Top 10 Best Ice Buckets of 2017 – Reviews


For those of you who enjoy sharing a drink with your friends within the comfort of your own household, an ice bucket should be seen as quite an investment. Nothing compares to having a few cold ones on hand whenever you need them, especially when you don’t have to keep going back and forward to the fridge to get them. Although the same effect could be achieved with an ice box, a bucket will also help you accommodate wine or champagne bottles as well. So in this respect, let’s find out what are the ten best ice buckets the market has to offer at this point in time.

10Juvale Ice Stainless Steel Bucket

amazon buttonFor individuals not searching for a fancy item, Juvale Ice Bucket is a considerably priced option. Simple and made from stainless steel of impeccable quality and further boasting thick walls coupled by a complementary sharp teeth feature, this is an amazing and functional appliance which also comes with a lid and a subsequent solid handle for ice melt prevention and proper handling respectively. With thick walls, this bucket minimizes thermal exchange and is perfectly ideal for special events/ small gatherings. Its only setback, however, is its considerably small size.

9Artland Oasis Ice Bucket

amazon buttonIf you are inclined to a typical vintage look for your ice bucket, Artland Oasis bucket comes with an interesting regular metal design that perfectly fits your preference. Besides boasting 2 side-positioned handles, it is complimented by a distinctive galvanized finish that accentuates its rustic appearance. The bucket comes with a side embedded hook to hold its ice scoop and handles that comprise wooden covers. Additionally, it is also accompanied by a matching top lid that prevents fast ice melting. Its size, which only accommodates a maximum of 2 wine bottles, however, is a turnoff for individuals wishing/expecting a large bucket.

8Francois et Mimi Double Wall Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

amazon buttonEven without considering its striking stainless steel design and its capacity to guarantee excellent utility, its double wall build which facilitates prevention of ice melting is its standout feature. Francois et Mimi comes with both a lid and leather handle for covering the ice and adding a touch of distinction respectively. It has a characteristic 3-liter capacity and is accompanied by its individual tong. Nonetheless, it slightly compromises on its design value by the inclusion of cheap looking leather handles.

7Bormioli Rocco Dedalo Ice Bucket

amazon buttonGlass ice buckets are not as popular especially because of their delicateness, but Bromioli Rocco Dedalo is one worth having. Besides its design being expediently simple, it is also equipped with 2 hooks on its side that ease its handling. It has thick walls which minimize fast melting of ice and its design is further highlighted by an adorable pattern located on its bottom half. Its glass material makes it dishwasher safe and considering that it is accompanied by spiked tongs, it is rather surprising to see it selling at such an inexpensive price. Even with this, its lack of a top lid compromises on its capacity to maintain ice temperature and prevent ice melting.

6Winco WB-8 Wine Bucket

amazon buttonWinco WB-8 is a stainless steel bucket that not only comes in a generally simple design but also one that is characterized by double walls and an ensuing brushed finish. It is equipped with 2 side-positioned handles that ease its portability and an affordable price to go along with. The distinctive catch however which lists Winco WB-8 as the Best Value Bucket is its significantly large size which startlingly accommodates 2 wine bottles while still having some space inside. All the same, its lack of either a lid or even tongs works against its reputation and popularity for large capacity.

5OXO Steel Ice Bucket and Tongs Set

amazon buttonOXO is a steel bucket that is available as a set of a lid, sharp-teethed tongs and the bucket itself. It features a double wall build and a characteristic brushed premium finish that minimizes thermal transfer. Aside from its accompanying lid that works effectively in maintaining apt temperatures, it is also equipped with handles that ease its movement. Even with its spacious capacity that accommodates a standard wine bottle and a couple of beers, its plastic parts still give it a cheap look.

4Caphalon Barware Ice Stainless Steel Bucket Set

amazon buttonA stainless steel bucket set, Caphalon Barware is a genuine premium excellently designed and considerably sized bucket model. Other than its large capacity that accommodates 2 wine bottles while still leaving some space, its double wall build and brushed finish facilitate slow ice melting and fingerprint resistance respectively. Likewise, its glass body and lid allows cleaning by the dishwasher and easy checking of the ice respectively. The only setback and quite a major one, however, is its lack of handles which makes its portability and handling a nightmare.

3Lenox Tuscany Classics Ice Bucket

amazon buttonFor individuals in search of an ice bucket that has a premium feel and appearance, this is the ideal selection. It comes in a set comprising tongs for ice handling, matching lid and the bucket itself. The Lenox Tuscany bucket maintains apt ice temperatures owing to its double wall build. The sides are equipped with 2 small-sized handles for convenient movement and a moderate size that can accommodate 2 wine bottles. Moreover, it is not only safe for dishwashers, it is also corrosion resistant. The only concern nonetheless, is that it lacks the typically brushed finish a factor which instantly makes it a fingerprint magnet mandating frequent cleaning since it appears dirty with every touch.

2Stainless Steel Oggi Ice Bucket

amazon buttonOggi Ice bucket is a stainless steel premium bucket that boasts a clean and slick design. It comes with a double wall build and brushed finish which accentuates and prevent fast melting of ice respectively. Oggi bucket is equipped with 2 rings on its side that ease its movement and a subsequently matching lid. Its 3-litre capacity is a considerable size that accommodates a standard wine bottle. The drawback, however, is that its tongs lack spikes which make handling of ice slightly challenging.

1Double-Wall Oggi Ice Bucket

amazon buttonOggi makes best seller and top spot predominantly so owing to its modern-looking remarkable design and unlike its counterparts, it boasts fixed lid opened with a just simple flip. It boasts a stainless steel construction whose bottom is enhanced by a black rubber, therefore, ensuring no thermal exchange. Besides, it is further boosted by a double wall design that prevents fast melting of ice not to forget an additional small-sized ice scoop.Similar to other listed models, it has a brushed finish that prevents its collection of fingerprints and is also dishwasher safe. One concern, however, is its clear plastic lead which users complain is a fingerprint, scratch and smudge magnet.