Top 10 Best Hair Extensions of 2017 – Reviews


It is estimated that one in every three women will use hair extensions during their lifetime, at least once. This is because hair extensions are the best solution to changing your hairstyle short of getting a new haircut altogether. Not all hair extensions share the same characteristics, mind you, as they differ not only in length and style but also in terms of what they’re made of. Although natural hair extensions are by far the more expensive solution, synthetic hair extensions also have their benefits. Over the next few minutes, we’ll try to find out what are the ten best hair extensions out there and what to look for when shopping for one.

Best Hair Extensions Reviews 2017

10Googoo Remy Straight I Tip Cold Fusion

amazon buttonAdd length to your hair with this stunning one-piece 3/4 full head clip in hair extensions that stands out by being wavy and curly in a beautiful ombre combination of sand and ash brown colors. With it, you get the volume and thickness that you have always wanted without any chemicals or hair styling procedures that would otherwise damage your hair. Thanks to its clip-on mechanism, it is extremely easy to use and can be fixed on rather quickly.

9OneDor 24 Inch Straight Long Beautiful Black Wig Hair

amazon buttonMeasuring 24 inches in length, this easy-to-wear clip-on wig from Onedor is a straight hair styled full wig that comes with a uniquely designed cap construction with a lace front. Made from 100% durable, high-quality fiber material, this wig can withstand high temperature and still look beautiful. You can style this wig any which way you desire, from curls to beach waves or just keep it straight and classy.

8Emosa 100% Real Human Hair Remy Clip-In Hair Extensions

amazon buttonDesigned and produced with 100% real human hair, this durable clip-in hair extension from Emosa is soft, tangle-free and can be styled in any way you like, whether curly, wavy or straight. Extremely easy to wear, it comes with multiple clips and 8 extensions and is perfect for those who have medium length hair. This hair extension not only gives you that luscious look of beautiful waves but it also adds to the volume of your hair, giving you a fuller more stunning look.

7AGPtek 24 Inch Straight Long Beautiful Black Wig Hair

amazon buttonMade from some of the most natural looking, synthetic human-like hair, the AGPTEK hair extension is soft, smooth and resistant to heat up to 377 degrees F. Look effortlessly beautiful with these extensions and style them in any way you like. Measuring 24 inches in length including 7 extensions and 16 clips, change and restyle your hairstyle from curly waves to smooth and straight as many times as you like.

6S-Noilite Straight 3/4 Full Head One Piece – Medium Brown

amazon buttonMeasuring approximately 26 inches when straight and 24 inches, when curled the S-noilite trendy clip in Hair Extensions, is equipped with 5 clips and can cover 3/4 of the full head with ease. With this beautiful set of extensions, make your hair look longer and voluptuous. Made from high quality durable synthetic fiber this product is tangle-free, smooth and soft and can last up to a year at the most if properly taken care of.

5Emosa Real Human Hair Extension

amazon buttonFeaturing 7 pieces of hair extensions with clips, the Emosa Human Hair Extension bleach blonde hair extension set aims at giving you long stunning hair with that added volume and fullness. This set can be trimmed curled, dyed, washed and straightened as per your liking thanks to its durable synthetic fibers and 100% silky Remy human hair. For those who would like extra volume, it is recommended that you utilize 2-3 sets of extensions.

4SWACC Resistance Synthetic Extension

amazon buttonMade from 100% heat resistant Kanekalon fiber material, the Reecho 20-inch full head curly and wavy clip-in hair extensions available in black color, is the perfect choice for those looking for extensions that can be changed and styled as per their need and the occasion. This piece can be easily washed with lukewarm water, shampoo, and a very mild conditioner in order to keep it from looking dry and dull. The set comes with 5 clips per piece and provides you with the extra volume you desire.

3Ombre Brown To Dark Blonde Clip-In Hair Extensions

amazon buttonThe Ombre brown to dark blonde clip-in hair extension is the perfect choice for you if you are looking to transform yourself instantly. Measuring 18 inches in length, this pack of hair extensions can easily fit your entire head. The product is made from 70% human hair and 30% high-quality fiber material, and can be washed, colored and straightened to fit your every need and to add that extra volume.

2Donmily 3-Bundled Remy Brazilian Wave Hair Extensions

amazon buttonThe 3-bundled Remy Brazilian wave hair extension set is the ideal choice for those of you who are looking for premium grade, 100% human unprocessed hair. Made with a natural human hair color, these extensions can be dyed as per you hair color and can be stretched out to match the length of your hair or if you want to straighten the curls. Made from high-quality materials, this set is tangle-free and it can be curled or dyed anyway you wish.

1Reecho Synthetic 20-Inch 3/4 Full Head Curly Wave Clips-In Hair Extensions

amazon buttonMade from a special fiber that is resistant to heat and styling tools, the Reecho synthetic clip-on hair extension is definitely one of the very best. This extension is 20-inches in length and covers 3/4 of your head without standing out as being fake in any way. Made up of voluptuous curly waves, it is designed to resemble real human hair in great detail, which means that you will be able to style it any way you wish. Should you ever need to detangle the synthetic fibers if knotted, all you will need is a spray bottle with conditioner and water for the job.