Top 10 Best Hand Soaps of 2017 – Reviews


We’ve already established which are the best skin lightening soaps and all the cosmetic benefits they provide, but what about the practical nature of soap? As we all know, soap isn’t necessarily about providing you with aesthetic benefits, which is why we will now focus on the type of soaps that most of us use on a regular basis.

We are, of course, talking about hand soaps, mainly the ones that are guaranteed to offer maximum protection against bacteria while leaving a pleasant scent behind. For a better understanding of what good hand soaps are all about, we put together a list of the ten best hand soaps on the market today.

10Greenwich Bay Lavender Chamomile Hand Soap

amazon buttonFormulated to create a rich, cleansing lather with just a small drop, this paraben-free soap will offer maximum protection along with a very pleasant smell. Made in the United States by a very environmentally conscious manufacturer, this particular soap uses all natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Essential Oils, Lavender, Chamomile, and Cocoa Butter. Furthermore, the pleasant fragrance it leaves behind is absolutely wonderful.

9My True Nature Ollie’s Super Sudsy Hand Soap

amazon buttonThis creamy gluten-free soap is formulated to gently clean the skin without causing it any sort of irritation, even when used frequently. At the same time, it benefits from a nut-free and dairy-free formula that contains all natural ingredients. Not only that, but it also contains a wide array of nourishing and calming organic botanicals that are bound to soothe the skin while protecting it throughout the day.

8Jason Pure Natural Hand Soap Glowing Apricot

amazon buttonA good hand soap has to protect the skin at all times without causing any sort of issues as far as softness or fragrance goes. This is precisely the case with Jason Pure’s Natural Hand Soap that was formulated to keep the skin soft, smooth, and glowing throughout the day. As far as ingredients go, this particular soap nourishes the skin using Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5, ingredients that are bound to provide you with a smooth, protective feeling.

7Avalon Organics Glycerin Hand Soap

amazon buttonFormulated from all-natural ingredients, this soap contains no parabens, no synthetic colors or fragrances, no harsh preservatives, and no harmful sulfates whatsoever. At the same time, its ingredients are organic, vegan, and biodegradable. We should also point out that it contains a blend of cleansers, essential oils, moisturizing glycerin, and vitamins intended to purify and nourish the hands.

6Seventh Generation Hand Wash Mandarin Orange & Grapefruit

amazon buttonThis gentle, hypoallergenic, plant-based hand wash contains no dyes, no triclosan, and no phthalates. This makes it perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or for people with various allergies. Not only that, but thanks to its all natural renewable ingredients, this soap is 100% USDA Certified. Last but not least, it comes in a fairly large bottle that is bound to last you for quite a while.

5Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap

amazon buttonGreat for both kitchen or bathroom use, this versatile hand soap contains Aloe Vera Gel, Olive Oil, Glycerine, and a unique blend of essential oils intended to protect your hands against bacteria throughout the day. At the same time, this soap has a very pleasant, but not too obvious fragrance that will follow you for hours after washing your hands. As for the actual cleansing, it might just be one of the most efficient soaps out there.

4Dial Complete Foaming Anti-bacterial Hand Wash

amazon buttonThis is a gentle liquid soap that foams instantly before rinsing cleanly regardless of how much water you use. Interestingly enough, it does come in quite a large 7.5 oz bottle, meaning that it will last you a lot longer than most soaps out there. Formulated from all natural ingredients, this soap will kill up to 100% of all germs that usually reside on a person’s hand, doing so while leaving you with a nice fragrance that you can enjoy.

3EO Hand Soap, French Lavender

amazon buttonMade from a unique combination of pure essential oils and nourishing herbal blends, this particular soap will clean your hands profoundly without drying them too much. It does so by using a coconut cleansing complex that creates one of the most gentle, rich foams possible, a foam that will not irritate the skin in any way. One of the reasons why its natural blend is so efficient is that it contains a naturally antiseptic formula intended to calm the skin efficiently.

2Method Gel Hand Wash Mandarin Mango

amazon buttonThanks to a naturally derived, biodegradable, triclosan-free formula, this mango soap will provide a much more efficient and irritation-free washing experience than most other hand soaps on the market. We would also do well to point out that this mandarin gel soap will provide you with a soft, foamy washing experience that you aren’t likely to experience with other hand soaps, mainly due to its Aloe Vera and Vitamin E contents.

1Puracy 100% Natural Liquid Hand Soap

amazon buttonPuracy Natural Hand Soap is a natural, versatile cleanser made from plants, minerals, water, vanilla, and lavender extracts. Thanks to its biodegradable formula, this particular soap is entirely child & pet safe, which is maybe why it’s so popular to begin with. Not only that but due to its unique formula, it leaves no residues behind while providing a subtle lavender & vanilla fragrance that will last you throughout the day.