Top 10 Best Footballs of 2017 – Reviews


It isn’t just Americans who love football but they do seem to be the ones who love it most. Almost every American man, woman, or child has thrown a football at some point in their lives, which may explain why quality footballs are always in such high demand. Speaking of which, finding a good football shouldn’t be too hard as long as you know what to look for, especially given the many choices available on the market today. If you don’t, then perhaps our list of the ten best footballs out there can shed some light on the subject.

Best Footballs Reviews 2017

10Under Armour 495 Football

amazon buttonFor anyone that is a football enthusiast and enjoys playing whether it in the home vicinity, backyard or on a beach, Under Armour 495 is exactly what you need. It is black-themed, orange stylish ball designed for recreational purposes. Other than its lightweight characteristic that makes it easy to throw around, it also boasts an ergonomic design that allows it to travel straight despite any weather condition. Moreover, it is also equipped with an advanced technology-UA GRIPSKIN Technology that boosts its tack and grip. Finally, it comes with a Spongetech cover that is rip-proof coupled by an amazingly compact design which best suits teenagers.

9Nike Spiral-Tech Football

amazon buttonWhile football is the avenue that brings people together to enjoy and have fun collectively, the poor quality especially of the balls in most cases serves as the main reason to a fairly watered down football experience. Nonetheless, there is a solution to all this, and it comes in the form of Nike Spiral-Tech. With an official 20.75-inch size, the ball fits comfortably and snug in your hands. In addition, not only does it come with the recommended range of weight, it also comprises a precise spiral-tech design which flies rather accurately and faster. We should also point out that it is made using an NFHS-approved composite all-weather leather cover and a resilient butyl bladder.

8Franklin Sports Grip-Rite

amazon buttonWhen it comes to junior-sized footballs, no other comes to mind other than Franklin Grip-Rite football. Why? Other than being a top-grade fun accessory, it is for instance also compact, simple to hold and subsequently comfortable to handle. It enhances the outdoor experience for all its users by virtual of its easy throwing. It comes with a molded construction made from premium rubber that is not only durable but also waterproof. Furthermore, it also boasts a slip-proof design that makes it convenient even when playing around the beach. And if that is not enough, it also boosts your accuracy and allows you to make longer throws courtesy of its slip-proof characteristic coupled with its subsequent aerodynamic design. This football also amazingly boasts professional lacing which further adds to its stability.

7Under Armour 395

amazon buttonUnder Armour is like the Microsoft of sports. It supplies reliable and quality accessories for professionals and novices alike. It’s 395 model, recommended for kids between 9 and 12 years is an absolute beauty to behold. Designed using 1-ply lightweight foam, it is both fun to play with and amazingly soft. It is made using a composite leather cover that optimises its grip with its subsequent black lace and strip enhancing both its grip and charm accordingly minimizing any chances of slips during playtime. At the same time, it is equipped with UA GRIPSKIN technology which consequently improves grip.

6Diggin Black Max

amazon buttonThe Diggin Max (Black) is a wonderful representation of functional and charming all in one. It is easy to catch and throw football courtesy of its characteristic lightweight design not to mention it’s easy to firmly grip characteristic as inspired pronounced surface dimples. Moreover, it has a fairly tight spiral ring that highly improves both its throwing distance and grip. The captivating aspect is that with its design system, it guarantees better overall performance and stability whatever the environment ensuring a perfectly memorable football playing experience.

5Gridiron Sports Licensing Gridiron

amazon buttonWhen it comes to popularity, Gridiron junior-sized football takes all the honors. Why? It comes with a premium design which unlike the typical adult-sized standard models is kid-friendly and lightweight. Moreover, other than its ease of catching and throwing, its consistent squishy and soft construction makes it safe to play with. It is perfectly sized to play with and comes with a durable design that is not only weather-resistant but also all round. Finally, it is equipped with a proper-gripping water-proof cover which boosts both its longevity and performance respectively.

4Wilson NCAA Supreme

amazon buttonSuitably designed to suit both kids and youths with somewhat small arms, the NCAA Wilson Supreme provides any player between age 7 and above with a junior-sized ‘reprieve’ to quest their football enthusiasm. Made of composite leather material, it is stylishly durable and resistant to both UV rays and water alike. It has a well performing streamlined and lighter design not to mention its easy catching and throwing. It is also covered by a non-slip material which boosts its user experience and performance.

3Wilson NFL Super Grip

amazon buttonWilson makes the list once more with another entry in the form of NFL Super Grip. Generally, it is composite leather official-sized football suited for either recreational or professional use. It comes in a high-performance durable design that suits everyday use not to mention its stylish branding (NFL) that accentuates its overall appearance. It works well in either cold or hot weather and what’s more, it is equipped with a durable multi-layered lining ensuring that it maintains its original shape even after periods of abuse. Better yet, it uses butyl bladder (rubber) which effectively retains air not to mention its invaluable feel and comfortable grip.

2Wilson NFL MVP

amazon buttonCourtesy of its durable multifaceted design and superior grip, The NFL MVP Wilson football makes the top spot. Designed to provide ideal air retention and moisture control, it comes with a typically burst-proof construction as inspired by its underlying three-ply bladder. The weight, size, and shape are official with its pebble-like cover boasting non-slip PVC material ensuring greater control and accuracy no matter the weather or playing space.

1Wilson “The Duke”

amazon buttonWilson “The Duke” as it is generally identified, is an amazingly crafted NFL football that is not only durable-courtesy of its leather cover-but also fairly easier to juggle with. It boasts a double—faced design and a perfectly sewn cover that gives it its firm texture. Moreover, other than its convenient official weight, it is characterized by deep pebbles which enhance its grip and performance. Compared to standard footballs, it is 50% thicker, thus eliminating the risk of easy puncture. Thanks to its aerodynamic shape, it also retains air more effectively than most footballs out there.