Top 10 Best Folding Shovels of 2017 – Reviews


Not many people realize this but entrenching shovels can be lifesavers in a variety of scenarios. Also referred to as ‘small shovels’ by the general public, folding shovels can make all the difference in the world when you find yourself in a life-threatening survival situation. Not only that but they’re also extremely useful to have around thanks to how versatile and easy to use they are.

So if you are in the market for a reliable folding shovel, then you’re in luck. Over the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at the ten best folding shovels out there in our quest to find out what makes a good folding shovel and how much one should cost.

10Ollieroo Black Steel Folding Shovel

amazon buttonOllieroo is something of a legend when it comes to high-quality gardening tools, and this steel folding shovel certainly honors this legacy. Despite its incredibly compact size of just 9 inches when folded, this shovel is very usable when in its full 22.8-inch size. For more versatility, the spade even features a practical serrated edge which you can use for sawing. The construction quality is also quite impressive, particularly because it is made using carbon and reinforced steel which is coated with a fine coating.

9MWG Outdoors Folding Shovel with Pickax and Bottle Opener

amazon buttonFor a truly uninhibited outdoors life, this shovel will be a valuable tool to have. In addition to being a basic shovel and a rudimentary saw, this tool can also act as a pickax and a bottle opener. The folding mechanism is also unique in that it works like a telescope, a feature that you will definitely find a use for in the long run. Furthermore, this shovel is also very affordable as far as price goes, which is also a big plus.

8VIVO E-Tool, Entrenching Folding Shovel

amazon buttonDespite having the packaging benefits of a folding shovel, this VIVO entrenching folding shovel can rival the functionality of typical shovels in many ways. You can even fold it at various angles (90 and 180 degrees) when using it for added convenience, which adds to its usability considerably. Also worth pointing out is the fact that this particular shovel is one of the few affordable entrenching shovels proven to withstand tremendous amounts of abuse on a regular basis.

7Coghlan’s Folding Shovel

amazon buttonMotorists, adventurers, gardeners and many other people would love to have this shovel at their disposal. It is handy, durable, versatile, and very easy to carry around. Like a few other quality folding shovels, this particular brand can be locked into particular angles when working for added convenience. Additionally, it is constructed using high quality tempered steel which makes it more durable than most competing alternatives.

6Coleman Military Folding Shovel

amazon buttonThis shovel was designed for military applications; so, you can bet that it is as versatile as a shovel can possibly be. Among other significant features, this shovel is very comfortable to use. Additionally, it is made using very high-quality materials to guarantee durability. Its many applications include being a shovel, a saw, a compass, a bottle opener, and a pick. You will even get a free carrying case when you buy this quality folding shovel. The shovel also weighs just 0.78 pounds (356 grams), which needless to say, is extremely lightweight as far as folding shovels go.

5Fobachi Military Folding Shovel and Pick with Carrying Pouch

amazon buttonThis is another military style folding shovel of premium quality. You can use this shovel to dig, cut, pry, hammer, and even open bottles. The design of this shovel is worth a special mention as it ensures that you can use it in restrictive spaces. In fact, the shovel can also be locked at angles depending on the environment in question. The construction quality is also quite impressive since this shovel is made using carbon strengthened steel.

4Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade, Serrated Edge

amazon buttonDespite its compact foldable nature, this is a very sturdy and functional shovel. With its simplistic rugged looks, this folding shovel can be used in several outdoor situations, including camping and hunting. The shovel’s design clearly stands out, which is partly the reason it is one of the best foldable shovels you can buy at the moment. The tool is made of anodized steel, and when folded, it measures just 9.37 inches.

3US GI Military Original Issue E-Tool Entrenching Shovel

amazon buttonThis is actually a military shovel, which means it can be used for several outdoor situations. In addition to its highly compact design, the shovel is also very well made. It can handle lots of demanding tasks and help you solve several problems quickly and effectively. The shovel is also very comfortable to wield, which obviously adds to its effectiveness. It can also work when locked into angles of either 90 and 180 degrees, which goes to show just how versatile it can be.

2Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel

amazon buttonWith just a single push of a button, this shovel can transform from its folded state into a full-sized shovel. To ensure it can offer reliable work, the shovel also features a hardened steel blade which makes it very effective at cutting through earth material. The design also ensures that the shovel is very comfortable to use under all conditions, a versatility all high-end folding shovels seem to have.

1SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F08-N Entrenching Folding Shovel

amazon buttonIn the world of folding shovels, this model holds a special place for the top-notch features it has to offer. The shovel is constructed using high quality reinforced steel, despite weighing a paltry 30 ounces. Additionally, the handle features high-quality rubber for a better grip during use. In addition, it comes with a carrying case for added convenience. It is also quite versatile, which makes it an important tool for any outdoor adventurer.