Top 10 Best Garage Bike Storage Racks of 2017 – Reviews


Some people don’t seem to realize this but a garage is the perfect place to store a bike when you’re not using it. We say this because a bike can deteriorate pretty bad over time when kept outside, not to mention how exposed to theft it is when out of the house. If you don’t want your garage to become too crowded, however, you should definitely invest in a garage bike storage rack. These racks are built to last, easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and bound to save you an awful lot of space. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best bike racks money can buy.

10Horizontal Motorized Double Lift Bike Rack

amazon buttonThis motorized bike rack is definitely one of the best in terms of both price and overall quality. It allows you to conveniently store bikes horizontally against the ceiling to save on space. To get the bikes down, simply push a button and the motorized bike rack will lower it slowly to allow you to get it down. Not only that but it is definitely the best choice for those with limited garage space.

9CLUG Bike Rack Storage System

amazon buttonThe CLUG bike rack storage system can be a complimentary bike rack for those who already have the single-bike Delta Leonardo. Aside from its space-saving design, the bike rack protects your walls from tire marks and comes in a wonderfully lightweight design that attaches easily to the wall to keep your bikes conveniently stored. Overall, it is also one of the easiest racks to install, which is definitely something to look for when shopping for one.

8Topeak One Up Wall Mount Bike Hanger

amazon buttonUsing its exclusive anti-scratch design, this particular bike rack protects not only the tires but also the rims of your bike while providing you with the most convenient method of storing your bike in a way that will not take up much space. This bike rack also gives you more to be excited about with its heavy gauge steel construction that can hold even the heaviest bikes and its exclusive anti-scratch finishing that keeps it looking new for long.

7Delta Leonardo Bike Rack

amazon buttonThis bike rack is specifically made for the single biker looking for a convenient way to store his bike in limited space. It features a curved design with a rubberized arm that firmly and securely holds the front tire of the bike using the wall as an anchor. The bike rack is relatively pocket-friendly and able to accommodate bikes that weigh up to 40 pounds. In this respect, it is perhaps one of the sturdiest racks out there.

6Gladiator GarageWorks Advanced Bike Storage

amazon buttonNot only will this bike rack help you secure your bike firmly, it will also enable you to do so in the shortest time possible. The bike rack features a unique push-lock securing mechanism and a short grab you to get your bike unhooked faster. It utilizes a closed hoop design to suspend your bicycle from the ground to save space. The bike rack also has a surprisingly long warranty, which is definitely a big plus.

5Feedback Sports 2D Bike Rack

amazon buttonThis bike rack specializes in keeping your walls untarnished from tire marks and scuffs by hanging your bike a good distance away from it. It allows you to keep your bike as near to the wall as possible without touching it while keeping your bike securely attached. The soft rubber cradle will also ensure that your bike’s paint will not get scratched off. The bike rack comes with enough installation instructions and all the necessary fittings.

4Swagman Bicycle Rack Hanger

amazon buttonIn addition to enough storage space for two bikes, this bike rack also allows you to save on space and store bikes of different shapes and sizes. It features an adjustable height of up to 9 feet with enough angles and hooks to firmly secure your bikes. The 2-bike bicycle rack also comes with a go-and-swift-grab feature that will definitely come in handy in the long run. Not only that but you will find it much easier to install than you would expect.

3Ibera Bicycle Wall Hanger Storage Wall Mount

amazon buttonThe Ibera bicycle wall mount is a space-saving bike rack that makes use of the little floor space many people have in their garage. The bike rack is set up at a 45-degree angle to ensure that your bike is firmly secured. Other features of the bike rack include padded ABS arms that protect your bike’s paint from scuffing, a sturdy aluminum build that can hold heavy bikes, and a double-arm hanger to provide twice the protection for your bike.

2Allen Sports 2-Bike Storage Rack

amazon buttonThis handy two-bike storage rack comes fully assembled for maximum convenience. It provides ample storage for two bicycles of any type by hanging them up from the wall. This storage design makes it suitable for use in limited spaces by allowing you to conveniently store two bikes using one rack. The bike rack is made of sturdy stainless steel that features a zinc coating which enhances its durability and prevents the metallic parts of your bike from rusting.

1CyclingDeal 5-Bike Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand

amazon buttonThis bike rack is ideal for people with large storage needs as it allows you to efficiently store up to 5 bicycles securely and conveniently. The bike rack can also be used for scooters and small motorcycles if needed, thanks to its sturdy construction. Speaking of which, its thin aluminum tubing is surprisingly sturdy and provides enough security to keep your bike safe at all times. Last but not least, it costs a lot less than you would expect such a quality rack to cost.