Top 10 Best Laptop Sleeves of 2017 – Reviews


A good way to protect your laptop against dust and scratches aside from having a laptop bag is to invest in a laptop sleeve if you haven’t already. These sleeves are available for next to nothing and they can increase the life of your laptop for quite a few years. Not only that but they provide quite an aesthetic addition to your gear, one that will surely beautify your laptop to some degree. With this in mind, we took the time to check out what the market had in store to find out what are the ten best laptop sleeves out there and what characteristics to look for when shopping for one.

Best Laptop Sleeves Reviews 2017

10Inateck Bohemian Laptop Cover Sleeve

amazon buttonResistant to water, shock, and outer damage, the Inateck Bohemian Laptop Cover Sleeve is made from premium grade canvas material and features a classic bohemian design and pattern. Equipped with dual zippers, it allows easy access and removal of your device without causing any hassle. Lined with fluffy, soft flexible fur, it keeps your laptop and notebook protected at all times. Along with the sleeve, you get a handy pouch that can be utilized for storing your mouse or any other items. Measuring 13.59 by 9.84 inches, it can easily fit a notebook or laptop with a display size of 13 inches approximately.

9Case Star Neoprene Laptop Notebook Sleeve

amazon buttonMade from premium grade neoprene material, the Case Star Neoprene Laptop Notebook Sleeve is ultra durable and will protect your laptop or notebook from dust, scratches and outer damage. Measuring 15 x 10.5 x 0.5 inches, it comes with a special zipper closure that makes it easier to remove and insert the device into the sleeve. You will also find it to be a lot more weather-resistant than most sleeves out there.

8Targus TSS677US Trax Sleeve

amazon buttonSuitable for all laptops and notebooks with a screen size of up to 15.6 inches, the Targus TSS677US Trax Sleeve features an attractive design and outlook. Made from premium quality neoprene material, it comes equipped with a handy zippered pocket on the exterior, a complete zippered closure with a versatile form-fitting design. Durable and reliable it offers optimum protection and allows you to store other items like cables, storage devices and more, other than your notebook or laptop.

7iBenzer Deluxe Laptop Sleeve Bag

amazon buttonAvailable in an assortment of vibrant, fresh colors, the iBenzer Deluxe Laptop Sleeve Bag is a durable, budget-friendly product that is perfectly designed for laptops and notebooks with a display size of 13 to 13.3 inches. Equipped with a durable zipper closure, it keeps your device safe and protected from outer damage. Your device can be easily put into the sleeve and taken out, conveniently thanks to its top-loading design. Made from high-quality neoprene material, it helps to keep your laptop protected from scratches and bumps.

6Caseling Neoprene Sleeve Pouch

amazon buttonUniquely crafted to fit a 13 inch to a 13.3-inch laptop, the Caseling Neoprene Sleeve Pouch can also be utilized on a Notebook, MacBook as well as UltraBook. Made from premium grade materials, this product is robust and offers optimal security and protection for your device. Featuring a special interior padding, the sleeve is light in weight and comes with a sleek stylish design. Extremely durable, this laptop sleeve offers a good snug fit and is sturdy and reliable.

5Plemo Laptop Sleeve with Envelope Style

amazon buttonFeaturing an impressive envelope design, the Plemo Laptop Sleeve is perfect for carrying laptops and notebooks including MacBook and UltraBook, in style. Made from high-quality waterproof PU leather, the interior lining is a soft fabric that is shockproof and helps to keep your device protected from scratches and bumps. It features a Velcro closure, is light in weight, sleek and can fit into your backpack, bag or briefcase with ease. Suitable for devices with a screen size of 13 to 13.3 inches approximately, the full exterior measurement of the sleeve is 13.46 by 10.24 by 1.8 inches.

4Mosiso Laptop Cover

amazon buttonThe Mosiso Laptop Cover can easily fit any laptop or notebook with a display size of approximately 13-13.3 inches. Featuring a stunning bohemian style pattern and made with top quality canvas, this cover is stylish and attractive, unlike other traditional laptop covers. The interior is lined with a soft polyester foam layer that helps to protect your device, ensuring it stays safe from bumps and shocks. It also comes with a small sized pouch that can be used for smaller objects like your charger, cables, and headphones.

3Lacdo Waterproof Neoprene Sleeve Bag

amazon buttonThe Lacdo Waterproof Neoprene Sleeve Bag is a reliable, high-quality water-resistant product that is uniquely designed to keep your laptop and notebooks protected. Featuring a handy pocket that is fairly large in size, it allows easy storage of important items like cables, headphones, chargers and storage devices. Equipped with a unique envelope style, it features a quick top loading design that makes it easy to remove or insert the device. Suitable for all laptops and notebooks with a display size of approximately 13-13.3 inches, it usually works great with all laptop brands.

2Kamor Laptop Sleeve Bag

amazon buttonFeaturing a unique sleek design, the Kamor Laptop Sleeve Bag is the perfect product to help protect your laptop or notebook efficiently. Resistant to water, shock, dust, scratches, bumps, and spills, this beneficial sleeve offers optimal protection. It can be carried around as it is or can be placed into your bag or briefcase without causing any bulkiness. Made from premium quality neoprene material, it is super durable and reliable.

1AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve

amazon buttonHighly recommended and considered as one of the top laptop sleeves available, the AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve comes with some truly great features. With a snug fit and good grip, it features a top loading design that makes it easy to access the device quickly. Suitable for all devices that have a display of 15.6 inches, it can easily fit most laptops and notebooks. Thanks to its unique sleek design, you can carry the bag on its own or place it into your briefcase or backpack. Made of high-quality neoprene material, it comes with a zippered closure and offers optimal protection for your device.