Top 10 Best Hydration Packs of 2017 – Reviews


There are many uses for a hydration pack nowadays, and if you’re an outdoors person you will definitely know about all of them. Particularly useful on road trips and hiking, these hydration packs will ensure that you get properly hydrated at all times whenever you’re out partaking in your favorite outdoors activity. Although you don’t really want to be looking at the price when it comes to buying such a useful item, you should definitely educate yourself on what the market has to offer before making any sort of purchase. Over the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at the ten best hydration packs the market has to offer right now.

10Monstrum Tactical HP01 Hydration Pack

amazon buttonIdeally designed for trekkers, runners, skiers and mountaineers, the Monstrum Tactical HP01 Hydration Pack is one of the top rated hydration packs available on the market today. Made from sturdy, robust nylon materials, this pack is extremely durable and resistant to scratches and tears of all kinds. It also comes equipped with a hydration hose which enjoys a handsfree design thanks to an easy to use bite valve. Furthermore, this sleek and slim, compact pack features a water bladder that can hold 3 liters of water at once and weighs as little as15 lbs.

9US Army Hydration Pack Bladder Water Bag Pouch

amazon buttonThe US Army Hydration Pack Bladder Water Bag Pouch is the perfect accessory for your outdoor adventures. Made from top quality 600 Denier Polyester with a sturdy construction and durable PVC lining, this hydration pack is damage proof and resistant to scratches. It features a water bladder that can hold up to 3 liters of water that can be easily removed. Constructed with a brilliant design, the bag comes with adjustable shoulder straps for added comfort and convenience, a hose that is hands-free with a unique bite-valve that enables water flow. Weighing just 15 ounces, this bag is sleek, lightweight and easy to manage.

8Ispeed Sport Hydration Pack

amazon buttonCreated and designed with premium grade Nylon material with added reflectivity for safety, the Ispeed Sport Hydration Pack is a comfortable, compact and lightweight product that is perfect for running, trekking and hiking. Featuring a stash pocket for storing your essentials, a soft polyester inner lining, and great fit, this water- resistant hydration pack can be easily cleaned and dried and is resistant to insects and mold.

7UltrAspire Spry Race Hydration Vest

amazon buttonAiming at providing comfort along with high-end performance levels, the UltrAspire Spry Race Hydration Vest is a great add-on accessory for all your outdoor adventures. Made from robust mesh material with large sized holes, the fabric is lightweight and contours the shape of your body when worn. Equipped with a 1-liter water bladder, it also has zip pockets, a sternum and adjustable strap, adjustable webbing as well as a patent pending Magnon electrolyte pocket with a convenient magnetic closure.

6Camelbak Ultra LR Hydration Vest

amazon buttonWeighing just 70 ounces and measuring 200 Cubic inches approximately, the Camelbak Ultra LR Hydration Vest comes equipped with an adjustable, custom-fit hook and loop with cargo straps and a dual SliderTM Sternum Strap and water bladder space to hold 2 liters of water. Ideal for mountain climbing, trekking and any kind of outdoor activity, and this top-notch hydration pack is extremely lightweight and durable. It features a Side cinch belt of 38mm along with cargo pockets, an air channel paneling at the back and is uniquely constructed to carry addition hydration items and other essentials.

5UltrAspire Surge Race Hydration Vest Pack

amazon buttonListed on the top ten Hydration packs for running, the UltrAspire Surge Race Hydration Vest Pack is popular for its performance and high quality. Featuring a Compressi-flex technology it comes with dual sided compression for added stability while loading without reducing movement. It also features an easily accessible hydration partition, a stretchable mesh pocket, an Electrolyte Pocket with a magnetic closure with durable zippers that are easy to close even when wearing gloves. The left side zippered pocket is for storing your midnight accessories and other necessary items like food. Designed to contour the shape of your back and provide comfort, this pack contains water storage space for up to 2 liters.

4Camelbak Unisex Ultra LR Hydration Vest Pack

amazon buttonSeen as being among the best professional hydration packs of its kind, the Camelbak Unisex Ultra LR Hydration Vest Pack is perhaps the most efficient of them all when it comes to saving water. Constructed and designed with an inbuilt 2-liter water bladder it comes with an easy to open and close cap with a simple yet innovative design. It also features a lumbar reservoir compression mechanism that reduces the pressure when carried, a safety whistle and pockets with zippers for that extra storage space to hold your personal belongings while traveling.

3Salomon Skin Pro 3 Set Hydration Pack

amazon buttonThe Salomon Skin Pro 3 Set Hydration Pack is an imported, lightweight, durable and perfectly designed pack fit for any kind of outdoor activity. Made from long lasting polyester, this bag comes equipped with adjustable shoulder straps, a unique motion fit mechanism for optimized comfort levels, a side and main compartment and storage space for up to 3 liters of water. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best hydration packs out there.

2Mountaintop 70L+10L Outdoor Sport Hydration Pack

amazon buttonMountaintop 70L+10L Outdoor Sport Hydration Pack is ideal for sports, adventuring, or any other outdoor activities. Made from a pure canvas exterior and a durable nylon interior, this pack’s extremely lightweight and compact. Weighing a maximum of 100 ounces, it comes equipped with a bite and lock valve for added convenience. This well-designed hydration pack also features a back panel lined with mesh and soft padding and adjustable back straps for breathing space. Also included with this pack, users get an additional front pocket, a handle for easier transporting and adjustable straps for a better fit.

1Camden Gear Hydration Pack

amazon buttonThis high-edn model from Camden Gear is one among the most advanced hydration packs of its kind. Equipped with a 1.5-liter water bladder, this pack can fit both men and women and is perfect for hiking, cycling, trekking and running. It features adjustable shoulder straps and chest straps for added comfort and includes spacious compartments and side pockets for storing your belongings and clothes and other important items. Made from durable water-resistant and rip-proof nylon material, this pack is definitely one to last long. Also worth mentioning is that the water bladder is replaceable and comes with a large cap for adding ice cubes if you should need to do so.