Top 10 Best Loaf Pans of 2017 – Reviews


The great thing about baking your own bread is that you can make it any way you wish as long as you have the proper equipment. In fact, a homemade loaf of bread is bound to taste a lot better than the bread you buy at the supermarket, mostly because of how much you can personalize the end product. In order to bake a good quality loaf, you’re going to need a quality loaf pan to match. No matter how good your oven might be, unless the loaf pan is of a high standard itself, you simply cannot bake a good enough bread no matter how hard you try. To give you some pointers on what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best loaf pans money can buy.

Best Loaf Pans Reviews 2017

10Bakers Secret Premium Non-stick Medium Loaf Pan

amazon buttonMade from strong aluminized steel, the Secret Premium Non-stick Loaf Pan is a commercial grade, heavy duty 1-pound baking pan. Uniquely designed with a textured, corrugated surface, it evenly distributes heat throughout the dough and promotes air circulation that enables quick and easy release of the bread. Coated with premium grade silicone called Americoat the pan is BPA, PTFE, and PFOA free. Extremely durable, it is made from 65% recycled steel and comes with a lifelong warranty.

9Rachael Ray Oven Lovin’ Non-Stick Bakeware Loaf Pan

amazon buttonMade from high-quality stainless steel that is ultra durable and resistant to damage and warping, this exquisite loaf pan is definitely up there with the very best. We say this because it is coated with a top-notch non-stick material that is safe to wash in the dishwasher. These pans perfectly prepare meats, bread, cakes, brownies and much more. Coming with a 5-year warranty, these pans are safe to use and extremely easy to clean.

8USA Pans Aluminized Steel Loaf Pan

amazon buttonThe USA Pans’ Aluminized Steel Loaf Pan is a 1-pound baking pan that can produce well baked, brown bread or meatloaf rather quickly. Made from high-quality commercial grade materials lined with an inner surface that is specially textured, corrugated, and coated with a non-stick material called Americoat, it evenly bakes goods by distributing the heat throughout the dough, enhancing the circulation of air during the baking process. Made with 65% recycled steel, it is a heavy-duty, ultra-durable pan that comes with a lifetime warranty.

7Good Cook Loaf Pan

amazon buttonThis is a heavy gauge, commercial grade pan that can make 1.5 pounds of delicious crispy bread. The surface of the pan is well designed and corrugated to evenly distribute heat and circulate the air as well as easy to release the bread when prepared. Coated with a high-quality silicone called Americoat, it is free from BPA, PTFE, and PFOA. Furthermore, this pan is made from 65% recycled steel and comes with a lifetime warranty for good measure.

6Wilton Recipe Right 3 Piece Mini Loaf Pan Set

amazon buttonMeasuring 5.3/4th by 3 inches, the Wilton Recipe Right 3-Piece Mini Loaf Pan set is a premium grade non-stick coated pan that produces evenly cooked, brown, crispy bread. Well built and uniquely designed, it comes with good texturing and coating that makes the release of food and cleaning up as easy as pie. Thanks to its heavy duty, heavy gauge steel, it provides even distribution of heat and high levels of performance. Available in a set of 3 mini sized pans, it can produce top-notch bread with no black spots.

5Wilton Recipe Right 2 Piece Long Loaf Pan Set

amazon buttonAvailable in a set of 2 pans, the Wilton Recipe Right 2 Piece Long Loaf Pan Set should prove good enough for making any type of bread. Constructed with heavy gauge, non-stick interiors, it produces heat evenly throughout the dough during the baking process, which is what you want any quality pan to do. The dimensions of the pan are embossed on the handles and the product is easy to maintain. Furthermore, the bread can be easily released thanks to its dual non-stick coating and can be washed without any issues to speak of.

4Chicago Metallic Commercial II Non-Stick Perforated Baguette Pan

amazon buttonMade from heavy-duty, robust aluminized steel, the Chicago Metallic Commercial II Non-Stick Baguette Pan is a perforated cookware that can bake up to three loaves at once. Producing high-level transmission of heat, this pan allows air to freely circulate around the dough, evenly baking and creating golden brown crispy crusts. Coated with non-stick, high-quality materials, the pan is not only durable and sturdy but also very easy to look after. The pan can be washed in the dishwasher but washing by hand would definitely increase its life expectancy.

3Chicago Metallic Commercial II Non-Stick Perforated French Bread Pan

amazon buttonWith the ability to prepare 2 loaves at a time, the Chicago Metallic Commercial II Non-Stick Perforated French Bread Pan produces delicious brown, crispy golden crusted bread by evenly circulating the heat around the dough during the baking process. Made from high quality aluminized steel with a non-stick double coating, the pan produces a high level of heat at a quick pace. Measuring 16 x 8 inches in size, you will find this pan to be one of the most reliable big pans out there. Also worth mentioning is that this pan is entirely dishwasher safe but can also be washed by hand if you would like to increase the overall life of the product.

2USA Pans Hearth Bread Pan

amazon buttonThe USA Pans Hearth Bread Pan is an aluminized steel, heavy duty, commercial grade pan designed to bake large portions at a time. Thanks to its unique corrugated surface texture, it offers proper air circulation and even distribution of heat at all times. Coated with Americoat, which is a high-quality silicone that is free from BPA, PFOA, and PTFE, this pan is utilized mostly by professional bakers, which speaks volumes about the quality you can expect. Known for its durability and sturdy construction, it comes with a lifetime warranty and is built to last.

1Farberware Nonstick Bakeware Loaf Pan

amazon buttonThere is perhaps no better loaf pan out there than the Farberware Nonstick Loaf Pan, which is a heavy duty bakeware designed to not only be resistant to warping but to also distribute heat evenly during the baking process, producing brown, crispy golden loaves like no other. Featuring a non-stick interior coating, the pan can quickly bake bread and meatloaf with easy release when the loaf is prepared. Furthermore, this pan is made from high-quality materials that make it oven safe to up to 450 degrees F. Extremely reliable and durable, this pan is seen as one of the best out there and understandably so.