Top 10 Best Home Theater Speakers of 2017 – Reviews


It shouldn’t technically be too hard to find a good home theater speaker system these days, or at least that’s what you would think given the wide selection available on the market. When it comes down to it, however, it turns out that online reviews cannot always be trusted to provide the necessary information to base a purchase on. It also happens that people have different standards when it comes to output quality, base, and sound fidelity. For this reason, you are better off looking for a speaker system yourself, just as long as you take the time to pay attention to what trusted reviewers have to say on the matter. For this reason, we put together a list of the ten best home theater speakers to consider if you’re ever in the market for such an investment.

Best Home Theater Speakers Reviews 2017

10Orb Audio Mini 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System

amazon buttonWhile it may not be such a dominant brand name in the audio field, Orb Audio seems to be gaining significant popularity with their several products currently in the market. On this list is their compactly designed Mini 5.1 speaker system home theater. It is accompanied by a powerful subwoofer (20 watts) that boasts a polished wooden enclosure. Moreover, it boasts 5 small-sized satellites and a mounting system that positions it perfectly on walls. Nonetheless, it mandates for amplification of between 20-100 watts.

9Pioneer HTP-074 5.1 Channel Home Theater

amazon buttonPioneer HTP-074 5.1 Channel Home Theater is a standard system that perfectly suits the needs of individuals searching for a system that provides quality music power in a small and subsequently compact form. The CS480 has a 125-watt subwoofer power rating which sufficiently caters for simple living room needs. Its speakers are characterized by a shielding coupled with wall brackets which ease speaker mounting on walls.

8Fluance SXHTB-BK Surround Sound Home Theater

amazon buttonA mid-range system boasting a 160-watt peak power, Fluance home theater is first on this list. Its speakers boast identical MDF wood which is either colored brown or black. Its audio quality perfectly suits typical home users although audiophiles would probably prefer something more to the line of premium range. Not only that but the high-definition output this speaker system offers is definitely well above what you would normally expect from a system in this price range.

7Samsung HT-J4500 500 Watt Home Theater

amazon buttonSamsung is a model widely associated with replacing older models with more advanced ones on a regular yearly basis. One such introduction in the category of home theaters is the HT-J4500, a comprehensive solution to a wonderful Blu-Ray movie experience in 3D format. Aside from its characteristic player, it is complimented by a 5.1 speaker system (50 watts) which perfectly produces deep bass and resultant high fidelity highs and also subsequent mids as well.

6Sony HT-CT60BT Home Theatre

amazon buttonSony HT-CT60BT is a Bluetooth supported home theater that comes in compact form and provides excellent sound quality. In reality, the HT-CT60BT is a sound bar 2.1-system that comprises one powerful subwoofer besides its accompanying large speakers (high fidelity). It is simple to setup and supports streaming via tablets or smartphones that are Bluetooth enabled. Moreover, it makes the category of inexpensive models available.

5Sony BDV-E3100 Home Theater

amazon buttonSony BDV-E3100 is the perfect choice for regular users seeking for an all-inclusive solution as opposed to having single speakers around the house. This Sony model is an amazing device that is characterized by a Blu-Ray player with an ensuing surround 5.1 speaker system. It boasts an RMS of 1000 watts and a subwoofer of 250 watts coupled with a characteristic bass-reflex provision to consider.

4Yamaha NS-SP1800BL System

amazon buttonYamaha has dominated the audio fidelity category for quite some time now and it is not surprising that it makes the list. With their consumer grade modest design version, the NS-SP1800BL, Yamaha brings forth a sound system that is compatible with virtually all media players. It comes with a subwoofer characterized by the system feature-bass reflex-which requires amplification and an ensuing wall mounting provision.

3Bose CineMate Digital GS Series II System

amazon buttonIn comparison to other similar models and related products, Bose is particularly in a class of its own owing to its exorbitant price tags. Why the expensive prices you ask? Superior quality for starters, not to mention the compatibility most Bose speakers have with most modern TV sets. The CineMate GS is a good example of this for a number of reasons. For instance, this 2.1 audio system comes with an enhanced audio engine, a state of the art surround sound capacity, and a highly responsive remote control.

2Yamaha YHT-4910UBL Home Theater

amazon buttonIf you are in the market for a wonderful cinematic experience at the comfort of your home, then Yamaha YHT-4910UBL should ideally suit your needs. Theis home theater has a 5.1 speaker system with an ensuing 100-watt peak power overall. The system is inclusive of an amplifier boasting video pass-through and a subwoofer that presents the user with added deep bass. It also provides unmatched fidelity as offered by its mids and highs all at an amazingly reasonable price tag, which is quite rare for home theater speakers of this quality.

1Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker System

amazon buttonLogitech Z506 is a striking 5.1 speaker system characterized by a prowess that few other speaker systems can match. It delivers a peak power of 360 watts, 230 watts of which coming from its powerful subwoofer. Its speakers boast bass reflex capabilities and are complimented by a mounting system that supports their floor positioning to the letter. Overall, it is a fairly flexible sound system as it allows you to reposition its speakers almost any way you wish with the guarantee that you will get roughly the same output quality either way. Not only that but it is also reasonably lightweight as far as size goes, which is definitely a big plus.