Top 10 Best Flash Camcorders of 2017 – Reviews


Judging by how popular flash camcorders are becoming, it won’t be long until they become a standard when it comes to high-performance video recorders. Unlike HDD-based models, flash camcorders are known to be both faster and more reliable. The main reason behind this is that they don’t have moving parts that might get damaged in the long run.

Not only that but they’re also more reliable in extreme weather conditions for pretty much the same reasons. This being said, one must always scout the market thoroughly before buying a flash camcorder because the market got flooded with sub-par models over these past few years. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best flash camcorders money can buy.

10Ion 1011L Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi Camera

amazon buttonThis camcorder has a 170-degree field of view and can record videos in an outstanding 1080p or 720p depending on your needs. At the same time, it can record audio clips thanks to a built-in high-quality microphone. It can also capture 14PM still, burst-shot, and time lapse images for good measure. Furthermore, both the lens and the body of the camcorder itself are built to last, which explains why they’re 100% waterproof.

9Besteker Portable Digital Camcorder

amazon buttonThis camcorder from Besteker features among others an HDMI output support, a 1920x1080p resolution, a 3-inch TFT-LCD touchscreen, and a lot more. It also benefits from a CMOS 5.0 megapixel sensor that can record 24.0 MP 1080p, 60 fps clips while giving you the possibility to operate a 16X digital zoom in the process. We should also point out that it enjoys a high-quality construction and a very powerful 1250mAh Li-ion battery.

8Stealth 2 Sports Action Camera by Drift

amazon buttonDrift Innovation’s Stealth 2 Sports Action Camera is an extreme dual functioning camera designed to record full HD 1080p, 30 fps clips for up to 3 hours at a time. It does so with the help of a 137-degree lens aimed at providing you with some of the sharpest image capturing possible. Interestingly enough it also weighs 40% less than most flash camcorders in this price range, which is always something to look for in such a device.

7SEREE HDV-S5 Full HD 1080p 30fps Camcorder

amazon buttonThis high-quality camcorder from Seree has a 3-inch touch screen, SD card support with a capacity of 64G, and a multitude of other interesting features. Among them, an external lens that includes a wide-angle macro lens, a UV lens, a fisheye lens, and a lot more. At the same time, this camcorder has an external battery design to maximize its running time. Not only that but it also has the capacity to record 30fps video footage of the highest quality.

6Contour ROAM3 Waterproof HD Video Camera

amazon buttonThis particular camera is one of the most lightweight and maneuverable flash camcorders on the market. It has both single shot and interval photo capabilities, a built-in laser for shot alignment, a 170-degree ultra-wide angle lens with a 270-degree rotation, and a lot more. Also worth mentioning is the fact that this 1080p camera is waterproof to 30 meters, a feature any high-end camcorder should have.

5Sony HDRCX240/L Video Camera

amazon buttonSony’s HDRCX240/L video camera features among others a 2.7-inch LCD screen, a 29.8mm wide angle Carl Zeiss Lens, a 9.2 MP Exmor R CMOS sensor, and a few other equally useful features. For instance, this is a 1920/2080 full HD capable camera, one that benefits from a 27x Optical / 54x clear image zoom to ensure an almost perfect image capture. At the same time, we should point out that it is among the most reliable camcorders on the market today, a feature it owes to its ingenious construction.

4Sony HDR-CX455 Handycam Full HD 1080p Camcorder

amazon buttonThis Full HD Handycam from Sony benefits from an XAVC-S technology that employs a 9.2 MP lens. It also has an Exmor R sensor and an optical steady shot feature which when combined with its ZEISS lens allows it to capture almost perfect footage. Speaking of lens, this camcorder’s 26.8mm lens benefits from a 30x optical zoom and a 60x clear image zoom, thus giving you the capacity to capture high-quality images in a truly professional manner.

3Sony HD Video Recording HDRCX440 Handycam Camcorder

amazon buttonAlthough similar to the HDR-CX455, this popular Handycam camcorder is a bit more maneuverable given its ingenious design. Feature-wise, it also benefits from a 26.8mm ZEISS lens with a 30x optical and a 60x clear image zoom, but also from a 2.7-inch Clear Photo PlusTM LCD display. Furthermore, it has an optical steady shot image stabilization mode and the ability to automatically create highlight videos in MP4 formats from multiple clips.

2Panasonic HC-X1000 4K Ultra HD 60p/50p Professional Camcorder

amazon buttonThe word ‘professional’ gets thrown around easily nowadays, yet this particular camcorder is definitely as professional as they come. It not only benefits from high-res 4k recording capabilities but from the capacity to capture smooth 60p/50p motion clips at almost any speed. At the same time, it has a high-bit-rate recording feature for both 4k and Full-HD clips, so as to capture images with true-to-life realism.

1Canon XA10 Professional Camcorder

amazon buttonCanon’s XA10 Professional Camcorder is perhaps one of the most technologically advanced flash camcorders on the market today. It features a high-end Canon 10x HD video lens with an 8-blade Iris and a manual focus ring, a Canon native 1920×1080 CMOS image sensor, and a Canon DIGIC DV III image processor. It also has a Dynamic SuperRange OIS with a powered IS, a video Recording System with MPEG4-AVC / H.264 capabilities, a 64 GB internal flash drive, and 2 SDXC-compatible memory card slots.