Top 10 Best Gardening Gloves of 2017 – Reviews


Gardening is supposed to be a calming and relaxing activity for the most part, at least up until the point where you cut yourself in spines or any other sharp form of vegetation. The best way to avoid this is to use gardening gloves, of course. As we are about to find out, however, not all gardening gloves meet the same protective standards, with some being much better than others. To give you a little insight on the matter, here are the ten best gardening gloves you should consider.

10Magid BE319T Bella Leaf Print Garden Gloves

amazon buttonSpecially made to handle thorny rose bushes, these are a durable set of gloves that guarantee your safety when you come in contact with sharp objects such as weeders. The gloves use a tough and resilient blend of synthetic leather with consolidated sections to prevent any punctures and to enhance their durability. The gauntlet cuff design of the gloves prevents your forearms from getting scratched or pricked while you work. Despite their tough build, the gloves are surprisingly soft and flexible to allow maximum finger dexterity.

9Magid Terra Collection Deluxe Spandex Gardening Gloves

amazon buttonThese garden gloves are more suited to the professional thanks to their high-quality build and premium design. They focus heavily on practicality as they feature thick, puncture-proof material on the palms and equally thick but more flexible spandex at the back for added flex and breathability. The gloves also use tight elastic wrists to fasten onto your wrists firmly, which is definitely something to look for when buying gardening gloves.

8Simple & Timeless Garden Gloves

amazon buttonThese fantastically designed gloves feature a stylish design that will appeal more to the masculine population. They are made of tough leather material although they are incredibly lightweight and have been infused with enough elastic material to make them flexible. Velcro straps ensure that they stay firmly on your hands while you work. Users will also enjoy the soft interior material of the gloves which are breathable and very comfortable to work with.

7Euphoria Gardening Gloves

amazon buttonThese gardening gloves from Euphoria feature a good quality build made of durable cowhide leather that is also very flexible. The puncture-resistant leather is tough enough to keep your hands protected even when you’re working on thorny or rocky patches. The gloves are also heat-resistant, meaning your hands will not get uncomfortably hot or sweaty even when working under the sun. This being said, we should point out that they are, however, a bit pricier due to their deluxe build.

6Bionic GW2M Women’s Relief grip Gardening Gloves

amazon buttonThese gloves aren’t just some of the most resistant out there but they also have a price that reflects that. Other than their attractive design, the gloves are also very durable and puncture-resistant enough to withstand thorns and random sharp objects. A textured finish on the palms and fingers gives you significantly more grip while a layer of nitrile latex and textile material enhances the flexibility of the gloves.

5G&F Garden Gloves Pack for Women

amazon buttonThese are by far the best value for money in this list since you get three pairs of durable garden gloves for the price of one. The gloves come in bright colors and are made of a combination of latex and nylon, which are, unfortunately, not as durable as leather. They, however, offer a comfortable fit and maximum hand dexterity for precision handling of tools and other work items.

4Zeemplify Premium Leather Gloves for Gardening

amazon buttonThese leather gauntlets feature one of the most amazing aesthetic designs on this list, both in terms of construction and durability. They are still durably built with tough goatskin leather which is completely puncture-proof, heat resistant and waterproof. The only real downside to these gloves is that their gripping capabilities are below par, meaning you might struggle to handle items in wet weather conditions.

3Garden Guru Gloves

amazon buttonNitrile textiles have been proven to be the most versatile materials when it comes to garden work since they are durable and flexible at the same time. These puncture-proof gloves fit comfortably thanks to elastic wrists and feature thick knitted textile fabric on the outside which guarantee hand protection while maximizing on flexibility and hand dexterity. Despite their undeniable quality, you will find these gloves to be much affordable than many of you would expect.

2Magid TE195T-M Terra Collection Professional Rose Gardening Gloves

amazon buttonMagid TE195T-M Terra Collection garden gloves are a bit heavy on the aesthetics, which is why they’ve decided to go with a friendly leaf print exterior that makes the gloves easier to love. In terms of build quality, the gloves are made from thick textile fabrics with a coating of polyurethane for enhanced gripping capabilities. The gloves feature an elastic wrist band for easier fitting. They are also heat-resistant, puncture-proof and waterproof.

1Pine Tree Tools Gardening Gloves

amazon buttonThese are a deluxe pair of gardening gloves which ooze practicality and optimum functionality. The gloves are made from top quality textiles that have the right amount of elasticity and a soft DMF coating on the palms to enhance their gripping capabilities. They are also form fitting and feature moisture-wicking material that prevents perspiration from affecting your work. They are puncture resistant but you should not trust them too much on this front, and also come in 4 different sizes. Overall, they are perhaps some of the best gardening gloves the market has to offer at this point in time.