Top 10 Best Foam Rollers of 2017 – Reviews


Many of us are forced to deal with lingering aches and pains after working out, but we don’t have to. With the help of a foam roller, we can address those troubling aches as soon as they appear, massaging and soothing tight, sore muscles. Some of these rollers have hard, dense cores aimed at providing quick relief while others boast a soft core intended to provide a more gentle approach to post-workout stress.

Regardless of what type of foam roller you’re going for, you should do your best to find out exactly what makes each individual one so special and what to look for when buying one. For your consideration, we put together a list of the ten best foam rollers the market has to offer.

10Fit Spirit High Density Soft & Textured Fitness Foam Roller

amazon buttonNo single roller can address all your therapy and workout needs. This is why, with this purchase, you will get a set of 2 rollers to help you meet all your foam roller needs. One of the rollers is a firm rigid hollow foam roller to help out where a high-density massage is needed. The other is a soft foam roller for the more delicate massages. The value for money proposition here is undeniable, since you can get uncompromising exercise and therapy massages at all desirable intensities.

9Yes4All Deep Tissue Massage AccuPoint Roller

amazon buttonWith this high-quality foam roller, you can expect to give your soft tissues in your lower back, arms, shoulders, thighs, and other places a thorough massage, particularly when the goal is to build strength, improve your core, enhance flexibility, and re-educate your muscles. Furthermore, the flat and ridged design makes this foam roller a lot more effective to use, which is why you should not hesitate to get yourself this great foam roller if you are on the lookout for a deep tissue massage roller.

8ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller

amazon buttonThis is one of the more popular foam rollers on the market at the moment, in no small part because it delivers on what is expected of it. With its ample size of 24 inches by 6 inches, this roller should prove quite effective for most uses. Actually, even if you need help recovering from knots and circulation issues, this foam roller will be your perfect workout companion. It can also help make you back, pectoral, thigh, calf, and other muscles a lot more flexible.

7AmazonBasics High Density Round Foam Roller

amazon buttonIf you are trying to recover from injury and need something to help you get more limber through some gentle massages to your muscles, this foam roller will do you a great favor. Although the roller is firm enough to offer great support and give you a deep muscle massage, it is also soft enough to go easy on your muscles as needed. Its middling intensity level makes it perfect for those who want a foam roller that is neither too firm or too soft.

6ProSource High Density Extra Firm Foam Roller

amazon buttonWith options for a 36 by 6 inches variant and an 18 by 6 inches roller, this high-density foam roller is marketed as a product for people in need of muscle therapy and balance exercises. So, the areas that could benefit from deep massages, for instance, the tight muscles in the back, calves, thighs and even the glutes can benefit immensely from this foam roller. That said, both novices and professionals can all reap plenty of benefits from using this foam roller.

5ProRoll Premium High Density Foam Roller

amazon buttonDue to its dense foam material, this roller will be great at helping you maintain better poses, keep your spine stable, improve muscle strength, and re-educate your muscles after physical injury. In addition, you will have several sizes to choose from and a long period of use due to the roller’s high-quality construction. Not only that but this particular foam roller is surprisingly lightweight and easy to store.

4TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

amazon buttonMost foam rollers ignore the need to explain how you can get more out of them, while a few come with instructional books. This foam roller belongs in a class of its own for offering instructional videos to users. Another welcome innovation of this roller is its hollow design, which makes it easier to handle during workouts, especially when you need to hold the roller in place during particular workout poses. Other than that, this roller will help your muscles to be more flexible, in addition to helping you recover from injury and relief yourself from muscle pain.

3Master of Muscle Foam Roller For Muscle Massage

amazon buttonIf you are on the lookout for a truly versatile foam roller, this roller might be the closest you can come to getting your wish. The Master of Muscle foam roller can help you work your lower back, upper back, neck, quads, delts, shoulders, hamstrings, and even knees. This makes it ideal for most sportsmen, whether professionals or amateurs, especially those looking for a foam roller that offers myofascial release.

2LuxFit Premium High Density Foam Roller

amazon buttonThis roller is meant specifically for those who are on the market for a firm foam roller. The roller has the capacity to help you boost muscle reflexology and improve muscle tension. The use of advanced foam technology also makes this roller very durable, even with heavy use. LuxFit was also considerate enough to make the roller in various sizes to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. No wonder this particular roller is so popular among foam roller buyers.

1Product Shop Exercise Foam Roller

amazon buttonInstead of automatically committing you to either a high density or a low-density foam, this roller lets you have the best of both worlds. This also means you can enjoy a broader range of workouts when using this roller, a privilege you will not have with most exercise foam rollers. In addition to being firm enough to give your tissues a proper massage, this roller is also soft enough to soothe and invigorate, which means you will basically be getting two foam roller functionalities for the price of one.