Top 10 Best Ladders Reviews of 2017 – Reviews


If you haven’t already, you should definitely consider investing into a multipurpose ladder. You may not think much about its practicality, but rest assured that you can always find a use for a ladder when doing work around the house. Whether you’re hanging Christmas decorations, painting the house, cleaning the gutters, or performing DIY projects, you will find yourself needing a ladder at some point or another. To make it easier for you to settle on a good, practical ladder when the time comes, we put together a list of the ten best ladders on the market at this point in time.

10HomCom 12′ Adjustable Multi-Purpose Aluminum Folding Ladder

amazon buttonThanks to its 3 multi-position articulating hinges, you can set up this particular ladder in 18 different configurations. It also features a sturdy aluminum frame that makes it very easy to carry around when needed. Furthermore, its smooth folding legs will allow you to adjust it easily in any position you see fit. Given its lightweight, compact design, it is also very easy to store when you’re done using it.

9Platform Multi-Purpose Folding Aluminum Ladder

amazon buttonThis 15 ft. multi-purpose folding aluminum ladder comes with two platform plates than can be easily screwed onto the ladder when needed. This feature enables it to serve as a suspended platform when painting or fixing things at a considerable height. At the same time, it is very lightweight and easy to carry, much due to its sturdy aluminum frame. What’s interesting about this multi-purpose ladder is that it can very well be used as a traditional static ladder.

8Light Weight Multi-Purpose 12′ Aluminum Ladder

amazon buttonCertified to European Safety Standards, this multi-purpose ladder is one of the most versatile ladders on the market today. When folded, it measures just 3 ft. in length and 1/14 ft. in width, making it very easy to store and carry. This being said, when expanded, it reaches 12 ft. in length, allowing you to use it for almost any application. Also worth mentioning is the fact that it has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs.

7Ollieroo 12.5ft EN131 Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder

amazon buttonThis 12 ft. aluminum telescopic extension ladder is a professional tool by all standards but mainly for its adjustable 1 ft. increments and its very small folded size. At the same time, it features a unique extend and lock mechanism with thumb buttons designed to click smoothly and effortlessly. Furthermore, this sturdy ladder is certified according to European Safety Standards and has a maximum load capacity of 330 lbs, which is a lot more than most ladders its size.

6SKY528 Scaffold Extendable Heavy Duty Multi Purpose Folding Step Ladder

amazon buttonAs a result of its extra thick rustproof aluminum allow construction, this multipurpose step ladder is designed to last you a lifetime. It also has a 330 lbs load capacity and a flexible design that allows it to serve 7 different functions. Not only that, but thanks to its ingenious design, it can extend up to 12.5 ft high without affecting its stability overall. Speaking of stability, this folding step ladder is a lot safer than you would expect such an inexpensive ladder to be.

5Louisville Ladder FS1506 300-Pound Duty Rating Fiberglass Ladder

amazon buttonAlthough a bit on the small side, this elegant step ladder is one of the sturdiest on the market today. On top of that, it has a 300 lbs load capacity and a top surface that can accommodate both a person and the tools they’re carrying. What’s interesting about this ladder is that each of its steps is secured with six large-head semi-tubular steel rivets for maximum strength and non-conductive full channel rails covered with polyester.

4Little Giant 10126LG 300-Pound Duty Rating Ladder System

amazon buttonThis particular heavy-duty ladder from Little Giant Ladders is a professional tool above everything else, so expect it to provide you with a lot more stability than other ladders in this price range. Enjoying a factory lifetime warranty, this 26 ft. ladder has a 300 lbs workload capacity that recommends it for a variety of tasks. Although very long when opened, it can be folded at 1.4 of its extended height when storing it.

3Flip-N-Lite 300-Pound Duty Rating 6-foot Stepladder

amazon buttonIt may be a bit smaller than some of the ladders we talked about so far, but as far as reliability goes, you aren’t likely to find any better stepladder in this price range. Not only does this step ladder enjoy a sturdy and flexible construction, but it also has a slim profile for easy transport and storage. Furthermore, it features a huge, comfortable standing platform at the top to accommodate a variety of tasks.

2Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

amazon buttonIngenious and sturdy, this aluminum telescoping ladder from Xtend & Climb is the ideal tool for any professional worth his salt. This particular ladder features ladder telescopes designed to retract compactly in a timely fashion, telescopes that allow it to extend and lock by the foot with no pinch closure system to speak of. At the same time, it comes with an integrated soft carrying handle and a heavy duty closure strap for good measure.

1Little Giant Ladder Systems Alta-One Model 13 Ladder System

amazon buttonThis aluminum-made flexible ladder system from Little Giant Ladder is one of the most popular ladders on the market and it’s easy to see why. It has a 250 lbs maximum load capacity, a 13 ft. extended length, a 1’11” storage width base, and an A-frame extension design that enables you to set it up almost anywhere. On top of all this, its flexible nature allows you to place it in three different positions as far as scaffolding goes, thus proving to be a lot more versatile than most ladders on the market today.