Top 10 Best Key Finders of 2017 – Reviews


We spend an awful lot of time looking for misplaced keys, phones, and wallets. In fact, it is estimated that the average human spends almost a year of their life looking for misplaced items, which translates into several hours on a monthly basis. Thankfully for us, technology has come a long way over the years and we nowadays have the capacity to keep track of our possessions with a simple touch of a button. We are, of course, talking about key finders. These devices are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and even easier to use, which may explain their widespread popularity. So let us find out what are the ten best key finders on the market and what characteristics make them stand out in the first place.

Best Key Finders Reviews 2017

10Nonda iHere Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finders and Camera Remote Control

amazon buttonThe uniqueness of Nonda with its characteristic triangular shape coupled by a top-placed loop for simple attachment make it a wonderful item for spotting lost items. Forget its 75-foot radius, this item requires no battery replacements. Moreover, although the locator for the cell phone is useless when the phone is muted, its sturdy and strong construct that can allow a drop of 7-foot and separate alerts for warnings certainly make up for it big time.

9Xcellent Global Wireless Radio Freq Key Finder Item Locator

amazon buttonXcellent Global again makes the cut as an instinctive key locator. The key finder comprises 4 receivers (multi-coloured) and one transmitter all which can be independently controlled. It is further boosted by a button (on/off) that allows the location of keys even under dark conditions not to mention its loud beep that can be heard 100 feet away. Although its receivers are cited as considerably large, this is a wonderful way to find the location of any item.

8MYNT Smart Tracker Thinnes Key, Wallet, Pet Separation Alarm, Phone and Key Finders

amazon buttonMYNT is your one stop when you need a sleek, compact and slim key finder. They are globally accredited with numerous accolades to their name such as 2017 Red Dot best design award not to mention its inconspicuous and ultra thin characteristic. Its compatibility with phones allows you to not only take photos but also play music and operate several things from your MacBook. Its drawback, however, is its one button which requires pressing several times to get your desired item.

72-Way Find One Find All RF FOFA Key Finder and Cell Phone Locator

amazon buttonNothing can quite describe the frustrating feeling you have when you lose your keys. Nonetheless, today the search process has been eased courtesy of a find one find all locator. Unlike typical key finders, this one is independent of base transmitters. It boasts a 2-way function for convenience and is equipped with a 95-decibel Loud Alarm coupled by light flashes. Although its range falls short of 30 feet, it comes with a 1-year full warranty that makes up for it.

6Where is the Remote Key Finder Wireless item key finder RF locator Pet and Cell

amazon buttonTechnology has made significant strides in easing many operations and most noteworthy is the location of keys. One such is this particular key finder that enables key locations even where there are barriers such as cushions, walls, pillows, and doors. Moreover, it boasts a convenient attaching mechanism that eases location of keys not to mention accompanying batteries. Its reception ranges as far as 80-feet with its only drawback being the inconsistency of its beeps.

5KeyRinger Key Finder Pair

amazon buttonDurability is the main catch with this key finder which is made from similar materials as the ones utilized in the making of ballistic glass. This locater comes with a typical adhesive strip (double-sided) and magnets that ease attaching it to any metallic surface, while it also has a 300-foot range for good measure. In this respect, this locater can be heard from up to 300 feet away in normal conditions. While it is slowed down by the fact that one accesses it via websites rather than an app, it does make up for this by allowing you to set multiple beeps for multiple items.

4CUBE Key Finders and Phone Finder

amazon buttonCUBE happens to be a perfect exhibit of technology meeting creativity to produce a fantastic end-result. It works concurrently with a multi-function phone app which indicates on a map the last location where your keys were found. Likewise, it also uses Bluetooth for distance calculation which works effectively to inform you of the whereabouts of your keys. Besides being able to ring as loud as 100” away, it enables the easy attachment to a wide variety of items, and comes with a separate alarm for good measure.

3Click and Dig Model F6 Key Finder with 6 Receivers

amazon buttonClick and Dig are known for making reliable key finders, which is precisely what you can expect from this particular device. It is characterized by numerous assortments of receivers that allow multiple item tracking. It boasts 6 colored ring and flat-shaped stylish receivers not to mention LED flashing for all its receivers. Its only setback is that stickers found on the key finders obstruct its battery compartment which requires them to be removed at from time to time.

2Click ‘n Dig Model E4 Key Finder

amazon buttonIf you have lost multiple items over the years, worry not because there is a solution to this very frustrating problem. This analog and wireless key finder is equipped with 2 receivers which allow the multiple tracking of several items at the same time. The operation is simple-just press its button having a parallel color to its receiver then be keen for a typical beep or even a flash. Moreover, it has a 60 feet range complemented by a cushion and wall penetration feature, along with a certification by the FCC.

1Tile Key Finders, Phone Finder 4 Pack and Item Finder

amazon buttonTile (Gen 2) is a small compact flat square Item finder that assists users in spotting items that get misplaced, whether in close proximity or over large distances. Its flat tile design allows for an easy attachment to items such as luggage, phones, wallets, and keys. Although its batteries require constant replacement, it is equipped with a 90-decibel loud alarm which can easily be heard from very far away. It is also water resistant and requires no particular upkeep as far as maintenance goes.