Top 10 Best Fishing Scales of 2017 – Reviews


Whether you are a professional angler or an amateur fisher, you definitely need the best tools for the job for things to run smoothly at all times. While it is somewhat easier to find a good fishing pole or a tackle box based solely on other people’s reviews, you don’t usually get any help when it comes to purchasing a fishing scale. To give you a better idea of what to look for if you’re in the market for such a device, we put together a list of the ten best fishing scales you should consider before making any sort of purchase.

10IFLYING Hanging Hook Scale

amazon buttonRegardless of whether you are an avid fisher or someone who just likes to catch a fat salmon during the holidays, the IFLYING Hanging Hook scale might just be the perfect tool for you. It is small and compact and always delivers accurate readings no matter what. The device also comes with a LED screen that also displays the battery life as well as overloading. The scale has a stainless steel hook which is extremely durable. Also worth mentioning is the fact that weights are displays in four modes – Kilograms, Pounds, Ounces, and Market-Catty/Jin.

9RISEPRO Digital Electronic Balance Fish Scale

amazon buttonThis particular fish scale is one of the best the market has to offer right now. It comes with two smart lock features that allow it to automatically lock when the weight stabilizes and a no locking feature for when the spring scale is used. The scale displays overweight and low battery notifications on the bright and clear display. The scale even comes with an auto-off feature designed to save battery. The minimum and maximum weight is 20 grams and 40 kgs respectively and can be displayed in lbs and oz depending on your needs.

8Rapala Tourney Scale

amazon buttonThe Rapala Tourney scale is great for your next fishing trip. It is fitted with a big and bright digital screen that displays all the information about weight, battery, and settings. There is a top quality composite clamp or stainless steel hook for weighing the product. There is a backup memory for products that were previously weighed. The weight is displayed in three different options.

7Rapala 50lb Digital

amazon buttonRapala has already made a name for themselves in the scale manufacturing world and the 50lbs Digital showcases exactly why they are on top. It is made from hardened plastic that is meant to last for years. The hook is made from rust-free stainless steel. The device is fitted with just 1 button for selecting and changing the settings. It is incredibly accurate and the weight is displayed on the bright LED screen. It displays weights in pounds and kilograms.

6Ultimate54 Portable

amazon buttonThis fishing scale is definitely one of the most efficient in the market. It is extremely accurate. Even though the device is so lightweight and compact, it is powerful and delivers useful information for anglers. It can also weigh luggage and displays weight in kgs, lbs, oz, and jin. The lowest weight that can be measured is 1 pound and the heaviest is 110 pounds. Some of the features include auto-on, auto-off, data lock, battery indicator, and overload indicator. The scale works with 3 AAA batteries and comes with a nylon strap for weighing and weighs 5.3 ounces.

5American Weigh Scales AMW-SR-20

amazon buttonThe American Weigh Scales AMW-SR-20 is one of the best-looking scales in the market and delivers accurate readings with every product. With a maximum weight set at 44lbs, this is perfect for fishing trips. It is fitted with a bright and clear LCD display that comes with a backlight. Three AAA batteries keep this scale running for more than a month. This brilliant scale weighs just 3.2 ounces and is the perfect compact tool for any family fishing trip.

4Dr. Meter ES-PS01

amazon buttonFixed with a metal handle for durability, the Dr. Meter ES-PS01 is one of the best fishing scales available. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries that keep it going for more than 2 weeks. The maximum weight it can carry is 110 lbs or 50 kgs. The scale comes with a beautiful LCD screen that displays the measurements in grams, kilograms, pounds, and ounces. This innovative device is fitted with a measuring tape which can measure objects up to 1 meter. It also has a data lock and auto off switch to preserve battery and a stainless steel hook to ensure that every catch is weighed accurately.

3Brainydeal Digital Hanging/Fishing/Luggage Scale

amazon buttonThis might just be one of the best fishing scales when it comes to competitive fishing. It is compact, lightweight, and extremely accurate. Its displays weight in kgs, lbs, oz, and jin. There is a display that is brightened by LED lights. Two AAA batteries keep the device going for more than two weeks under normal usage. The stainless steel hook is rust proof and is extremely durable and can lift up to a maximum of 110 pounds.

2Mango Spot Hanging Scale

amazon buttonDelivering the best performance in its category, the Mango Spot Hanging scale is by far the most wanted fishing scale. The device can measure weights up to 110 pounds or 50 kilograms. Two AAA batteries power the scale and its many features such as auto-off, overload, and data lock. The LCD screen displays weights in kilograms, pounds, ounces, and jin. The hook that is attached to the scale is made from stainless steel which delivers accurate readings and provides a durable performance.

1American Weigh H-110

amazon buttonIf you are in the market for an accurate, durable weighing scale, the American Weigh H-10 scale is definitely one to consider. It is constructed from die-cast metal which makes it both durable and rust-free. It also features a built-in measuring tape for good measure. At the same time, it has a minimum weight of 100 grams and a maximum of 110 pounds, which is more than enough for anyone’s personal needs. Not only that but it also displays weights in pounds, ounces, and kilograms.