Top 10 Best Household Window Fans of 2017 – Reviews


Apart from air conditioning units, fans are undoubtedly the most efficient devices one can use to regulate room temperature. Be them pedestal fans, table fans, tower fans, or industrial floor fans, each can hold its own when it comes to cooling down a room during the hot summer heat wave. Another good way to get fresh air inside the house is to use window fans or window fan alternatives.

Easy to install and operate, these fans are specially designed to pull fresh air in so as to help cool down the room as quickly as possible. Although they all serve the same purpose, some are much better built than others. Today, we’ll focus on the ten best household window fans in order to find out what are the best the market has to offer and how much one can expect to pay for such a useful device.

10Optimus F-5280 7-Inch Twin 2-Speed Window Fan

amazon buttonThis is a pretty versatile fan given its price, boasting the type of features you would otherwise expect from a much more expensive window fan. It operates two speeds for easy use, it has a rain-resistant motor for efficient air delivery, and it is pretty easy to install. What makes the fan stand out is its ability to work both ways, either pushing or pulling air depending on your individual needs.

9Air King 9155 Storm Guard Window Fan

amazon buttonAir King’s 9155 Storm Guard runs a 3-speed, 1/6 HP, 1-phase, permanently lubricated, permanent split capacitor motor that is both highly capable and energy saving. Constructed with a high-impact styrene housing, this particular fan can take a lot of abuse before showing any signs of damage. It also benefits from a 3-speed front mounted rotary switch and an SJT type power cord which gives it an improved resistance in the long run.

8Lasko 2138 8-Inch Electrically Reversible Twin Window Fan

amazon buttonWhat makes this particular window fan stand out is its whisper quiet operation, which recommends it for anyone living in an apartment building. It also features E-Z-Click expander panels for a safe, custom fit, which will definitely prove useful when installing it. Furthermore, it features snap-on feet for table or floor use and an independent motor control for air intake, exhaust, or exchange.

7Bionaire BWF0502M-WM Thin Window Fan

amazon buttonDue to its 3 independently controlled comfort settings, we can very well consider this window fan to be among the best on the market right now. Although not as high-tech as some of the most expensive units, this affordable window fan does enough and then some. Interestingly enough, this ingenious fan can be used both horizontally or vertically according to your individual needs with no limitations to speak of.

6Portable Twin 9″ Reversible Window Fan

amazon buttonIt wouldn’t be too much to ask for a modern window fan to be remote-controlled, which is precisely what makes HowPlumb’s Portable Twin 9″ Window Fan so special. By using its user-friendly remote, you can control all of the fan’s many capabilities without actually getting up to do it manually like you would with most fans. As for the fan itself, we should point out that it is an ETL listed fan capable of cooling, exhausting, and circulating functions.

5Holmes Twin Window Fan with Comfort Control Thermostat

amazon buttonLike the name suggests, this particular window fan is equipped with a comfort control thermostat which gives you full control over the room temperature the same way an air conditioning unit would. In terms of cooling, let us just say that this fan operates a dual blade system with independent electronically reversible motors and three-speed settings, features that make it stand out among the majority of all window fans.

4AirKing 9166 20″ Whole House Window Fan

amazon buttonCompact yet highly capable, the 9166 Whole House Window Fan from Air King can definitely be considered high-end by all standards. For instance, it operates a permanently lubricated 3-speed, 1/6 HP, 1-phase motor controlled through a front mounted rotary switch. At the same time, it has an impact resistant plastic housing, a powder coated steel front grill, and is 100% OSHA approved.

3Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan

amazon buttonSimilar to the other Holmes window fan we talked about, this one too has an adjustable thermostat designed to give you full control over the fan’s cooling capabilities. As you would expect from such an advanced window fan, it has independent electronically reversible motors that allow a quick air intake, exhaust, or air exchange. Not only that but it also benefits from a very permissive design that will fit most double hung and slider windows.

2Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan

amazon buttonIt may not be the most technologically advanced window fan on the market, but this Dual Blade Twin Window Fan from Holmes is definitely a good budget solution all things considered. For instance, it has a dual-blade operation with two-speed settings and a manual reverse air flow control. At the same time, it features water-resistant motors that are guaranteed to withstand all weather conditions without taking any damage. This being said, you aren’t likely to find a more reliable window fan in this price range.

1Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan

amazon buttonBionaire’s Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan is one of the few remote-controlled window fans in this price range and what a reliable machine it is. Equipped with a digital, programmable thermostat, this particular fan gives you full control over its 3-speed cooling capabilities either through its LED control panel or through its remote control. Not only that but it also features electronically reversible blades which enable you to choose the direction of the air flow at any given time. Last but not least, it is designed to fit most double-hung and slider windows out there.