Top 10 Best Hair Clippers of 2017 – Reviews


When it comes to hair clippers, it doesn’t matter if you are a professional or if you’re simply conscious about your hairstyle, you just need to do yourself a favor and invest into one that will provide the greatest possible value in the long run. We’re talking about the long haul because if you’re not going to use the clippers on a regular basis, then you’re better off visiting a barbershop rather than cutting your own hair.

If, however, you decide to invest in hair clippers of your own, then you must first educate yourself on what the market has to offer before making any sort of purchase. For your consideration, we put together a list of the ten best hair clippers money can buy.

10Andis Easy Cut 10-Piece Hair Clipper Kit

amazon buttonThe Andis Hair Clipper Kit is among those multipurpose and nifty hair cutters that provide high performance and ultimate results. The kit includes a powerful magnetic motor hair cutter that is specially fitted and designed with durable carbon blades that can be easily adjusted with various settings ranging from a coarse to fine.

This Clipper Kit also comes with 4 detachable combs to aid in perfectly trimming and giving you the exact size hair length you prefer. It also comes with lubricating blade oil and a brush to clean the blades after use along with a pair of stainless steel shears and a barber comb.

9Hausbell R2 Cordless Hair Clippers

amazon buttonThis hair trimmer from Hausbell is a user-friendly and power packed device that takes personal grooming to a whole new level. The ultra quiet and low vibration mode aids in giving users a longer lasting battery life. It gives you the perfect salon style professional haircut without any trouble and does not get entangled in curly hair.

It is lightweight and easy to grip and ensures 100% ease in mobility. It features titanium coated, ceramic blades and a powerful lithium – ion battery that can be recharged and used with or without the cord. The kit includes 2 guide combs and a cleaning brush for better performance.

8Braun Hair Clipper HC5090, Men’s Hair Clipper

amazon buttonThis device is by far the most versatile and top notch clippers, packed with some of the best features that every hair clipper should have. With the option of choosing from 17 different lengths and 2 different smart trimming attachments, users can choose and customize their hairstyles from long to extremely short.

The blades are sharp and durable, efficient enough to give you the perfect haircut. It comes with a heavy duty dual battery backup which provides consistent power, assuring a flawless haircut. Users can also save their last settings to save them from the trouble of resetting the device according to their needs. This device is also waterproof and can be washed under running water at any given time.

7Conair Haircutting Kit

amazon buttonThe Conair Cord/Cordless Home Haircutting Kit is an exclusive, high-performance package that ensures professional quality haircuts without having to spend tons of cash. This kit promises its users perfectly well groomed, well-trimmed hairstyles that would make heads turn. It features a fully loaded chrome clipper with 55 different settings for customized hairstyles.

A durable blade that can be removed for easy cleaning, one-hour cordless runtime, and 10 assorted comb attachments for both the right and left ear. The kit also consists of a styling clip and comb, a barber cape & scissors, lubricating blade oil, a cleaning brush, a blade guard, an AC adapter and a luxurious carry case.

6OSTER Grooming Clipper

amazon buttonThis professional hair grooming clipper is one among the most powerful and durable of its kind. Featuring a universal strong motor of superior quality, it is designed to provide efficiency and salon-style quality haircuts. The clipper comes with an automatic switch that is super convenient to use with one hand.

It is break – resistant and comes with detachable blades that give users the option to choose the preferred length of hair they would like to trim. It also features an extra long power cable that gives users utmost mobility and ease of use. Included in this kit are other tools like lubricating blade oil, a blade protection cover and a cleaning brush.

5OSTER Clipper 76076010

amazon buttonThis unique clipper from OSTER is one that works great with all kinds of hair types, including dry, wet and oily as well as various different hair textures. The clipper is furnished with a sturdy single speed motor that is perfect for heavy duty usage. It comes with removable blades and is super durable and break – resistant.

Popular for its long lasting durability, this device features a 9-foot long power cord that ensures extreme mobility as well. The housing of this clipper is specially designed and crafted to provide excellent grip and smooth usage. The kit includes a blade guard, a cleaning brush, lubricating blade oil, and clipper grease.

4Wahl 785110 5-star Balding Clipper

amazon buttonConsidered as a top notch, high-grade professional clipper and compared to experts in hair cutting, the Wahl Professional Clipper is a must buy for those looking for super styled haircuts at home. With an impressive, heavy-duty electromagnetic motor, this device provides 100% precision, style, and functionality.

It works at almost twice the speed of other standard motors and ensures extreme accuracy in both skin and bald fading. The package consists of all the convenient tools required for the ultimate performance of the device including 2 detachable combs, a cleaning brush, blade oil, a blade guard and handy instructions on how to use the device.

3OSTER Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

amazon buttonThe OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper is a robust and sturdy hair cutting tool that is perfect for quick removal of facial and body hair. Featuring a whisper-quiet motor and a high-precision, durable blade, this clipper can cut through any hair texture and type including wet, dry and oily.

It’s uniquely designed outer cover is textured to provide easy grip and it’s ergonomic design makes the device easily manageable. The kit includes 4 different guide combs, one for blending and 3 for various lengths of trimming, an 8-foot cord, a cleaning brush, blade guard and blade oil.

2Andis T-Outliner with T-Blade

amazon buttonSay goodbye to that unwanted hair with the Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade perfect for expert styling and celebrity haircuts in the comfort of your home. This superior device is specially equipped with close cutting blades that are ideal for neck trimming, beard trimming, beds and mustaches and precise edging around the ears.

Furnished with a robust high-speed motor, this device is crafted with a specially contoured body for easy grip and handling. The clipper can also be used for dry shaving; however, users must oil the blades before every use. Furthermore, its ‘T-shaped’ blades can be easily adjusted to your liking to give you that personalized style and look you prefer.

1Wahl Chrome Pro 24 OC Haircut Kit

amazon buttonFamous for their brilliant range of personal grooming products, Wahl is among the very best manufacturers when it comes to hair clippers. With this particular hair cutting kit, users can trim hair with ease to get that accurate salon styled look. Its self-sharpening feature is what makes this clipper stand out among the rest as it can be used for complete body grooming, not just hair cutting.

It is not only lightweight but easily maneuverable and highly durable as well, which may explain why it’s so popular in the first place. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best clippers the market has to offer at this point in time.