Top 10 Best Flatbed Scanners of 2017 – Reviews


There are many types of scanners out there and each is equipped with its own set of features. In this regard, flatbed scanners are usually known for being not only functional but compact and lightweight as well. When it comes to flatbed scanners, however, you should definitely choose one of the most popular models, mainly because of how useful they have proven themselves to be over time.

You could try to get one from a less reputable manufacturer, of course, if you don’t mind it breaking down when you least expect it or waiting for ages to get replacement parts when it eventually breaks down. To provide you with a bit of perspective on the matter, we put together a list of the ten best flatbed scanners the market has to offer at this point in time.

10Mustek A3 High-Speed Scanner

amazon buttonMustek is definitely one of the biggest names in the industry and it’s clear from how the A3 looks why that is. This scanner is very portable by design, which is what you would expect from a quality flatbed scanner. The printing resolution of the device comes in at 1200×1200 dpi but can be interpolated to 9600 dpi if needed. Also worth mentioning is that the A3 High-Speed Scanner is compatible with PCs that run on Windows 7, XP, and Vista, or any MacOS system out there.

9HP Scanjet G4050

amazon buttonWhen it comes to printers and printing accessories, HP stands out as one of the best; but it is their scanners that truly showcase the company’s value. The Scanjet G4050, for example, is a remarkable piece of equipment that scans documents at a resolution of 4800×9600 dpi at an impressive speed. It is also compatible with both Windows and MacOS PCs, which is a useful feature to have. It also comes with high-speed data connectivity that supports USB connections as well.

8Canon CanoScan LiDE 700F

amazon buttonWith a resolution of 9600×9600 dpi, the CanoScan LiDE 700F delivers crisp, sharp, and clear copies of images and documents. It comes with auto scan mode which is ideal for any document as it adjusts the settings according to the scan. Thanks to the single cable that is used for data and power, the device is free of confusing wiring. Because it weighs only 4.6 pounds, the scanner is great for on the go usage.

7Canon CanoScan LiDE 25

amazon buttonCanon has always been considered as a quality electrical equipment manufacturer in the field of printers and scanners. The CanoScan LiDE is a brilliant addition to any home computer or to any office PC in need of a good scanner. It is fairly easy to use and has just three buttons for scanning, copying, and emailing, a user-friendly interface that makes it one of the most popular scanners out there. Last but not least, the device has an auto touch-up feature that makes it great for photographs.

6Epson Perfection V19

amazon buttonStaying connected at all times is the biggest need for people nowadays and the Epson Perfection V19 helps in more than one way in this regard. We say this because the device can be used to scan and share documents instantly on Facebook or other social media platforms with relative ease. It also comes with a dpi resolution set at 4800×4800 which is great for getting crisp images, while being compatible with a number of operating systems including Windows and MacOS.

5Epson Perfection V370

amazon buttonEpson’s Perfection scanner is quite aptly named given its reliable nature. It comes with an included Document Capture Pro software which helps save / clear documents with ease, a feature more scanners should have nowadays. With its 4800×9600 dpi resolution, images turn out even better and sharper than you would expect from any other scanner. The device is also compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, a useful feature to have in an office environment.

4Canon LiDE 120

amazon buttonThe Canon LiDE 120 is one of the lightest scanners out there, weighing just 3.4lbs. This not only makes it great for scanning on the go but also very easy to move around when needed. Interestingly enough, the device scans and shares documents instantly and can even store them in an online cloud if required. Furthermore, its operating resolution is set at 2400×4800 dpi, which is quite impressive given its small size. Thanks to its auto fix features, scanned documents and images can be fixed without any adjustment to the settings from the user’s part.

3Canon CanoScan 9000F

amazon buttonThis particular scanner is compact and easily movable at just 10.1 pounds, a portability that definitely adds to its overall value. It comes with an automatic retouching feature that produces sharp and clear images of any scanned document, with almost zero warm-up time to get going. It is also compatible with Windows and MacOS PCs, which is a useful feature to have in an office environment.

2Canon CanoScan LiDE210

amazon buttonThis lightweight scanner from Canon weighs just 3.6 pounds and comes with a great feature that auto adjusts the settings according to the document it is scanning at any given time. The device also comes with a single cable for power and data transfer purposes, thus eliminating the need for extra cables. At the same time, its resolution is set at a very crisp 4800×4800 dpi, a lot more than standard flatbed scanners out there. Given its ingenious construction, this scanner is ideal for scanning bulky items thanks to its Z-Lid expansion design along with a few equally useful features.

1Epson Perfection V600

amazon buttonEpson’s V600 scanner is by far the best on the market for a very long list of reasons. For starters, it comes with a dpi resolution of 6400×9600, which needless to say, is impressive by all standards. It also comes with a Digital Ice option which helps documents appear clear even if there ar tears and blemishes in the paper being scanned. As a result of its auto fix feature, the scanner adjusts the settings automatically when it detects the document being scanned, tweaking the scanning process accordingly. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best flatbed scanners money can buy.