Top 10 Best Jewelry Cleaners of 2017 – Reviews


Just because they’re exquisite and shiny doesn’t mean that your jewels are gonna stay that way unless you take good care of them. A good way to do that is to employ the services of a jewelry cleaning machine. These devices are extraordinarily easy to use and even easier to maintain. As far as their utility goes, they are designed to clean and/or polish your jewels of any impurities they might exhibit without causing them any harm in the process. Depending on your budget, these devices can oscillate between basic cleaning capabilities and full-range jewelry/accessory polishers. To give you a better idea of what the market has to offer, we put together a list of the ten best jewelry cleaners money can buy.

Best Jewelry Cleaners Reviews 2017

10Mikayoo Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

amazon buttonIdeal for cleaning silver and gold jewelry, coins and dental items, Mikayoo Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner gives you the opportunity to get it done in the comfort of your own home. With the help of vibrations and a few drops of dishwashing soap, it removes all trace of dirt and grime. This vibrating jewelry cleaner produces microscopic bubbles that help to loosen the dirt and leave your glasses, dentures, contact lenses, coins, gold, and silverware sparkling and clean. To get stunning results, just wipe the items with a cleaning cloth and pat dry. It is extremely compact in size and portable and can be easily carried around in your bag.

9GemOro 1790 Sparkle Ultrasonic Machine

amazon buttonThe GemOro 1790 Sparkle Ultrasonic Machine is a premium grade, high quality ultrasonic digital cleaning machine that comes with a ton of great functions. With a special automatic shut-off mechanism, it features 5 different cleaning cycles including 90, 180, 280, 380, and 480 seconds respectively. It is also backed up by 42000 powerful waves per second of cleaning power that helps to remove all signs of dirt and stains, leaving you with shiny clean jewelry and other items.

8GemOro 0375 Brilliant Steam Cleaner

amazon buttonWith a tank storage capacity of one pint, the GemOro 0375 Brilliant Steam Cleaner can accommodate medium sized to small sized objects for steam pressure cleaning. It is extremely well designed, portable and made from high-quality material and can be easily placed on countertops, desks, and tabletops. It comes with 2 lights that include a blue LED light that indicates that the jewelry or the object is being cleaned and in the process and a green LED light that indicates that the cleaning process has completed and the item is ready.

7Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

amazon buttonBacked up by a super cleaning system, the Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner helps to remove dirt and grime from all your items including valuables, silverware, gold, coins, watches and eyewear. It creates millions of microscopic bubbles while vibrating that help to loosen up all the dirt and stubborn stains from your items without damaging them. It comes equipped with a 3-minute cleaning cycle and an automatic shut off function. Featuring a 600ml tank, it is large enough to fit small as well as big sized jewelry and items. For enhanced cleaning, you can add detergent or dishwashing soap to get professional-like results.

6Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

amazon buttonGet top notch professional like results with the latest and most advanced model of the Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner. Without the use of any added chemicals that could be harmful to your items, it helps to clean and remove dirt from the lens, eyeglasses, jewelry, CD’s, DVDs and coins etc thanks to its powerful 42000 ultrasonic waves. Equipped with a 3-minute cleaning cycle and an automatic shut-off function, it creates millions of microscopic bubbles that are produced by the vibrations to aid in loosening the dirt and grime completely.

5Ivation IVUC96S Ultrasonic Cleaner

amazon buttonClean your jewelry, watches, coins, contacts, eyeglasses, DVD’s and CD’, dentures, ornaments and any other household items with the professional, top notch Ivation IVUC96S Ultrasonic Cleaner. Producing millions of microscopic cleaning bubbles, it cleans your objects without any damage or harsh chemicals. It features three energy levels with a special adjustable power system that enables you to lower the power when cleaning delicate items. Equipped with 5 different cleaning timings, save on your electricity efficiently and adjust the timer according to the object and stain intensity. Its tank is removable, 17 ounces in size, made of stainless steel and comes with a detachable cover that makes it easy to fill and empty conveniently.

4Kendal Industrial Grade 2.5 Liters Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner

amazon buttonThe Kendal Industrial Grade 2.5 Liters Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner is a large sized, 160-watt digital cleaner with a tank storage size of 2500ml. Made of heavy duty ABS plastic material, it is waterproof and damage proof and stronger than metal. Thanks to its robust transducer that makes the device more powerful, it helps to clean your items efficiently. With an automatic heater that turns off after every 45 minutes, it is reliable and runs at 65 degrees with a stable voltage health. It comes featuring 5 varied working cycles that make it easy for you to choose the amount of time required to clean your items.

3Black Hills Gold Source Professional Cleaner

amazon buttonThe Black Hills Gold Source Professional Cleaner is a premium grade jewelry that comes at a very affordable price and provides you with optimal results. Loaded with the latest ultrasonic technology, and backed up by 42,000Hz of power it helps to remove all signs of dirt efficiently. Safe and reliable, this cleaner can clean dentures, silverware including bracelets etc without damaging the product. The tank capacity is 16 ounces and is spacious enough to fit many items. Uniquely designed and constructed this device is portable and compact in size and can be carried around with ease. It comes with 19 cleaning cycles and a 30-minute timer for better functionality.

2Generic Sonic Wave CD-2800 Jewelry Cleaner

amazon buttonIdeal for cleaning eyewear and jewelry, the Generic Sonic Wave CD-2800 Jewelry Cleaner provides optimal performance and available at a very affordable price. Featuring 3-minute cleaning cycles, it eliminates all dust, dirt, stains and grime from your items without causing any damage. Extremely powerful, it is backed up by a 60-watt system and is durable, compact in size and made from high-quality material. Offering you the best results, this device can be used in the comfort of your home as well.

1Magnasonic Professional Polishing Jewelry Cleaner CD2800

amazon buttonThe Magnasonic Professional Polishing Jewelry Cleaner CD2800 is a premium grade, high-quality digital cleaning device that cleans and polishes your valuable objects with the help of the latest ultrasonic system. It cleans, jewelry, including bangles, neckpieces, dentures, combs, watches, razors, coins etc and removes all traces of grime and dirt effectively. Extremely easy to operate it is pre-programmed to function throughout the cleaning process. All you need to do it plug it in and add water along with the objects you would like to clean. It is well designed and comes with a 20-ounce tank that is made of durable stainless steel.