Top 10 Best Golf Gloves of 2017 – Reviews


People don’t fully understand unfortunately just how important a good golf glove can be. Not only does one provide you with a better grip overall but it also protects your hand against any potential injuries that may occur. Now, we already established how important it is to have a quality golf bag at hand and let’s just say that golf gloves are every bit of important if not more so.

This being said, there is a wide variety of golf gloves to choose from and they’re not all guaranteed to improve your form or to provide you with the adequate protection you require. It is for this purpose that we put together a list of the ten best golf gloves on the market today.

10Callaway Cabretta Leather 3 PK Golf Gloves

amazon buttonThese Callaway golf gloves are really great by all standards. Therefore, it is a good thing this purchase lets you own a set of three. Although made of genuine high-quality leather, this glove is really soft and comfortable. The premium construction quality also means that these gloves are very durable. The gloves also dry pretty fast, and they fit quite well. So, if you are looking for a unique blend of value and quality, you will be well served with these gloves as part of your golfing accessories.

9FootJoy WeatherSof 2-PK Men’s Golf Gloves

amazon buttonA lot of sophisticated engineering has gone into making these gloves. So, among other important features like durability, this particular brand offers a very good fit, moisture control capabilities, and enhanced comfort. Part of the reason the gloves are so comfortable is because they offer several adjustability features, which ensure you can adjust the glove until you feel completely comfortable. You will also appreciate the sizing choices these gloves offer. In total, there are ten size options, and this pretty much guarantees that you will find
precisely what you need for your hands.

8Nike Golf Men’s Dura Feel VIII Regular Golf Glove

amazon buttonNike is a staple in the world of sporting, and it’s products like this men’s regular glove that have kept it at the top. With this particular left-hand glove, you will get the unique benefit of having a golfing accessory that lets you enjoy your full range of motion. The glove is made of genuine leather, which will offer you a great grip, durability, and support as you play.

7Callaway Men’s Xtreme 365 Golf Gloves

amazon buttonCallaway is clearly a strong believer in giving its fans as many options as possible. And with these gloves, this begins with you getting a set of gloves for the price of one. Additionally, you can choose whether to have left-hand gloves or right-hand gloves. Still, when it comes down to it, this glove is durable, flexible, reinforced, breathable, light, and above all, extremely comfortable.

6Nike Men’s Dri Fit Tech Regular White Golf Glove

amazon buttonThis Nike Men’s golf glove features Cabretta leather tanning, which makes it supple and soft to wear. Other than that, this craftily designed glove is breathable, very ergonomic, and with very good grip. The glove is also unique in its use of silicone, which helps with a better feel in addition to ensuring your motion is not restricted. At the same time, it is very comfortable regardless of weather or how long you wear it.

5Callaway Men’s Xtreme 365 Golf Glove

amazon buttonBecause of what Callaway calls Reinforced Digitized Synthetic Leather, this glove provides superior grip and the capacity to work effectively under all weather conditions. Other comforts include flexibility for better range of motion as well as enhanced breathability. The lightweight nature of this glove is also one of its key selling points. Overall, it is one of the best golf gloves in this price range.

4Nike Men’s Dura Feel VIII Cadet Left Hand Glove

amazon buttonIf you feel that most glove makers ignore the need for palm and thumb support, you have to try out this left-hand glove from Nike. The palm area features a patch, as does the thumb area. Among other things, this enhances grip and makes the glove feel better. Even with these reinforcements, the glove is highly breathable, particularly due to the perforated synthetic on the back. Additionally, this glove comes with Nike’s thoughtful customized fitting system, which makes the glove suitable for all hand shapes and sizes.

3Bionic Men’s RelaxGrip Golf Glove

amazon buttonThis is a golf glove like no other, you can tell just by its unique look. Through an intricate use of leather and synthetic, this glove has everything you could ever need in a great golf glove. You can buy a left-handed glove or even a right-handed version. What you will enjoy the most, however, is the fact that you will have an unrestrained and relaxed use experience, as well as premium durability at an unbelievably great price.

2TaylorMade Targa White/Black Golf Glove

amazon buttonThe mildly suggestive brand name of this golf glove is on point with regard to this particular glove. The glove is certainly made to fit superbly, but more than that, it comes with premium quality Cabretta leather, moisture control, and special inserts for added breathability. With a price of well under 10 bucks, this golf glove is also a real steal.

1Intech Six-Pack Ti-Cabretta Men’s Glove

amazon buttonThere is a reason this golf glove is such a hit with many golfers. As a matter, there are a couple of reasons why this Intech glove is so popular despite having a base price that is way over what many gloves cost. For one, it is very long lasting, and getting value for money is the last thing you will have to worry about with this purchase. The glove is also very well padded, but still light, flexible, and breathable.