Top 10 Best Hearing Protection Earmuffs for Adults and Children in 2017 – Reviews


If you work in an environment in which you are surrounded by loud noises then you should definitely invest in a pair of reliable earmuffs. You should perhaps also invest into a pair for your children, especially in the event of them being exposed to loud or unpleasant noises of any kind. Finding a right pair isn’t necessarily hard given how many models the market has to offer right now, and yet it still pays to do your homework before making a purchase. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best hearing protection earmuffs money can buy.

10EM’S Headband Earmuffs for Kids

amazon buttonTo protect your kids from noise pollution, these earmuffs feature a very comfortable design with cushioned cups that will protect kids’ delicate hearing from loud environments. The earmuffs feature a lightweight design with a snugly fitting headband that will keep the cups in place firmly but comfortably. The earmuffs can be used on babies of up to one and a half years old or for children in an appropriate age group.

9Peltor Sport Electronic Range Guard Earmuffs

amazon buttonFor maximum convenience, this pair of earmuffs is capable of drowning out any deafening sounds while keeping the conversational voices and sounds flowing in effortlessly. They have a 21dB noise reduction rate for maximum ear protection and are capable of subduing a gunshot from close range. Other features include a comfortable adjustable headband and a very lightweight build. The earmuffs need only two AAA batteries to function.

83M Peltor Optime 105 H10A Earmuffs for Adults

amazon buttonThese heavy duty earmuffs are capable of shutting out noises of up to 105 decibels thanks to their double-shell technology. They’re compatible with many noisy work environments and are very handy for professionals. The Twin Cup design of the earmuffs and the low-pressure-fit provided by the stainless steel headband makes them extra comfortable to wear even over extended periods of time.

7Heartek Kids Earmuffs

amazon buttonAside from the stylish aesthetic design of these earmuffs, they also feature a very solid but light build. The hearing protection aids come with mounted cups that distribute the pressure evenly to maximize user comfort. Other features include comfortably padded ear cups that fit perfectly with minimum adjustment and a foldable design that makes them very easy to carry around.

6Walkers Ext Folding Earmuffs for Range Shooting

amazon buttonThe thick padding on this pair of earmuffs not only serves as a way to increase the wearer’s comfort, it also helps to reduce the noise impact and the explosive sounds at gun ranges in order to prevent significant ear damage. The earmuffs have been built compactly and are lightweight enough to be carried around effortlessly. They are very comfortable to wear over extended periods of time.

5Baby Banz Hearing Protection Earmuffs for Babies

amazon buttonIt is all too easy for your baby to get damaged eardrums due to the noise pollution around us, which is why these earmuffs are specially designed to protect their delicate hearing. The earmuffs are soft, light and feature cushion cups that will enhance your baby’s comfort while protecting them from harmful noises. Not only that but they’re also surprisingly affordable given their durable construction.

4Snug Safe N Sound Earmuffs

amazon buttonThese professional-grade earmuffs for children will give you peace of mind when taking your children to noisy environments. They feature a solid build from premium materials and a very attractive design. The ear muffs are comfortable to wear thanks to their padded ear cushions and fitting headband. They can also be used by teenagers and young adults just as long as they fit, as they are designed to fit a broad range of head types.

3Howard Leight Professional Sound Amp Electronic Earmuffs

amazon buttonBuying this pair of electronic earmuffs for adults will give you a much wider range of features that really come in handy in noisy environments. Recommended for hunters and gun range enthusiasts, these earmuffs will block anything above 82 decibels, allowing you to hear conversations while muting damaging noise. Directional microphones have been built in to enhance the vocal clarity of the people talking around you. Two AAA batteries are needed to power the earmuffs, which also come with a 3.5mm jack that allows you to connect them to your music player.

2Peltor X-Series OTH Earmuffs

amazon buttonWith this pair of earmuffs, no longer will you have to choose between comfort and protection from noise. They are attractively built and offer hearing protection from up to 24 decibels of noise. A twin-headed headband design makes it a lot more comfortable to wear and release heat buildup from the body. This pair is perfect for construction sites and gun ranges thanks to their ingenious construction, but you can very well use them anywhere you see fit.

1Worktunes Earmuffs with AM/FM Radio

amazon buttonFor the adults who work in a noisy environment, protecting your hearing will be a lot more enjoyable thanks to this set of hearing protectors. While protecting your ears from damaging workplace noises, you can play soft music or listen to your favorite radio station at the same time. The earmuffs have a noise protection level of 24dB, making them quite capable of doing the job. Padded cups maximize user comfort without adding to the bulkiness of the earmuffs. Overall, these have to be some of the best earmuffs money can buy right now.