Top 10 Best Jeans for Men in 2017 – Reviews


Everybody likes jeans, even the people who don’t usually wear them. They are affordable, fashionable, easy to maintain, and even easier to wash. When it comes to their aesthetics, it should be said that jeans come available in a variety of styles and patterns, each designed to fit specific trends. It should also be said that jeans haven’t really evolved that much over the years as far as style goes, which means that reputable manufacturers haven’t had to change their designs all that much. This has enabled them to focus on making the jeans more durable and easy to look after, characteristics that all quality jeans possess. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best jeans for men on the market today.

10Diesel Zatiny 0073N Men’s Regular Bootcut Model

amazon buttonFor anyone in search of casually looking jeans with a somewhat modern look, then this is the perfect pair of jeans for you. They comprise of a pure cotton material and are not pre to stretching over time. Aside from their boot cut design, the jeans also boast typical button closure. Its design features 5 pockets and an ensuing washed out the provision on its knee region and subsequently on the upper thighs. We should point out that they are machine washable and only come in a standard dark blue color.

9Dickies Skinny Fit Stretch Men’s Jean

amazon buttonConservative never felt any better than with the Dickies skinny fit pair of jeans. With an underlying material makeup of spandex and pure cotton, they offer a characteristic soft feel. Moreover, they do not include any form of fancy design such as patterns or even design elements like washouts. The model boasts a design characterized by 5 pockets and is a standard slim fit pair of jeans exhibiting tonal stitching.

8Calvin Klein Men’s Straight Leg Jean

amazon buttonCalvin Klein is among the most reputed brands in respect to men’s jeans. This version of their jeans is slim and characterized by discoloration particularly on its upper leg and a characteristic of thorn marks all which harmonize to give the jeans its youthful look. Their underlying material is cotton complimented by a touch of spandex (2%) which allows its easy cleaning using washing machines. This is a tightly fitting pair of jeans characterized by a standard button enclosure, a design that many of you are already accustomed with.

7Demon&Hunter Men’s YOUTH Series Skinny Slim Model

amazon buttonMaking it to the list is a relatively smaller brand-Demon&Hunter who majorly focuses on trends in pop culture. This Youth series is a slim fit version designed to give a genuine skinny look. It comprises spandex and cotton material that keeps them both light and soft. Aside from being machine-washable, they boast a standard zipper closure that makes them very easy to put on and take off.

6Wrangler Rugged Wear Men’s Classic Fit Model

amazon buttonIf you are looking for a traditional look that still maintains that stylish aura, then why not go for this rugged classic fit pair of jeans by Wrangler? They have a simple look devoid of patterns and characteristic washouts on the thighs and come in 5 diverse color options. This model is completely made of cotton and as is common with other jeans, it boasts a 5 pocket design and a characteristic zipper closure.

5Lee Modern Straight-Fit Series Jean

amazon buttonLee offers you unmatched quality with their classic and modern pair of jeans at a surprisingly affordable price. This model is characterized by a standard fit and an ensuing design boasting 5 spacious pockets. They are made of an underlying spandex and cotton material which does not stretch over time. Not only that but you will find these jeans to be 100% machine washable and available in 15+ different colors.

4Levi’s 513 Slim Men’s Jean

amazon buttonThese 513 slim straight men version jeans are among the models that never quite feels old-fashioned. Not only are this polyester and cotton made jeans simple, but are also quite seemingly comfortable. They are characterized by a typical zip fly and a consequent button closure provision. Similar to other models we talked about so far, they have a 5 pocket provision and require no special attention when it comes to washing them.

3Levi’s 569 Straight-Leg Men’s Jean

amazon buttonThe 569 jeans by Levi are a comfortable and yet affordable men’s version model that are entirely carved out of pure cotton making them suitable for individuals with concerns over polyester or even spandex. Aside from boasting a standard loose fitting, their design boasts 5 pockets and is characterized by a standard button closure and a subsequent zip fly. Interestingly enough, you will find these jeans to fit almost any clothing style thanks to their simplistic pattern.

2Levi’s Slim Fit 511 Jean Model

amazon buttonLevi tops the list with their 511 slim fit men’s version that boasts a modern look and a characteristic simple design which inspires their youthful aura and feel. They come with a standard zipper fly, a buttoned closure, and an ensuing 5-pocket design. Moreover, they are a slim fitting model that has an opening of 14.5 inches. This 511 version is available in 30+ color options and can be washed by hand or by machine just the same. Not only that but these jeans are designed to be extremely resistant when it comes to wearing and tearing.

1Levi’s 505 Regular-Fit Men’s Jean

amazon buttonThe 505 regular pair of jeans by Levi happens to be among the more reasonably priced models to have been produced by the world-renowned brand. They are characterized by an elastane and cotton material construction and an ensuing washed-out design, particularly on their thighs. Similar to the majority of the jeans in this list, they boast a design hosting 5 pockets and a typical zipper enclosure. They are availed in 2 dissimilar colors and are perfectly machine-washable. Last but not least, their simplistic yet fashionable design recommends them for any casual style, working well with almost any shirt.