Top 10 Best LED Rechargeable Lanterns of 2017 – Reviews


If you’re a fan of camping outdoors then you will definitely be in need of a reliable rechargeable lantern at some point or another. These lanterns are guaranteed to last you a lifetime if you take care of them properly and if you provide adequate maintenance whenever it’s needed. Unlike battery-powered LED lanterns, these lanterns require that you take the time to recharge them from time to time, preferably before going on a camping trip. Over the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at the ten best LED rechargeable lanterns out there in our quest to find out the absolute best.

10AGPtek Solar Lantern

amazon buttonWho said quality doesn’t come cheap? AGPtek is one example of quality at its lowest cost and we mean it in every sense of the word. Powered by both rechargeable battery cells not to forget a solar cell, this is among the best lanterns on the market. As far as brightness is concerned, it comes with an exclusive array of 36 LEDs which provide sufficient lighting in a 2-mode provision: a high mode that utilizes all 36 LEDs and Low mode that only makes use of 18 LEDs. For charging, 3AA cells rechargeable or just normal ones are used but it also has the option of using solar cells which is quite convenient when batteries inevitably go down.

9ThorFire Rechargeable Camping Lantern

amazon buttonIf you are looking for quality and cost efficiency in one appliance, ThorFire camping lantern is just your choice. Aside from the fact that it is rechargeable, it comes without the rechargeable cells but works effectively with distinctive AA batteries or the 18650 cells and a build that is water resistant. Similar to all LED lanterns, it works with lights that are energy efficient but provide sufficient light of approximately 180 lumens.

8Etekcity Rechargeable Portable LED Camping Lanterns

amazon buttonThe underlying idea behind the invention of this particular lantern was to achieve functionality and affordability while still making the lantern as compact as possible. It is characterized by a powerful internally-built power cell with a 4400mAh capacity sufficient for several runtime hours. It comes complete with 15LEDs all which operate under its 2-power modes: high that uses all of them and low mode that only utilizes 6. Typical to most listed lanterns, it has rechargeable batteries and can play power bank role which allows phone or tablet charging; and also offers a one-year comprehensive warranty.

7VonHaus Camping Lantern & Flashlight

amazon buttonTalk of multi-purpose and the VonHaus lantern comes to mind. Depending on the positioning, it can give different applications; in a horizontal position, it operates like a flashlight and in an upright position it works just as a typical lantern. It is USB enabled and has an extra port all which allows its application as a power bank. Lighting is sufficiently available with a total of 10 LEDs and comes with an internal 3.2 V battery which is rechargeable and offers you a continuous several hour usages.

6Superway Ultra Bright Portable LED Lantern

amazon buttonComing in a sturdy build and a consequent significant battery capacity, Superway lantern is a wonderful choice. It utilizes a 10400 mAh powerful cell characterized by an output of 2.1 amp which guarantees continuous runtime of approximately 99 hours when running under low brightness and an ensuing 28-hour runtime when on high brightness. With a LED array cited to be characterized by 100,000 estimated lifetime and an ensuing 280 lumens brightness provision, this is one of the most convenient of lanterns. In addition, its battery can be applied as a power bank for tablet and Smartphone charging.

5Ivation Hand Crank LED Solar Powered Lantern

amazon buttonResembling traditional oil lamps, this is all plastic built, lightweight and convenient solar-powered lantern. Unlike most of the listed lamps on the list, it does not come with supplementary features like the power bank option. Nonetheless, it enhances convenience since it is powered by AA rechargeable batteries which allow easy replacement on depletion. Moreover, it is also boosted by solar cells located at its top which also allows solar charging.

4Supernova Halo Rechargeable LED Lantern

amazon buttonCompact design is a feature numerous lamps strive to achieve and Supernova Halo lantern has done exactly that. Similar to classic lanterns mentioned, it comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery which gives a several hours runtime. You never have to worry about portability and ease of carrying since it is characterized by a strap (small) that can be etched on the user’s hand. The lantern produces 180 lumens illumination which is sufficient for lighting a small-sized room.

3Suaoki LED Rechargeable Camping Lantern

amazon buttonThis Suaoki lantern comes in handy for activities such as camping or simply for use around a home. It takes convenience to a new level with a host of features including a design that is both compact and foldable, simple construction, waterproof build that allows it use even in wet conditions and not to forget a handle. With an inbuilt battery of 100mAh, it offers a 12-hour runtime when in low mode and a continuous 5-hour runtime.

2Etekcity Portable Rechargeable Outdoor Lantern

amazon buttonMoney-value is exactly what this twin-pack of lanterns guarantees you. With quite a considerable price tag, they are generally simple lanterns with no particularly unique features. As with the case with LED lanterns, these ones also offer sufficient illumination and not at the expense of overall energy consumption. It offers a solid 8-hour lighting experience as is powered by its internal rechargeable battery; and better yet, it comes with a solar panel fitted on its top which can also be used recharging the battery.

1Image Solar AGPtek Rechargeable Camping Lantern

amazon buttonThere is perhaps no better rechargeable lantern than Image’s Solar AGPtek 5-mode Hand Crank Rechargeable Camping Lantern. Referring to its manufacturers, the lamp is ascertained to work for an approximate 100,000 hours before showing any signs of damage, which is perfect for any seasoned camper out there. Its clever design allows it to play table lamp use and with a successive handle, it can be positioned in several locations. As is the case with other lanterns, it also boasts an internally built rechargeable battery with a 1,500mAh capacity and an array of 10 LEDs. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best rechargeable camping lanterns out there.