Top 10 Best Foldable Hammocks of 2017 – Reviews


Most of us associate hammocks with comfort and rightfully so. Although there are many solutions for those of us who are looking to spend quality time in nature, we all hate sleeping on the cold, hard ground. By using a hammock, on the other hand, we keep ourselves away from the discomfort of the ground underneath while still experiencing the joy of resting in mother nature’s bosom.

This being said, there is a wide variety of hammocks to choose from, some more comfortable than others. Not only that, but some are very difficult to set up and carry around, which is why people seem to prefer foldable hammocks over ones with solid frames. With this in mind, let us take a look at the ten best foldable hammocks on the market today.

10Panda Superstore Creative Canvas Color Matching Hammock Foldable Hammock

amazon buttonThis hammock has a beautiful fabric design that allows you to relax without leaving your sense of style behind. At the same time, it is very easy to set up, take down, carry and store. It is also fairly large (260 cm x 140 cm) providing you with ample space for you to feel comfortable into. It comes with a tie rope, hook, and bag packaging, yet it is surprisingly lightweight, weighing only 2.5 pounds.

9Antye Portable Double Camping Hammock Parachute Nylon Fabric for Outdoor Travel Camping

amazon buttonThe Antye is made from durable parachute material, meaning that you need not keep replacing it like you would with other hammocks. It is due to its fabric that it is very easy to clean and dry afterward. It has a maximum weight limit of 330 lbs, making the Antye ideal for one adult or two lightweight people. It is easy to set up, take down and carry, and it comes with a hook holder and strong ropes, never compromising on your safety.

8Eagles Nest Outfitters – DoubleNest Hammock

amazon buttonWe should point out that ENO’s weight limit is 400 pounds, meaning that you can share it if you please. The aluminum wire gate carabiners, woven nylon, and triple interlocking stitching make it durable; you need not keep replacing it. It is easy to carry as it fits into a small backpack if needed. The hammock is safe, thanks to the nautical grade line and stainless-steel snap that links to trees and other surfaces, although the ENO straps are sold separately.

7TOPGRIT Double and Single Camping Hammock

amazon buttonThe TOPGRIT hammock comes with 2 steel carabiners and a tough 550 tree paracord. It is made from sturdy and durable parachute nylon fabric. It also is mildew resistant, and the color does not come off after you wash it (hand or machine washable). The triple interlocking stitching on the hammock assures you of durability. Maximum weight limit is 600 lbs. The pouch makes it easy to carry the hammock.

6High-Grade Foldable Hammock

amazon buttonThis folding hammock from Grand Canyon Gear is designed to fold into a surprisingly compact carrying bag. For this purpose, it comes with a handy carrying/storage bag that is 100% waterproof, thus enabling you to use the bag for storage once the hammock has been set up. It also has to be said that the hammock can be adjusted to different heights, thus able to accommodate both short and tall people as well. Furthermore, it features durable Japanese bearings which allow the hammock to swing around with ease for as long as you need.

5Texsport La Paz Hammock

amazon buttonThis hammock’s fabric has bright colors, making it perfect for situations when you’re camping with friends and loved ones. The Texsport was designed for only one person, but you could perhaps fit a couple of kids in it if you wish too. The fabric (cotton) is comfortable. The hammock’s fabric and suspension rings are sturdy, meaning that you need not worry about replacing them anytime soon. The carry bag makes it very easy for you to carry the Texsport around as it folds into quite a compact size.

4JUMBL Portable Foldaway Hammock with Stand and Carry Bag

amazon buttonThe JUMBL is easy to assemble and take down, lightweight and portable. The stand is very sturdy while the hammock itself is quite huge, meaning that it can take up a lot of indoor space. Note that the hammock does not swing, like many traditional hammocks do. It is water resistant and comes with a carry bag and shoulder harness, allowing you to can carry it around comfortably.

3Guide Gear Portable Folding Hammock

amazon buttonThis portable folding hammock swings like most traditional hammocks, which is a big plus as far as hammocks go. Setting it up and taking it apart is very easy and requires no additional tools whatsoever. At the same time, this hammock is also highly portable. It also has sturdy build, is comfortable, and the mesh keeps it cool in the summer. It is important to note that it has a weight limit of 225 pounds and that it is small enough to fit indoors.

2Swift-n-Snug Best Double Camping Hammock

amazon buttonThe Swift-n-Snug hammock is made from parachute material and has a strong build overall. It can hold up to 400 lbs, which explains its double size that can accommodate two people at the same time. The hammock is lightweight and comes with strong ropes and clips to hang it with. Furthermore, the bag it is packaged in will come in handy as a pouch for your phone or snack after you have already set the hammock up.

1Krazy Outdoors Mosquito Net Hammock

amazon buttonThis hammock by Krazy Outdoors is compact, light and easy to set up, pack and carry. If you are outdoors at night, the sewn-in mosquito net comes in handy to keep flies and insects at bay. It is also very cozy to sleep in, and can double as a comfy swing chair if needed. You do need however to purchase the tree straps separately. This being said, this particular hammock is very easy to look after, transport, and set up, making it a perfect solution for anyone looking to have a good time when camping in nature.