Top 10 Best Hand Trucks of 2017 – Reviews


If you are in need of a reliable hand truck, you should to your best to learn about what the market has to offer in great detail. The reason we say this is because when it comes to tools such as these, you want nothing less than the very best for whatever tasks you might need them for.

Unless the hand truck of your choosing is of the highest possible standard, you will not be able to carry your loads in a comfortable fashion, nor will you be able to rely on it to withstand the weight of particularly heavy objects. To provide you with a bit of insight on the matter, we put together a list of the ten best hand trucks on the market today.

10Mighty Max Personal Dolly Utility Cart

amazon buttonThis large utility cart can hold loads as heavy as 160 lbs, while the cart itself weighs less than 5 lbs when empty. Due to its spacious design, it is perfect for carrying boxes or any other square / rectangular objects you might need to be moved. At the same time, we should point out that the cart uses a soft cushion handle which provides a might more comfortable grip for the user than most utility carts out there.

9Milwaukee Hand Trucks 42152 Convertible Truck

amazon buttonWhat makes this versatile hand truck stand out is the fact that it easily converts from a 2-wheel vertical truck t a 4-wheel platform in just a matter of seconds if you need it to. It also features 8-inch puncture-proof tires that never go flat no matter how intensely you use the truck or how heavy the loads are. Speaking of weight, this truck can carry no less than 600 lbs per trip, which is impressive to say the least.

8Vergo S300L Industrial Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck

amazon buttonAlthough very lightweight itself, this folding hand truck has a load capacity of 400 lbs. It also has a foldable nose plate, nestable wheels which automatically move into place when folding the truck, nestable dual pin handles, a telescoping handle, and a sturdy aluminum frame. Also worth pointing out is the fact that it uses solid rubber wheels to make the truck maintain balance on uneven surfaces.

7Vergo S300S Industrial Steel Folding Hand Truck Dolly

amazon buttonThe S300S truck dolly from Vergo has a load capacity of 150 lbs, which makes it very easy to maneuver. It features a quick telescoping handle, nestable wheels, a steel frame, and a foldable nose plate to top it off. Interestingly enough, this truck’s folding nose opens in just a matter of seconds with relative ease, making it perfect for quick transportation jobs. At the same time, it comes with solid rubber wheels that can be nested into the truck’s frame to make it easier to store.

6Harper Trucks Lightweight Nylon Convertible Hand Truck

amazon buttonThanks to its I-Beam Steel-Touch nylon truss frame, this hand truck is a lot lighter than most hand trucks out there. This being said, this truck is just as reliable despite being no less than 30% lighter than regular trucks. On top of this, it can also be converted to a 4-wheel cart in just a matter of seconds if needed. As for its capacity, this truck can carry up tp 300 lbs when in a dolly form and 400 lbs as a 4-wheel cart.

5Harper Trucks Super-Steel Convertible Hand Truck

amazon buttonIt only takes a couple of seconds to convert this particular hand truck from a dolly to a 4-wheel cart, which may explain why it’s so popular to begin with. In terms of capacity, it should be said that it can carry 700 lbs loads while in a 4-wheel shape and 600 lbs in a vertical position. On top of all this, it has heavy-duty pneumatic all-terrain 10-inch wheels and 5-inch durable swivel casters to increase its overall maneuverability.

4Vergo S300BT Collapsible Hand Truck

amazon buttonAmong the many features this collapsible hand truck has, we find a telescoping handle, a foldable nose plate, a sturdy aluminum frame, and much more. At the same time, this hand truck has solid rubber wheels to provide it with a high standard of stability. These nesting wheels are designed to move into place automatically when folding or unfolding the nose plate. Speaking of which, this hand truck can fold down completely if needed.

3Rock N Roller Multicart Model R2 Micro

amazon buttonThis highly versatile multicart can transform into 8 different cart types in just a matter of seconds. Despite its flexibility, this hand truck can carry huge amounts of equipment while still being small enough to store almost anywhere. Also worth mentioning is the fact that it is designed to work with any type of vehicle and that it features a non-skid frame bed surface with Stairclimbers caster brakes.

2Magna Cart Ideal Steel Folding Hand Truck

amazon buttonAs a result of its rugged, 19mm steel frame, this hand truck can hold up to 150 lbs with relative ease. It also benefits from a foldable design that allows it to open instantly with just the touch of a button. This design allows the hand truck’s retractable wheels to maintain its almost perfect stability regardless of the weight of the load without affecting the hand truck’s overall design in terms of size.

1Magna Cart Personal Aluminum Folding Hand Truck

amazon buttonMagna Cart Personal Aluminum Folding Hand Truck is perhaps one of the best hand trucks the market has to offer at this point in time and it’s easy to see why. We say this because it features a compact, foldable design that allows it to be no thicker than 2.5-inches when stored, yet sturdy enough to carry 150 lbs when in use. It also features a telescoping handle that extends to 39 inches in length, a handle designed to provide perfect leverage at all times.