Top 10 Best Heating Pads of 2017 – Reviews


People have been using heat to treat joint and muscle pain since the dawn of time. In the old days, people used to heat up rice or salt bags they would then apply to whatever afflicted area of the body was bothering them for therapeutic purposes. The modern-day equivalent of these practices is the use of heating pads. These heating pads provide great comfort with the added benefit of being much safer overall than any other form of alternative treatment. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best heating pads on the market today and what to look for when shopping for one.

Best Heating Pads Reviews 2017

10TheraPAQ Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief Heating Pad

amazon buttonThis therapy heat pad is ultra-soft and very comfortable thanks to its plush fabrics and excellent construction. It is ideal for treating muscle aches and pains on various parts of the body thanks to its adjustable design which facilitates easy delivery of therapeutic warmth to the afflicted areas. It comes with four adjustable settings and an auto shut-off feature that makes it very useful to have around at all times.

9Mind & Body Heated Full Body Wrap

amazon buttonWith different heat settings, a reversible design, soft fabric, and easily adjustable settings, this full body wrap is an ideal stress and pain reliever. It provides both therapeutic heating and cooling treatments on any part of the body. Furthermore, this full body wrap is made entirely from organic fabrics that are suitable even for sensitive skin. Moreover, it also comes with a washable cover for good measure.

8Nature’s Approach Lumbar Wrap

amazon buttonThis therapeutic lumbar wrap comes with an adjustable belt strap that allows it to fit around a variety of body types. It not only provides highly efficient heat therapy; it can also be frozen and used in the cold treatment of any injury. Not only that but this lumbar wrap’s high adjustability makes it perfect for use on various body parts. At the same time, it is extremely soft, comfortable fabric also helps the skin to retain its moisture and incorporates aromatic natural herbs to maximize its therapeutic effects.

7Sunny Bay Extra-Long Therapy Heat Neck Wrap

amazon buttonThe fleece construction of this neck wrap not only guarantees excellent heat penetration to the afflicted regions, it also feels extra comfortable and soft on the skin. Due to its highly flexible nature, this adjustable pad will allow the user to fit it any way they wish with no limitations to speak of. Furthermore, its polyester build makes it durable and easy to clean either by hand or via washing machine.

6UTK Infrared Heating Mat

amazon buttonThis infrared heating mat provides superior coverage, comfort, and maximizes the effect of the heat therapy thanks to its innovative design that wraps easily around the afflicted place. Using infrared technology like the name suggests, this pad provides a deeply penetrating heat that can be controlled easily using the smart controller it comes with. Also worth mentioning is that this pad is soft yet built sturdily to last longer than similar products.

5Thermophore MaxHeat Heat Therapy Pad

amazon buttonThis electric heating pad will provide superior heating therapy to your aching muscles, inflamed or sprained joints. It comes with a handheld switch that is easy to operate and allows you to toggle the heat settings or to turn it off or on. The fabric used is very soft on the skin but is also perfectly durable and engineered to offer deep heat penetration. We should also point out that this therapeutic heating pad comes with a free cover that allows for proper storage in order to maximize its longevity.

4Sunbeam Renue Heating Wrap

amazon buttonSunbeam’s Renue heating wrap-ups the ante by coming with an easy-to-operate LED digital controller that allows for fluid heat setting adjustment. The heating wrap is made from comfortable micro plush fabrics that are 100% machine-washable for easy maintenance. Interestingly enough, this highly versatile wrap can be used for muscle aches and pains of any kind around the shoulders, back, and neck.

3BodyMed Moist Electric Heating Pad

amazon buttonBodyMed’s moist heating pad is a medical-grade therapeutic heating pad that can be used to get relief from sprains, muscle aches, and inflammation. A digital LCD controller makes it easy to adjust the heat settings and toggle with the on and off switch. What’s interesting about this pad is that it comes with an auto shut-off feature just in case you forget to turn it off after each use. Also, the controls have been childproofed to prevent unwanted tampering of any kind.

2PureRelief Therapy Heating Pad

amazon buttonMade from soft, comfortable micro plush fabric that allows the heat therapy to take maximum effect, this PureRelief heating pad is an excellent choice all-around. It features six different heat settings to cater for all types of muscle aches and pains, a flexibility most high-end heating pads should offer at this point in time. Speaking of flexibility and convenience, this thick heating pad can be used on a daily basis and is very easy to clean by any means.

1Sunbeam Xpress Heating Pad

amazon buttonThe Sunbeam Xpress heating pad comes with 6 different heat settings for you to choose from along with an auto shut-off feature, making it one of the most adjustable heating pads on the market today. Its main fabric features an integrated cover made from a soft micro plush material that feels good on the skin and is fully machine-washable. Thanks to its reversible design, both sides of the heat therapy pad can be used to maximum effect with no limitations to speak of.