Top 10 Best Loft Beds of 2017 – Reviews


Loft beds have always been popular among children of all ages and for good reasons. A loft bed, especially if pretty or ingenious, can act as a pretty impressive toy for your kid along with being practical and comfortable as well. To ensure that, you should perhaps educate yourself on what makes a good loft bed and what features to look for when shopping for one. To give you a better understanding of the market and all it has to offer at this point in time, we put together a list of the ten best loft beds money can buy.

Best Loft Beds Reviews 2017

10Girls Loft Bed with Slide

amazon buttonThe GL loft bed offers a lot in terms of durability, usability, and fun for your kids. It comes in a uniquely designed camouflage pattern with a comfortable loft on the side and a slide that will make your children want to wake up early every day. The loft bed is durably built using steel and tough material that will last years of use. Thanks to its ingenious design, is also suitable for growing children of 8 years and over.

9Jackpot Princess Loft with Slide

amazon buttonBeautifully designed in pink, this loft bed will be your little princess’ favorite place to be at all times. The pink flowery fabric makes it a decorative piece that can improve the appearance of any room while the small ladder and slide turn it into a fun playhouse that can provide hours of immersive play for your kids. The loft bed offers your princess all the privacy she needs thanks to its tented design. The loft underneath provides plenty of storage space for all her favorite toys.

8Fire Department Twin Loft Bed

amazon buttonWith its ingenious theme which takes after every boy’s pretend job, this loft bed with the slide will be your child’s favorite place to be for years. It features a fire department-style frame, a twin-sized bed, a spacious canopy with painted windows and doors, and a fun white slide that she can use to get out of bed every morning. It also benefits from an extra sturdy construction that helps the bed withstand an awful lot of abuse before showing signs of damage.

7Castle Tent Twin Loft Bed

amazon buttonThis double loft bed provides twice the fun for your kids. Its simple design features a ladder, a slide, a tent, and a spacious loft underneath for storage and playtime. Despite its spacious design, the loft bed is compact enough to be stored in rooms with small spaces. It has been tested for safety and is built durably to last years of use. Not only that but it also enjoys a very interesting and aesthetically pleasing design.

6Coaster’s Bunk Bed with Slide

amazon buttonThis comfortable bunk bed comes in several different color combinations to suit every child’s tastes. It features two very comfortable beds, a spacious loft, and a fun slide on the side, all of which have been excellently put together for your child’s maximum enjoyment. Other than its excellent design, the loft bed features some excellent artwork and plenty of sleeping space for more than two children.

5DHP Junior Loft Bed

amazon buttonThis excellently designed bed gives your children the opportunity to have fun without leaving the house. Its simple design includes a short ladder, a sturdy bed frame, and a well-made slide on the side that allows your kids to glide their way out of bed every morning. The bed’s compact design is a space saver while its size allows it to take a twin-sized mattress that can comfortably accommodate two children.

4Twin Loft Bed and Slide Espresso

amazon buttonThemed after a fire engine, this loft bed is every young boy’s dream. Underneath the twin-sized bed, there is plenty of space for storing stuff or for playing in. The bed is designed with a ladder and a cute red slide that will let your children have fun playing by themselves for hours on end. Its space-saving design makes it suitable for smaller rooms.

3DHP Junior Loft with Slide

amazon buttonDespite its utilitarian appearance, this loft bed is quite a nice addition to your child’s room. Its basic grey appearance makes it compatible with most room decors while its high-quality construction makes it durable and very sturdy. The loft bed comes with an inbuilt ladder, a dresser with plenty of storage space, an attached study desk, a slide, and a free chair. At the same time, this particular bed is a lot more lightweight than you would expect, meaning that you can move it around your kid’s room with ease should he/she want a change of air.

2Twin Tent Loft Bed

amazon buttonThis wonderfully made loft bed comes with not one but two tent canopies for twice the amount of storage space and twice the fun. Its castle-themed design makes it perfect for all your kids’ adventures while its excellent build quality guarantees you of their safety while they play and its durability. The loft bed comes with a nice slide that makes getting out of bed a fun activity.

1Coaster Kid’s Oates Lofted Bed with Slide and Tent

amazon buttonThis loft bed comes with a slide and a tent, making it a fun place to play for your children. It has a sturdy frame that can easily support more than one child’s weight and a unique tented design that converts the space underneath the bed into a fun fort for storing their stuff. The loft bed features a ladder for getting into bed and a small slide for gliding out of it every morning. Last but not least, this ingenious bed packs everything you could need to set it up, allowing you to get it up and running in less than twenty minutes if you follow the instructions to the letter.