Top 10 Best Hole Punchers of 2017 – Reviews


Be it work related or for personal reasons, you want to get a hole puncher that won’t just do its job well but one that will also last you for a very long time. Given the very nature of hole punchers, you wouldn’t normally expect them to last all that long, especially when used intensely over long periods of time. Still, there are a few out there that stand out for this exact reason. Over the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at the ten best hole punchers the market has to offer right now in our quest to find the absolute best.

10Darcie Value Pack of 1201-15 Hole Punches

amazon buttonIf traditional paper punches are hard to operate for you, the ergonomic design of these single-hole punches should suit your needs sufficiently. The punches feature a handle that makes it easier to operate and more comfortable as well. It also comes in superb value packs of three, to make its use much more diverse and versatile. Furthermore, we should point out that this pack of great punchers includes a cage designed to catch the hole scraps in order to remove debris.

9Rapesco 6-Hole Adjustable Diary 66-P Punch

amazon buttonFeaturing a sleek and very attractive metallic body with a professional black color, the 6-hole Rapesco paper punch is incredibly useful in the office. It can be adjusted easily to suit the specific function and is incredibly durable. To back up its durability, the manufacturer offers a 15-year warranty on every paper punch purchased. Although you wouldn’t expect such a tool to fail for no good reason, it is still a nice feature to have.

8Black Hole Puncher with 2HP Sheet Capacity

amazon buttonThis two-hole puncher is one of the most affordable options out there, one that features a great build quality and a fantastically ergonomic design. With a glossy coat of black paint, it fits right in at any formal office setting. It only needs a little bit of effort to punch a 1-inch hole through up to 30 sheets of paper precisely and effortlessly thanks to the included alignment tool it comes equipped with.

7EK Tools Mini-Corner Rounders Paper Punch Set

amazon buttonFrom its ergonomic build to its playful design, it is obvious that this product was made for those who enjoy scrapbooking and other pastimes that involve organizing sheets of paper within folders. These paper punchers do their job quite well and come in packs of two, making them one of the best deals on this list. As for their construction, let us point out that they are surprisingly lightweight given their overall strength.

6Swingline 3-Hole Desktop Paper Punch

amazon buttonSwingline manufacturers have provided top notch office stationery for a while now, and this is one of the most affordable and powerful punchers they have. Beautifully and effectively designed, the paper hole punch is capable of punching up to 7 holes in sheaves of paper. Its superior build quality makes it a very durable option for an office or home use, which is the type of versatility you would expect from any great hole puncher.

5Beltopro Round Hole Belt Hole Puncher

amazon buttonThe versatile design of this high-end belt hole puncher allows users to get a variety of punch shapes simply by rotating the head. The premium paper punch is very easy to use and comes with ergonomic handles that make it easy to use. What’s more, its durable build makes it a suitable tool for the office that could last several years of heavy use. Furthermore, this particular puncher will handle leather of any thickness thanks to its ingenious construction.

4Ergonomic Belt Hole Puncher Tool

amazon buttonThis is a certainly one of the more professional belt hole punching tools, thanks to its solid build and superb design. Well capable of punching holes in sheaves of paper and scrapbook cards, the hand-held belt hole puncher is suitable for both home and office use with a versatile design that allows you to get different punch shapes and sizes. It is very easy to handle and only requires minimum force to punch through paper.

3Sparco Adjustable Heavy-Duty 3-Hole Puncher

amazon buttonIntended for extensive, heavy duty office applications, the adjustable Sparco hole puncher has all the power you need to punch through thick sheaves of paper at a time. Capable of punching up to 3 holes at a time alongside other adjustable features, it is a suitable hole punch that will function perfectly as a permanent office appliance. In this respect, this hole puncher enjoys a surprisingly sturdy construction, a build that will guarantee the puncher’s long-lasting durability.

2Swingline Precision Pro Desktop Hole Puncher

amazon buttonThe metallic build of the Swingline Precision Pro desktop hole puncher makes it one of the most durable options on this list. It comes with an ergonomic body which has been painted in a neutral solid gray, a design that won’t make it stand out too much on your desktop. The desktop hole punch can also punch up to three holes in ten sheets of paper at a time, which is impressive by most standards. It is also very strong and has a decent build quality that can last for years of intensive use.

1Swingline Portable Electric 3-Hole Desktop Punch

amazon buttonThe sleek silver design of this heavy duty Swingline electric paper hole punch belies its ability and the power it has to punch holes through thick bundles of paper. It has a 15-sheet capacity and features a very high-quality construction that is made to last, no matter how often or intensely it is being used. One of the perks of owning this electric hole punch is that you can easily clear jams with one push of the reset button on top of the device.