Top 10 Best Jeans for Women in 2017 – Reviews


Trends change quite often as many of you would already know by now, which is why it’s always important to keep with the times whenever you’re buying clothes and fashion accessories of any sort
. When it comes to jeans, you will find that the trends haven’t really changed all that much over these past few years, although some differences in style can be seen, especially with patterned jeans. Skinny jeans are also making a comeback lately and so are the high heel shoes that go with them. To give you some insight on the matter, we put together a list of the ten best jeans for women the market has to offer.

10G by Guess Women’s Curvy Super-Skinny Jeans

amazon buttonThe G skinny jean is a model that perfectly augers well with women that need to have a stylish and sexy look. It is a typical low rise version characterized by a slim fit which perfectly molds on your legs. Moreover, it comes in a trendy black yoke complimented by a standard curved accent and a subsequent small discoloring, particularly in the thigh region. It has a standard dark blue color and is washable both by hand and by machine. Additionally, even with its underlying quality material composition, it is surprisingly affordable.

9Destructed Boyfriend Jean

amazon buttonContrary to what the name suggests, this pair of jeans is a quality model designed to give maximum comfort. They are slightly loose and offer better comfort compared to skinny jeans models. It is solely made of cotton and comprises of a subsequent style characteristic boasting trendy tears that give them their ‘damaged’ look. Similar to other models, it comes in several color options but the truly striking factor is their particularly affordable pricing.

8Jag Jeans Nora Skinny Women’s Pull-On Jean

amazon buttonSimple can indeed be sexy as exhibited by the Nora Skinny jeans. They are the plain pair of jeans that boast no complimentary fancy design additions and a reasonably affordable price tag. It comprises polyester and cotton material which allows it to perfectly stretch and give that natural fit that goes along with your curves. This model is characterized by a typical pull on an elastic type of waist and is available in 2 color options – light blue and dark blue.

7Eunina Jeans High-Waisted Stretch Plus Size Skinny Jean

amazon buttonThis high-wasted version of skinny jeans designed for plus size women is a trendy and stylish jeans model by Eunina. Their slim fit characteristic gives it a youthful look and with its subsequent natural stretch feature, it feels like leggings despite being a pair of jeans. It comprises of pure cotton material and allows 3 washing options. Although all share a similar fit, they are available in diverse design elements like cutouts and discoloring.

6YMI Juniors Boot Cut Jean

amazon buttonThis jeans model is designed to suit a host of situations ranging from casual to official occasions. It can be conveniently worn over shoes because of its bootcut design and hosts a total of 5 pockets. This model that is made solely from Polyester and cotton is available in either blue or black standard colors and is safely machine-washable. Not only that but these jeans are also guaranteed to go well with almost any type of leather boots thanks to their unique design.

5535 Super Skinny Levi’s Jean

amazon buttonThe Junior 535 Skinny Jeans by Levi reiterates that tight is indeed sexy. Their stretch feature allows them to mol perfectly over your body ideally revealing all your natural curves. With a combination of elastane and cotton, these jeans can be worn comfortably for many hours. The model is purposely designed to be worn with high-heeled shoes and is also safely machine washable.

4WallFlower Juniors Legendary Bootcut Basic Jeans

amazon buttonWallflower through their legendary boot cut pair of jeans have availed an all-season perfect model. The underlying design also allows it’s pairing with a wide array of shoe options with the characteristic boot cut feature allowing its perfect blending with tall boots. It has that natural rise characteristic and is subsequently made from cotton. In respect to stretching, this model is seemingly elastic and is complimented by a standard inseam (32 inches). It is available in 4 diverse color options all which boast a similar design.

3512 Straight Leg Women’s Levi’s Jean

amazon buttonFinally, capping off the list is Levi again, this time with their 512 Straight leg pair of jeans. This model boasts a simple design that is both comfortable and surprisingly fairly priced. The 512 is ideal for virtually any situation ranging from causal to official occasions. They are somehow elastic, a characteristic inspired by its material composition of cotton blended polyester. Although it comes with a standard blue color, it is also available in 8 different color options.

2Lee Relaxed-Fit Women’s Straight-Leg Jean

amazon buttonLee makes the list with an ideal model for women inclined to wear a traditional type of jeans with their Relaxed-Fit pair of jeans. They are mostly recommendable because they not only give a stylish look but also because they feel comfortable when worn. The model’s elastic feature is inspired by its material composition of cotton blended with some polyester. Aside from their tall waist, they have 5 pockets and are also surprisingly machine washable.

1Women’s 529 Levi Curvy Bootcut Pair of Jeans

amazon buttonLevi comes in again with yet another stylish and comfortable model, the 529 pair of jeans. Mostly made from cotton, this model boasts a characteristic bootcut design which allows it to fit although not like typical tight jeans. This model perfectly accentuates your natural curves without compromising on your overall comfort. Not only that but you will find these jeans to go well with any light-colored style, especially for those of you with light hair. Overall, these are perhaps some of the most fashionable jeans for women that money can buy.