Top 10 Best Golf Shoes of 2017 – Reviews


It should be common knowledge by now that you need proper gear in order to get the most out of your golfing sessions. This involves not only drivers, gloves, balls, and bags but also comfortable shoes to boost your mobility on the course. With that said, let us point out that although perhaps not as important as a good set of drivers, the very nature of golf shoes is intended to help you improve your game by making it comfortable for you to walk around the course at will. After taking into consideration what the market has to offer, we put together a list of the ten best golf shoes money can buy.

10Skechers Golf-Bionic Golf Shoe

amazon buttonDon’t judge a book by its cover! Remember that old phrase? Such is the case with Skechers golfing shoes, a pair of shoes designed to surprise and amaze. Despite coming off as slightly unappealing particularly because of its bulky and considerably large design, they are astoundingly lightweight a characteristic of the underlying material. Aside from a mesh exterior material, both its outer sole and ensuing sole are made from rubber complemented by durable spikes which offer superb comfort and also support. Moreover, their comfort is boosted by their characteristic color and padded tongue.

9Nike Golf Lunar Cypress Shoe

amazon buttonBest suited for all sort of golfers both amateur and experts, Nike Lunar Cypress is an exceptionally designed and affordable golf shoe. It guarantees both comfort owing to its composition of synthetic leather (durable) and a subsequently padded interior. This allows their use for long consecutive hours. It is fortified by a rubber outer sole characterized by spikes and an underlying large surface all which work to assure unmatched grip.

8ECCO Tour Hybrid Shoe (Wing Tip)

amazon buttonEcco Tour Hybrid are typical golf shoes but with a design that sets them apart from the rest of the crop. In terms of outlook, they resemble regular shoes but with a slight touch of style specially suited for an exclusive occasion. The shoe is characterized by genuine leather although with a synthetic sole to go with. The makers slightly compromise on comfort due to their somewhat heavy characteristic but compensate this with excellent grip.

7PUMA Men’s Biofusion Spikeless Mesh Golf Shoe

amazon buttonAside from boasting a stunning design, the Puma Spike-less men’s golf shoes also look comfortable. Their exterior design resembles their typical shoes coming in with an exterior made of mesh which allows free flow of air ventilating its interior and a characteristic rubber sole that fortifies the grip. Although they are not suited for wet grass settings, they work effectively on normal settings owing to their carbon sole.

6Nike Air Rival III Shoe

amazon buttonThe Rival III by Nike is a brand that holds high regard even with veteran golfers. They boast a simple and durable construct and design devoid of complexities associated with these types of shoes. With synthetic leather that is waterproof and an ensuing heel that s encapsulated, the shoes give a new meaning to comfort. Moreover, they come with a sock liner guaranteed to boost comfort and an outsole characterized by rubber spikes which provide exceptional gripping and support. The shoes are available in 3 provisions, white, black and or an amalgam of white and black.

5Footjoy DNA (DryJoy) Shoes

amazon buttonEven with a slightly smaller form in comparison to other brands, Footjoy still matches the quality and service as provided by its competition. With DNA DryJoy, you are not only assured of quality but also stability even on settings such as wet grass. Its support and stability aspects are enhanced by the brand’s use of a collar (3D foam) which effectively molds the ankle of its user. The outer sole is characterized by small spikes complimented by light and consequently durable material which boosts the grip. The shoe offers a multicolor choice of 10 to select from accompanied by a considerably decent price.

4Adidas Men’s Pure 360 Lite Golf Shoe

amazon buttonFor every golf amateur and beginner looking for their ideal golf shoes, Adidas Lite shoes are the perfect solution. Aside from being comfortable, they also offer excellent grip and unmatched comfort. Even with a simple design, the catch is with the performance and subsequent comfort aspects. Similar to the other listed models, the outer sole comprises rubber and ensuing spikes that provide exceptional comfort and even support. In terms of exterior, the shoes are designed using synthetic materials and underlying light materials and a subsequent soft foam padded interior.

3Adidas Adicross Men’s Classic Shoes

amazon buttonOne striking aspect that sets Adidas Adricoss golf shoes apart from the competing brands is its unique heel design which simultaneously fortifies and boosts support and also protects from accidents. Moreover, it is further complimented by a rubber sole boating dense spikes which improves firm ground griping. Additionally, aside from providing multiple color selection (3), this synthetic leather shoe also comes with an above the ankle tight fit feature that assures optimal performance.

2PUMA Faas Lite Shoe

amazon buttonPuma’s Faas Lite shoes make the list among the top-rated golf shoes out there and it is easy to see why. It has an impeccably looking design unmatched and like no other! They boast a striking appearance and are made of synthetic leather of superior quality and an ensuing rubber sole complimented by characteristic traction spikes. This shoe has a wonderfully padded interior plus a lightweight build that make the pair convenient. Its soft padding allows comfortable use and tight fitting around the ankles shielding users from accidents.

1DAWGS Spirit MGS Shoe

amazon buttonDAWGS makes the list but with an awkwardly looking exterior appearance for their golf shoes. Despite coming in as considerably light, they may not appeal to a majority of the golfers. Nonetheless, they boast large holes that effectively ventilate the interior adding to the comfort and a shoe shape that not only boosts support but also allows them to be worn without socks. The shoe’s outsole and subsequent sole are made from rubber materials complimented by rubber spikes which make them a very reliable pair of shoes overall.