Top 10 Best Irrigation Timers of 2017 – Reviews


Weather patterns have become quite inconsistent over the years, with many crops nowadays depending almost entirely on irrigation to grow as they should. It isn’t just crops that suffer from the effects of global warming and environmental degradation, mind you, but lawns and home gardens as well. For this reason, you want to always ensure that your plants are getting the hydration they require. A good way to do that is with the help of irrigation timers, devices that will provide the right amount of water over a pre-determined period of time, thus saving you a lot of water in the long run. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best irrigation timers money can buy.

Best Irrigation Timers Reviews 2017

10Hunter Sprinkler XC800i X-Core

amazon buttonWith the Hunter Sprinkler XC800i X-Core 8-Station Indoor Irrigation Timer, you get the absolute best in performance and durability. For starters, it is compatible with the ROAM remote control from Hunter, which means that you don’t even have to leave your home to get it working. It also gives you control over 8 stations with 3 different programs along with 4 different start times for each. With its Easy Retrieve Memory feature, your selected programs will stay recorded in the device’s memory, even after a battery change.

9Raindrip R675CT Analog 3-Dial Water Timer

amazon buttonThe Raindrip R675CT Analog 3-Dial Water Timer is a great way to have your plants watered without any supervision. It is extremely simple to use and program and can be attached to practically any faucet, hose, or tube. It features a low battery indicator that reminds you when it needs changing along with a multitude of other interesting features. Among them, the accurate timer retains the selected program if the battery is changed within 15 seconds or less.

8Orbit 57096 Super-6

amazon buttonOrbit stands out in the world of water timers and the 57096 Super-6 Controller with Remote is a clear example why. It is extremely easy to install and program so that all your watering needs are at your fingertips. Because it is an indoor timer, the product is safe from rain. With the remote control, you can start and control six different zones up to 8 times a day. With the rain delay feature, water is always conserved. The device also features both programmable and manual settings to ensure the perfect amount of water gets delivered to the plants.

7Orbit Watermaster 91922

amazon buttonKnown as one of the most advanced water timers available online, the Orbit Watermaster 91922 Twelve-Station Sprinkler System Timer with Remote Control stands out in more ways than one. The remote control can be used for twelve different zones from up to 300 feet. Not only does it save massive amounts of water, but it also saves cash by limiting the amount of electricity used for irrigation. The sprinkler system ensures every part of the garden or field receives an adequate amount of water regularly.

6Orbit Dual Valve Hose Bib

amazon buttonThe Orbit Dual Valve Digital Watering Hose Timer – Water Faucet Hose Bib Timer is a compact and powerful gardening tool by any metrics. Both of its outputs are programmable and automatic, which is no less than what you should expect from a high-quality irrigation timer nowadays. It also runs on AA batteries and has a cycle of 4000 uses on each set of batteries. The rain delay feature saves water and can be programmed for 24/48/72 hours, giving you more flexibility when setting up its schedule.

5Orbit 62056 One Outlet Hose Faucet Timer

amazon buttonFor smaller gardens, the Orbit 62056 One Outlet Single-Dial Hose Faucet Timer is the perfect accessory. The dial is oversized so that users will know exactly what schedule they’re programming it to perform. It is also easy to install and even easier to use thanks to its quick setup process. Furthermore, the materials used in its making are durable and weather resistant while its brass swivel ensures a tight lock at all times. It also saves water thanks to the rain delay feature and can be set to 24/48/72 hours according to your particular needs.

4RainBird SST1200O Water Timer

amazon buttonThe RainBird SST1200O water timer thrives on its simplicity and ease of usage. Now, users can program and control up to 12 different zones while saving a lot of water in the process. The case is completely sealed and water resistant so that it is safe to use both indoors as well as outdoors. Users can customize their watering zones individually with easy settings and schedules. Choose start time, days of the week, and irrigation duration easily thanks to its highly simplistic controls. The display is large and easy to read which ensures no wrong programming is inputted at any time.

3Orbit 56233D 3-Outlet Digital Watering Timer

amazon buttonWhen it comes to complete control, the Orbit 56233D 3-Outlet Digital Watering Timer delivers on every level. It is designed to be completely water resistant and is extremely durable. It is easy to install and program so that your garden is always taken care of. Two of the three valves are programmable while one is manual. The display is large so that you know what you’re doing always and the dial is oversized to ensure that you always get what you want.

2MELNOR 4-Zone Digital Water Timer

amazon buttonIf you’re looking for an advanced watering solution, then the MELNOR 4-Zone Digital Water Timer is definitely the product for you. It has no less than four programmable zones that deliver water to plants automatically and it can also be switched to manual operation with a simple turn of a knob. The device also features a metal coupling nut that has a rubberized grip for better control of all its features. It also retains all programs even after its batteries are changed, a great feature for such a device to have.

1Orbit Single Outlet 62061N-91213

amazon buttonWith the Orbit 62061N-91213 Single Outlet Programmable Hose Faucet Timer, you get one of the best irrigation timers money can buy. With it, you can time your watering habits so that you never have to waste an ounce of water ever again. With its manual setting, you can switch between programmed setting instantly, a flexibility that enables you to fully customize all its features. Also worth mentioning is that it has a rain delay feature that lets you save water with controls for up to 72 hours. Last but not least, its dial and display are large and easily readable to deliver accurate information at all times.