Top 10 Best Fire Extinguishers of 2017 – Reviews


Although it’s a whole lot easier to prevent fires than it is to put them out, you do have to be prepared in the unlikely event that a fire threatens your personal or material safety. It would be safe to say that although most fire extinguishers work well to some extent, some definitely work better than others. After taking into consideration everything the market had to offer, we are confident in saying that we found the fire extinguishers to consider if you’re ever in the market for such a purchase. So without further ado, here are the ten best fire extinguishers money can buy.

10Kidde 1-A 10-B:C/711A Rated Twin Pack Fire Extinguisher

amazon buttonMost fire extinguishers come in large sizes but Fire Gone has changed this long-standing trend with its relatively smaller fire extinguisher bottle. Available in 2 exclusive packs, this is a simple to use the fire extinguisher that is highly efficient in putting out all fires as soon as they sprout. Its chemical composition is majorly aqueous foams and is particularly efficient for extinguishing small fires.

9H3R HG250R Performance Fire Extinguisher

amazon buttonThe HG250R is among the best fire extinguishers in the market. Being the US made, there is a guarantee of quality and reliability. Its key feature is, of course, its characteristic liquefied gas which quickly extinguishes fires and prevents it from easily reaching you. Based on user reviews, it is quite an efficient fire extinguisher, the type that doesn’t take too much effort to use.

8FC 16OZFS 02 Fire Command Fire Suppressant

amazon buttonFire command introduces this wonderfully sized small bottle fire extinguisher. Its small size boosts its portability and usability without compromising on its extinguishing efficiency. Aside from this US made model conforming to all environmental and quality requirements, it comes with an easily usable spray head that eases the process of putting out fires without requiring you to go through unnecessary or tiresome motions before using it.

7H3R HG100C Performance Clean Agent Halguard Chrome Fire Extinguisher

amazon buttonIt is indeed another H3R fire extinguisher, although a slightly different version that works differently. It certainly comes with a heftier price tag but with its assortment of superior features set to ease usage, it is worth the price. It boasts an underlying material that is professionally designed to boost efficiency and optimize safety. What’s more, it comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty giving you confidence in this product when making your purchase.

6Kidde Pro 10 466204 MP Fire Extinguisher

amazon buttonKidde brand makes the list again with one of the most popular versions currently in the market. Aside from its assortment of amazing features, it also comes with a similarly wonderful price which is actually the basis of its massive popularity. Moreover, this fire extinguisher gets better with the fact that it is accompanied by easy to understand and apply user instructions that come in handy in dangerous situations. This allows it to be used by virtually anyone which is a huge plus.

5Amerex #240 Water Fire Extinguisher

amazon buttonDespite coming in with an exorbitant price tag, you can expect superior quality from this fire extinguisher by Amerex. Its outer storage cylinder is silver in color and is made from pure aluminum making it a safe storage space for the consequent fire extinguishing liquid. With an overall weight of 7.5 pounds, this cylinder has a liquid storage capacity of 2.5 gallons, which should prove more than enough to deal with most fires.

4Kidde Mariner5 Fire Extinguisher

amazon buttonThe dominance of Kidde as a quality fire extinguisher brand extends with the Mariner5 extinguisher which is a wonderful model particularly suited for usage on boats. Its subsequent cylinder is made using superior quality aluminum which is powder coated for protection. In reality, in comparison to the typical red extinguishers, this white version is slightly smaller which contributes to its inexpensive pricing.

3First Alert Twin-Pack Tundra AF400-2 Fire Extinguisher

amazon buttonThe first alert is yet another small bottle fire extinguisher model which is efficient in putting out fires once spotted. Aside from that, it is characterized by a head which is easy to spray which eases the processes of extinguishing all fires in an emergency situation. Most noteworthy nonetheless is the fact that its underlying fire extinguishing ingredients are biodegradable hence environmental friendly.

2Auto First Alert Fire Extinguisher

amazon buttonFirst Alert fire extinguisher is yet another small-bottled model that boasts an exquisite design. It comes with an in-built mounting bracket that allows you to easily store it by hanging it. Its small size not only allows its diverse application in multiple locations but also quite convenient for car owners. It is ideal for both electrical and liquid fires. Not only that but you will find this particular extinguisher to be much easier to use thanks to its ingenious design.

1Kidde Pro 210 21005779 Fire Extinguisher

amazon buttonAtop this exclusive list, we find the Kidde fire extinguisher, the type of extinguisher that can be used to put out all types of fires. The reason we say this is because of its composition which is characterized by multiple diverse dry chemicals that work together in a blend intended to smother the fire gradually, yet surprisingly fast. Moreover, it comes with a sturdy powder-coated cylinder to give it maximum protection. What is more and probably the principle catch with the cylinder is that it is rechargeable meaning that it helps you do away with the idea of a new fire extinguisher every time yours is depleted in a fire.