use on armpits or taking an oral temperature. It provides accurate readings that can be easily read on its LCD display. It has also been given a brightly colored exterior to make it easy to spot even in a cluttered cabinet. A button allows you to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit reading modes.

7Vive Precision Ear Thermometer

amazon buttonSpecifically made to measure ear temperatures, these individually tested thermometers are capable of providing highly accurate results time and time again. The thermometer features a large LCD screen that makes it very easy to read. It records the body’s core temperature in just one second and comes with a memory that is enough to store the last ten readings taken using it. To put you at ease, the thermometer also comes with a one year warranty.

6Summer Infant Teal and White Pacifier Thermometer

amazon buttonThe fever alert function on this pacifier thermometer lets you know when the baby is not feeling well. The thermometer is well built and designed to resemble a pacifier in order to allow you to take quick and accurate readings. It also has enough memory to save a few of the last readings for easy reference. The pacifier thermometer is comfortable to use and safe since it features a protective cover that can be put on when it is not in use.

5Froggy Tots Flexible Digital Thermometer for Babies

amazon buttonThis is a digital thermometer that is well suited for use in young children and infants. It features a playful design and a flexible tip that is more comfortable for them. It provides accurate results in about 30 seconds and features a fever alarm that goes off if the temperature is higher than normal. You can also choose whether to have your readings in Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius.

4Safety First Advanced High-Speed Rectal Thermometer

amazon buttonFeaturing a high-quality build that includes plastic and metal, this is a top notch rectal thermometer for home use. It has been built with recording precision in mind and is suitable for providing accurate core body temperature results in no time at all. The rectal thermometer features a slightly bendable tip that is more comfortable and a guard to prevent over-insertion.

3TempoScan High Accuracy Non-Contact Body and Surface Thermometer

amazon buttonThis is a sleek option for people looking for a medical grade thermometer for home use. It features a simple design with intuitive controls for easy operation and provides accurate results in seconds. The no-contact thermometer will let you measure temperature without coming in contact with skin. It is, therefore, suitable for use on sleeping babies. A backlit display helps you clearly see the readings while an auto-power off function helps you save the battery. Interestingly enough, it also features a system that automatically memorizes the last 10 readings that it been taken.

2Gear District Clinical Digital Thermometer

amazon buttonThis is a thermometer that guarantees the safety and comfort of the baby whose temperature is being measured thanks to its soft tip. It is also highly accurate with a .2 margin of error, which is quite impressive all things considered. Thanks to its construction, this thermometer is suitable for detecting fevers, the flu or other illnesses in children and adults at home. It also offers accurate readings in less than 30 seconds and is very easy to clean.

1Clinical Forehead Thermometer

amazon buttonSuitable for both ailing children and adults, this medical grade clinical thermometer is very easy to use and provides extremely accurate results. What makes it stand out is the fact that it provides precise temperature results from the kids or adults in just one second. A mode button on the thermometer allows you to easily measure the room temperature and even the temperature of the liquid in a bottle. It also features a quiet mode that lets you scan sleeping infants and toddlers without waking them up. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best thermometers out there.