Top 10 Best iPad Cases of 2017 – Reviews


Given how slim iPads are, it would make sense for you to invest in a durable iPad case sooner rather than later. Not to say that the iPad is feeble in any way, although something as slim as that is bound to have some issues when it comes to long-term durability. With the right case, however, you can rest assured that no physical harm will come to your iPad. All that remains is that you take the time to find out what the market has in store and what case would best suit your device. To give you a little insight on the matter, we put together a list of the ten best iPad cases money can buy.

10I-Blason Armorbox Dual Layer Protective Case

amazon buttonThe i-Blason ArmorBox is a dual layered protective case specially made for Apple iPad Air 2, the 2014 release. It features a convenient kickstand at the back for kids to use it with ease and a screen protector for prevention of damage and collection of dust. This case is a complete kid-friendly product thanks to its lightweight, compact design, hazard free, heavy duty, and sturdy construction with silicone finish and is very easy to carry. The case can also be used for video chatting while on the kickback stand, making it extremely convenient overall.

9I-Blason IpadAir 2 Case Convertible Stand Cover

amazon buttonThe I-Blason iPad Air 2 Case is a lightweight, flexible convertible user-friendly case, especially for kids. Created and uniquely designed from impact-resistant polycarbonate, double-lined with an inner sleeve that is shock absorbent, and corners that can withstand any impact without getting damaged, this case is extremely durable. Featuring raised bezel edges on the screen for added protection, and proper openings for buttons and controls, this iPad case also comes with a handle for easy carrying and handling around the home and school.

8High-Quality Pepkoo Spider Waterproof Shockproof Dustproof Case

amazon buttonThe Pepkoo Spider iPad case is a top-notch, rugged shock-proof, water-resistant cover built to protect your iPad from heavy use, drops and accidents. Extremely easy to install keep your device secured at all times and away from dirt and scratches. The case is uniquely made from hard plastic with a long lasting soft bumper textile that protects the device from outer damage. Very stylish and comfortable, this case also comes with a screen guard and perfectly cut out openings for ports and buttons.

7Moko Ultra Slim Lightweight Smart-Shell Stand Cover Case

amazon buttonThe MoKo iPad Air 2 Case is an ultra slim, lightweight, and durable, smart-shell cover specially designed to fit Apple iPad Air 2, 2014 Release. Featuring the auto sleep and wake function, the device goes into sleep mode and wakes up once the lid is opened or closed. Constructed with high-quality materials, including PU leather and microfiber interiors, with its hardback covering, the case is built to protect your device from outer damage. The casing around the screen is bezel-less allowing unobstructed use and swipes.

6KHOMO Dual Super Slim Black Cover for iPad Air 2

amazon buttonAccentuate the outlook of your iPad Air 2 with this KHOMO DUAL SUPER SLIM BLACK COVER. With perfectly placed holes, all outlets including jacks, buttons and ports are easily accessible without removing the cover. It features a sleep/wake function that is extremely handy and saves battery life. Made from high-quality polyurethane and a polycarbonate rubberized back cover, it is durable and also comes with multiple viewing angles of 35 and 65 degrees depending on the user’s requirement.

5SUPCASE [Heavy Duty] iPad Mini Retina Case

amazon buttonDesigned to fit the iPad mini, this retina case from Supacase is a heavy duty hard-shelled sporty cover made from Polycarbonate with a uniquely structured dual layering. For added security, it also includes TPU which helps to withstand drops and shocks. The front section of this case comes with an inbuilt screen guard that prevents outer damage not compromising on the sensitivity of the iPad’stouch. The front cover comes with an easy snap-on design and includes holes for access to all controls, buttons, and ports. The ports also have covers for
protection from dirt and dust.

4SNUGG iPad Air 2 Case In Black Leather

amazon buttonThe Snugg Leather Kick Stand Case is specially designed for Apple iPad Air 2. Featuring properly placed cutouts, all buttons, controls, and ports are easily accessible without removing the case. Made from high-quality materials with a soft, cushioned protective fiber interior, this case promises an excellent fit. The case is designed to wake and put the device to sleep with its automatic front cover mechanism. Available in bright vibrant colors, this case can also be used as a stand with the front cover turned over.

3FINTIE Smartshell Case For iPad Air 2

amazon buttonUniquely crafted and designed especially to fit the iPad Air 2, this Fintie SmartShell Case is a 6th generation tablet that comes with accurately cut holes for easy access to ports and buttons. Featuring a unique clip-on mechanism, this product is just one piece with connected back and front sections. The front lid, when shut puts the device into sleep mode and when opened restores the device back on. The back cover features a lid that can easily transform the case into a stand. The Fintie SmartShell Case is lightweight, durable, and sleek and made from high-quality PU leather with scratch free micro-fibers for added protection and comfort.

2KHOMO iPad Mini / Mini Retina / Mini 3 Case

amazon buttonAvailable in an assortment of vibrant colors, the Khomo iPad Mini is a stylish and super sleek protective casing for your device. Compatible with iPad mini 1st, Mini Retina and Mini 3, this case is specially crafted with proper openings for all ports and controls present on the device for easier accessibility. It features multiple viewing angles at approximately 35 to 65 degrees and comes with a fully functional auto wake up and sleep mode. The device can also convert into a convenient stand by shifting the front cover to the back.

1New Trent Airbender 1.0 iPad Keyboard Case

amazon buttonCompatible with most iPads, the Airbender 1.0 iPad Keyboard Case will not fit the iPad first generation, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini, or the iPad Pro. Even so, it is a high-quality wireless Bluetooth case that comes in a clamshell design with 360-degree rotation capabilities. It also offers users a comfortable experience while typing thanks to the ultra-low keyboard and thanks to its unique keypad design. Furthermore, its stand is fully adjustable and can be placed both vertically and horizontally for optimal performance. Constructed from premium grade high-quality materials, this case is bound to last you for a very long time.