Top 10 Best Hammers of 2017 – Reviews


Hammers have been a permanent presence in people’s households for thousands of years and understandably so given their versatile utility. No matter how far technology has come, we still need to hammer things in at some point or another, be it a picture on a wall or a shelf of sorts. Now, some of you may be under the impression that there isn’t much difference between hammers and you would be wrong. Depending on weight, construction, size, or quality, hammers differ from one another considerably. After looking at what the market has to offer, we put together a list of the ten best hammers out there so that you’ll be well-informed if you’re ever in the market for a new hammer.

Best Hammers Reviews 2017

10Estwing EB-19S 19 oz Black Ultra Framing Hammer

amazon buttonThe Estwing 19-oz EB-19S black ultra-framing hammer is affordable and designed to meet any professional’s requirements with an even face and shock reduced grip. Its strong and lightweight combination allow for hefty jobs but is also light enough for household use. Its durability and determined strength lie in forging the head and handle into one piece. The magnetic nail starter and great balance also make it stress-free to use for beginners, which is a great feature to have. Furthermore, its dual nail pullers are perfect for use in tight spaces.

9Jackson 4-Pound Engineer Hammer

amazon buttonEquipped with a sturdy 4-pound head, this double face forged steel hammer will prove perfect for heavy hammering or any type of demolition work you might need completing. Thanks to its ingenious construction, this particular hammer makes driving spikes or wedges much easier than you would otherwise expect from such a hammer. Furthermore, this hammer benefits from a 16-inch Fiberpro fiberglass handle that makes it lightweight and easy to use.

8Stanley FMHT56019 Fatmax

amazon buttonThe Stanley FMHT56019, ten-pound sledgehammer, meets the worth and quality expected from all other Stanley’s products. The handle is particle dampened to allow for easy grip whereas impact experienced during use is minimized by particulates which reduce vibrations in the hammer. Its bullet nose strike face ensures concentrated impact which is 50% higher than traditional hammerheads as well as accuracy. The fiberglass construction makes the handle shatter-proof, regardless of whether much force is used to swing the hammer. This model is not only powerful but also reliable in meeting all construction needs and comes with a limited Stanley’s lifetime warranty.

7Stanley 51-163 16-Ounce FatMax Xtreme

amazon buttonThe 16 ounce Stanley FatMax AntiVibe Rip Claw Nailing Hammer valuable to any tool collection. Embedded with a unique vibration free and tension control features helps minimize hammering impact on the user. The one-piece forged steel construction ensures durability. It is accurately balanced to ensure flawless control and as such perfectly used for medium duty tasks. Like all other Stanley products, this hammer also has a limited lifetime warranty.

6The Original Pink Box PB12HM

amazon buttonThe 12-Ounce original pink box claw hammer is well functional and has a pretty feminine touch. It is easy to use and has an easy grip rubber handle that minimizes slippage. The core is made from fiberglass which helps minimize vibrations while maintaining its lightweight nature makes it a basic tool. It would also be pretty hard to miss it because of its pink color which also makes it fun to have. Aesthetics aside, it is still a pretty reliable hammer in its own right.

5Stiletto Tools, Inc. TI14MC Titan

amazon buttonThe 14-ounce Titan titanium framing hammer with a curved handle design offers a combination of power and real elegance. Its lightweight titanium head offers strength corresponding to 24 ounces of steel and with much less reverberation. A magnetic nail starts brands it stress-free to get started while the 18-inch handle offers extended range and concentrated impact making it good for both professionals and regular users trying to hammer a nail. Although this hammer is a bit more expensive than some of the others on our list, it is well worth the investment.

4Estwing E3-16S 16 oz Straight Claw Hammer

amazon buttonA straight claw hammer having an even face and shock reduced grip is a well-made hammer perfectly tailored for rip out of nails during remodeling or demolition. The Estwing 16 Oz, E3-16S is affordable and well-constructed with a nicely polished surface. One part forged head and handle leaves no concern for the hammer breaking. Due to its 16-ounce weight, this particular hammer is perfect for light to medium duty jobs. Last but not least, it has a shock reduction of up to 70% and is an excellent multipurpose hammer, durable and well-made, ideal for household use.

3TEKTON 30812 Double-Faced Soft Mallet

amazon buttonThe TEKTON two-faced mallet is lightweight and good for use in places with space limitations. It has a tubular handle which focusses its weight near the head for supreme impact and is also easy to grip for great control. The soft mallet ensures delivery of a strong blow short of posing any damage to delicate finishes. With its weight slightly above 19 ounces, the tool offers perfectly combined power and restraint.

2SE 8399-RH-ROCK 11-Inch Rock Hammer

amazon buttonThe SE 8399 rock hammer weighing 20 Oz is heavy, durable and best used in construction as well as general rock breaking works. The tool is a single piece forged steel that makes it virtually indestructible. The 7-inch head gives adequate power when swung while the 12-inch handle is ideal for tight spaces. Furthermore, its handle’s comfortable and non-slip capabilities brand it easy to use by almost anyone. Also worth mentioning is that its reversible head will definitely prove useful in the long run.

1SE 8355HH 5-IN-1 Dual Interchangeable Hammer

amazon buttonThe SE 5-in-1 Dual interchangeable hammer is a versatile tool appropriate for use on a variety of surfaces without any limitations to speak of. These heads are made of brass, nylon, copper and rubber which, heads that are entirely ABS threaded. Due to its construction, this lightweight hammer is perfect for close work such as woodworking, gunsmithing, and metalworking, but not for construction work. To minimize head slippage, O-rings are used to ensure the heads stay put while in use, which is a useful feature to have.