Top 10 Best Home Theatre Projectors of 2017 – Reviews


More and more people are buying home theater projectors nowadays and understandably so given how affordable they’ve become. It used to be that not only were these devices expensive but they were also largely unreliable as the quality of their projection was sometimes lacking in more ways than one. To some extent, home theater projectors have revolutionized the way some people watch movies within the comfort of their own homes, which may explain why they’re becoming so popular in the first place.

This being said, you should always scout the market thoroughly before buying an electronic device and projectors are no different. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best home theater projectors money can buy.

10ELEPHAS EB-X6 Multimedia LED Projector

amazon buttonFor those people who like to enjoy a theater experience in their very home, the Elephas EB-X6 might just be the best option. It is small, lightweight, and extremely powerful given its size, which may explain its popularity. It also conserves a lot of energy given its ingenious design, more so than any other projector. At the same time, it should be said that this projector displays images sized from 37 inches to 130 inches which ensure everyone has a clear view no matter the angle.

9Taotaole Multimedia Mini

amazon buttonIf you are in the market for an affordable yet powerful home projector, the Taotaole Multimedia Mini might just be what you’re looking for. It has brightness and color levels of 800 lumens along with a projected resolution of 800x480p. The display size ranges from 30 inches to 120 inches for the whole family to enjoy. It is also compatible with a number of devices through VGA, USB, HDMI, SD, and AV ports.

8Epson Home Cinema 640

amazon buttonEpson has already built a name for themselves through their many high-quality devices and the Home Cinema 640 clearly showcases that. Delivering crisp clear images that max out at a size of 300 inches, this device is perfect for movies with the entire family. It brings added brightness thanks to the 3200 lumens of color and white brightness. There is also HDMI support for clearer viewing and a built-in speaker. The projector also weighs just 9 pounds and can easily be carried around on trips.

7JmGO Mstar 6A918 G1

amazon buttonThis is truly one of the most innovative portable projectors on the market today. The JmGO Mstar is compact, lightweight, and absolutely stunning to look at. Supporting Full HD or 1080p resolution, this device brings clarity like no other. With connectivity options for DVD players, Smart TV’s, Blu-Ray players, laptops, and PC’s, this projector is ideal to use with almost any device you might own.

6RIF6 Cube 2-inch Mobile Projector

amazon buttonIf a compact projector is what you are looking for, the RIF6 Cube might just be exactly what you need. Given its compact design, this mini projector can be carried anywhere with relative ease. It is also compatible with virtually all smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and laptops. It also features an HDMI port for a better viewing experience and can be attached to a tripod for better stability. At the same time, its display size can reach a maximum 120 inches and has a resolution of 854x480p.

5Epson Home Cinema 5030UB

amazon buttonThere is no denying that 3D devices are all the rage nowadays and Epson’s Home Cinema 5030UB projector offers just that. With a display size of 82 inches to 122 inches, the projector is great for large audiences. The color and brightness levels are great with 2400 lumens for each. The biggest highlight for this projector is its 3D functionality that gives viewers an immersive experience. The projector is also compatible with a number of devices such as laptops, PCs, DVD players, and USBs.

4Powerlite HC2030 Home Cinema 2030 2D/3D 1080p 3LCD Projector

amazon buttonEpson’s projectors have always been seen as top-notch and the Home Cinema 2030 projector shows us why. It brings brighter videos to the people’s homes like never before thanks to 2000 lumens of color and brightness. Not only that but its display resolution is set at 1080p of Full HD for a real-life experience you won’t find in any other projector. It also supports 3D viewing through supported glasses. On a related note, its projection size maxes out at an impressive 300 inches and is extremely easy to set up.

3ViewSonic PJD5155 LightStream SVGA Home Entertainment Projector HDMI

amazon buttonThis particular projector brings offers brightness and color to the viewers at 3300 lumens, which is downright impressive by all standards. Its resolution is a crisp 800x600p and can also display 3D images and videos in great detail, a feature any high-end projector should have. Supported devices include PCs, laptops, and Blu-Ray DVD players. As far as its connectivity options go, it offers HDMI, VGA, and USB support. It also features a display size of 3.3 feet to 32.8 feet which ensure everyone can have a clear viewing experience.

2BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector

amazon buttonBenQ is a name that everyone in the world can trust by now and their DLP HD projector shows us why. It is one of the most powerful compact projectors in the world and delivers a truly immersive 3D experience at a 1080p resolution. With a brightness and color level set at 2000 lumens, this projector is made for a home theater experience like no other.

The display size extends from 60 inches to 180 inches and can even go to 200 inches if necessary, which is impressive by most standards. It also comes with ports for HDMI, USB, VGA, and SD, so as to connect to any device of your choice.

1Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

amazon buttonSeen as one of the best portable projectors in the world, the Optoma HD141X 1080p is definitely a must-have if you’re serious about replicating a cinema experience withing the comfort of your own home. What makes the projector stand out is the fact that its projection size goes from 66-inches to 107-inches and comes with an amazing 3000 lumens of crystal clear brightness and color reproduction.

The device is also fitted with 2 HDMI ports, MHL port, USB port, Audio, and 3D-Sync port for the ultimate in entertainment features. Weighing in at just 7.6 pounds, this is a projector that can be carried anywhere with relative ease should you ever want to use it in a different environment.